Nihonkai (Dataran Mentari, Sunway)

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Had Japanese a while back with some of our family friends :) Honestly I didn't know that there was actually a good Japanese place around Sunway Mentari. Thought that area were only just a hub for steamboat.

I saw Nihonkai a few times when going around this area for steamboat.
Finally got a chance to try it myself! :D

Just look at those sushi <3

Usually when I have Japanese food, it's either with my friends or when I have to beg my family a whole lot. Glad that this time when going there, no begging was involve. Just happiness. 

Craving for some Japanese food around Sunway?
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Personal: Reflection on MH17

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Personal: Reflection on MH17
There is so many news out there and honestly it's been a very saddening 2014. From MH370 to MH17, the senseless pouring out of news and unnecessary speculations. Even pictures of the MH17 and the graphic images of the passengers were posted everywhere. I was just about cut myself from Facebook that night when suddenly, I saw something different. It was an article. It wasn't another one of those heart breaking news about the flight or the update of who will be held responsible but it was something admirable. I know this is a time of mourning for the lost and a time of respect to the families of the victims but I just thought of sharing this story, as it was by far one of the most inspirational read I ever read.

Definitely something that made me reflect on everything and everyone that is around me.
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Personal: Temporary MIA

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Personal: Temporary MIA
Hi guys!

Just want to say that I won't be able to blog anything until after 12th of July due to finals.
Hope that you would understand :(

Btw, I turned 22 last Wednesday. Teehee.

Attended a wedding over the weekend

After having the chance to wear two sarees in a day, 
I concluded that all girls should at least own one saree in their closet ;)

It's by far the prettiest traditional outfit ever!

Event: Astro On-The-Go Campus Roadshow Review (Sunway University)

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Fifa have officially begun! Are any of you catching the game?! :D Found your portal to watch and cheer for your favourite teams yet? Lazy to leave the house but don't have a source to watch the game? 

Worry no more! REMEMBER last week I posted about Astro On-The-Go? Well, I got more information for you about the app along with what happen at the Campus Roadshow in Sunway University, the best university ever. haha <3

The booth at Sunway University started at 11am, Thursday 12th June

There were Games, Freebies, Free sign up and even lucky draws prizes!

There were some readers that went for the event and actually won the lucky draw prizes! Congratulations to you all. To those that didn't manage to go, guess what they won?! They won a month's subscription to a pack of channels! Super cool right?!

Want to find out what else happen at the event?
Want to know more about how you can watch your matches live on your electronic devices?

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