Travel: Mamee Malacca Factory Visit (Malacca)

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Hey y'all! :D If you all have been following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you all would have known that last last Saturday, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Mamee Malacca Factory, all thanks to Nuffnang and Amelia :) YES! You saw that right. A bunch of bloggers and I got a chance to go to Malacca to see how Mamee products were being made.

Here is their Mamee Outlet at Jonker Street
There are lots of fun activities ready there for friends and family!

Anyone hungry? ;)

Adventure Time @ Jonker Street

Not sure about you but Mamee products are like childhood memories for me. I grew up eating Mamee Monsters and I bet I ain't the only one. hehe.

Curious to know how the stuff at Mamee are being created?
Want to do something creative and fun with your friends and family?
Continue reading for more information! :D

Woke up damn early for this 'trip'. I think around 6am? Good thing the prior meet up place was at Mamee Subang Factory. Kinda thought that we would be one of the late one but guess what? We were the few early ones who made it at the location first. LOL. Malaysia timing at it's best. haha. I think there were about 40 bloggers at the event? We separated into 4 groups and divided to 2 buses.

Here is Bus 2~!

Amelia and I <3
Thank goodness we were in the same group, go pink! :D
We had to wait for some late comers to come, so might as well take some pictures while waiting. haha

Damn vain pose. 
Love that my hair is still so red after months of dying it. hehe.
During the whole journey in the bus, we watched all of the fast and furious movies. Don't know why but usually if a stranger is driving, I dare not sleep during the journey. Just in case something happens. haha.

Love this shot out of the entire trip I took lo. Somehow the colours and alignment just matches :D


After sitting in the bus for about 2 hours, we finally REACHED MAMEE'S MALACCA FACTORY! :) I can be damn blonde at times and honestly I didn't know that Mamee was found at Malacca in 1971 by Datuk Pang Chin Hin!

As always when you go to a new place, should take a picture right?
I didn't know the girl behind me wanted to join in. haha. It was just us vainpots talking picture of us with the signboard while the rest took picture of the signboard. lol. Before we started the factory visit, Mamee and Nuffnang wanted to take a group picture. I randomly passed my camera to one of the staff and got 2 pictures from them. I wanted the full picture of all of the bloggers but I guess I shall have to wait :)

Picture #1: Everyone fidgeting and finding a place under the disgustingly hot sun

Picture #2: Everyone is semi ready and waiting for the rest to pose for the camera
Obviously Amelia and I were the first to pose because we couldnt stand the heat. Siao la the weather these days, can fry egg on your car liao.

We all gather to the 'showroom', shall just call it that since I don't know what they call the room there. haha. They immediately provided us with Nutrigen Lite, a yogurt drink. It then kinda strike me that Mamee had A LOT OF BRANDS under them. Was kinda surprise lo. I always thought Mamee had Mamee Monsters & The Mamee Chef only. But actually, they have drinks (Nutrigen / Can Drinks), Mister Potato and the Double Decker Junk food too :)

The wonderful staff handing out the drinks to us

Pure happiness when I finally got the drink <3 
It was seriously a hot day.

Mamee was rated as the top 10 ramen by the famous foodie on youtube, THE RAMEN RATER
Kinda felt happy knowing that foreigners do enjoy our local products too :D

We were introduced and brief about Mamee's history and how it expanded
 Shall try my best to give you as much detail as possible, comment below if you got more questions :)

The host, then introduce a chef from China that would do a live demo to show how Mamee Chef noodles are created with her noodle pulling "La Mien Technique". As soon as everyone heard that, you should have seen the crowd and all of the paparazzi that emerge. Haha. I was sitting at the back, so I just enjoyed the view and slowly made my way to the front to take a few pictures.

Bloggers at work

It was amazing to see how focus she was at her noodle making
I even made a gif bellow for you all to see how she did it!

Check out how much she pulls, until the noodles are as thin as a thread!

All of Mamee's VIP pose for a picture 

Another picture of the crowd.
Until now I can never get used to this lo. hahaha. Honestly I was kinda shy so I only waited for while before I went up for my shots. Mamee even prepare a live demo for their Mamee Chef "Curry Laksa" soup making process!

June from R&D was nice enough to pose for my camera <3

Mamee emphasizes how important it is that natural ingredients were use for 
all their "Curry Laksa" soup paste. 

Guess who? It's none other than the FOUNDER of Mamee!
Without him, there would be no Mamee Monster! :O He was super sporting to take pictures with us :) Glad to have met him until I kept telling my parents that I met him when I went home. hahaha. *Jakun*

I also took a picture with the China Chef.
Check out her crowd yo! Hahaha. Super adorable. FYI don't let the plastic noodle cup fool you, it was KINDA HEAVY. If it wasn't for her, I would have dropped it after the first picture. haha.

This was the only prop from the photobooth that I used. haha.
Noob right?

The chef even let some bloggers try out pulling the noodles! :)
I wanted to try but didn't wanna dirty my hands. haha. Such a girl right?

They had a memory display of all of their products ever created.
It was kinda cool looking at how far Mamee grow and expended. From Noodle Cups to Drinks.

The 3 top products from Mamee
 All of which are my childhood junk food. haha.


Mamee even organised a factory tour for us! The tour guide told us why Mamee's noodles are chewy and won't go so soggy so fast unlike some other brands. The secret behind it was protein. I ain't a food science expert, so I can't elaborate more on it but if any of you know how this affects the noodles, share your knowledge and comment below! :) Besides that he gave us a run through of how the noodles pack, noddles cup and mamee monsters are created.

Our tour guide providing us with the insights of Mamee

SO, if you all wanna show off how you all know how instant noodles are created, just remember these steps.

Mixing -> Rolling -> Slitting -> Steaming-> Cutting -> Frying -> Cooling -> Packing

Sounds simple right? It looked super simple until the Frying Stage. Before that, everything was done by the Machines but after the cutting stage, the workers have to do QC (Quality Control) to take out any abnormal shaped noodles. Took some pictures from you all.

We saw everything from above and not actually down there where the action happens.
I think if we went down we would have died from the heat. Even at the top it was so stuffy because of the machines and processes. Not sure how the rest cope with it. haha. I guess I am too pampered at times.

 First Stage - Mixing the noodles together

 Second Stage- Rolling the noodles out

Third Stage - Slitting the thickness of the noodles

Fourth Stage - This is rather interesting, they steam the noodle with the favouring of the pack. So if it's chicken flavour, they will steam with chicken broth. Cool right?
Check out the noodles packs getting all ready for their steam session

Here is the cup noodles getting their steam too

Fifth Stage - Where they start cutting the noodle for single packing

 Sixth Stage - Frying the noodles up!

 After frying, it's time for Quality Control
Workers never left their eyes on the noodles as they will remove the noodles that look
different from the rest.

 Seventh Stage - Cooling the noodles for packaging
This part of the factory was the coolest. Physically cold I mean. haha. No pun intended ;)

The cooling process

More quality control

Didn't know that they place the seasoning and fork in manually.
Thought everything would be by machines but I guess not.

 This was the part I was looking forward to the most. Seriously was so happy seeing this. As a kid, Mamee Monster was all I could afford. Of course now I moved on to Lattes, but gosh, this brought back memories for everyone at the trip :)

All the extra seasonings

Had to take a selfie with the place. haha.
Was kinda craving Mamee Monster while seeing them pack it. hehe.

The pink group picture! :)
The only nice shot of us on my camera.

The ever famous Malacca Chicken Rice Ball for lunch!

Wasn't quite hungry, So this was all I had.
Even gave some to Amelia later because I couldn't finish it. LOL.
After lunch we head down to Jonker Street to visit Mamee's outlet there with the bus :)


It felt so good to get a chance to see malacca heritage and culture again.

And of course everything looked better with natural lighting. haha.

There were all sorts of performers and entertainers on the street.

Not sure if you can see it, but there were a bunch of fireman guys? around the place as well.

We also caught a glimpse of some boat rowing competition.

Always wanted a picture by a lake. haha.

Check out the cute Hello Kitty Trishaw
Malacca was filled with them and most of them played Frozen songs -,-

Was walking through Jonker Street and couldn't stop because we were on a tight schedule. 
So I just randomly took some pictures as we were walking :)



If you are looking for the building, just keep an eye out on a big yellow building.
You can't miss it! :)

The shop was decorated very traditionally. 
With the chinese words on the wall along with the random black wooden staircase.

Check out all of Mamee's merchandises! So cute right? :D

Mamee Monster Plush Toy || RM29.90

More goodies at the store to purchase

Love the background of the place too.
If you look closely at the yellow area....

It's actually the process of how Mamee Monsters are made <3

The Manager of the place introduce the shop and all of the activities found at the store

They have two activities, which are Noodle Doddle (Personalize Cup Noodle) & Monster Kitchen (Noodle Making). Due to overwhelming of people we had a chance to explore the bottom of the store more before we head up for our activities :)

Mamee Statue and I
Hehe. I look like a kid here ;) If only. lol

They even got a cafe inside of the Mamee store

Of course they sold all of Mamee's porducts there ;)

LOVE the vintage decorations lo. 
It was like a blast to the past of Malacca :)

Eventually Mamee greeted us in person too. haha.
His turf ma, so must say hi to us lo. He looks super cute here. Apparently this is the 3D Design for the Australian Mamee Monster. Malaysia's Mamee Monster is the 2D Version if you notice :) FYI all these info is from the manager of the store, I didn't simply come of with these ideas. haha. Ain't that creative ;)

More pictures with the babe <3

Eventually I found a guy there that melt my heart. lol

We even had double dates.

Fooling around until our turn was called up.

This is suitable for all ages. At RM10 per person, they can decorate their Mamee Cup along with personalizing what they want in their Mamee cup! Talk about One of a Kind! :)

We all had a chance to decorate our Mamee Cups

Should have zoom on my cup. But yeah, click to enlarge lo ;)

Next up is to choose what you want in your cup! :)
 It's kinda like, you be the one in charge of your cup outcome. 
You even get to seal it with a click of a button!

With 6 Simple Stations, you get your One of a Kind Mamee Cup! :)
Ta-Dah! All done! :)

They also had a olden day feel window at the area.
Jiwang pose?

Activity #2: Monster Kitchen
This activity is also suitable for all ages. At RM10 per person, they make their very own Mamee Noodles! :)
However do make sure to call for reservations to avoid disappointments! Apparently this activity is most popular with young adults. LOL. Guess all of us have our inner child waiting to break free. hehe.

So here is the kitchen. 
Do contact the store for more information! :)

At the corner of the second floor, after both activity areas, there is a super cute Mamee Theme place for customers to just sit, chill and take pictures.

Amelia and I at our themed corner :)
 Want some noodles? Wait let me open it first. haha.

There was later some prize giving for competition at the trip. I didn't win ): So no pictures for you all. Amelia on the other hand did win herself a pack of noodle cup hampers. Lucky siao. Overall I had a wonderful time at Malacca and do check out below for Mamee Details if you wanna visit them <3 Oh below will be some other pictures of my Jonker Street OOTD. lol.

With the famous KY SPEAKS! :D Happy to have met him in person :)

Egg Ice Cream Poses.
 I seriously need to learn how to stand in front of the camera. haha


MAMEE Jonker House
No. 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka

Tel: 06-286 7666


Hope you enjoy reading this as I did writing for all of you! 
Hopefully there would be more travel post soon!
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