Event: Terminus Grand Opening - Best Local Award Winning Functional Bags (1 Utama, Petaling Jaya)

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Buying a bag can be difficult at times, especially when we have important and heavy items to carry around. I remember spending weeks to hunt down for the perfect laptop bag when I was still studying C.I.M.P. (Pre-University). In the end, after using the bag for a few months, I stop using it because it wasn't a practical bag but more for the outer design of the bag. 

Terminus, a local brand, which I wish I was around when I was hunting for my laptop bag during college days, is like no ordinary brand like I have ever seen. Their bags are diverse and uniquely design to suit all walks of people from professional to even outdoor sport active individuals. 

Was invited to Terminus Grand Opening yesterday morning. It's been a while since I woke up so early for an event. haha. After visiting their store, I can honestly say that they are an award winning state of the art design oriented brand. Their bags have won numerous awards from Red Dot Award and after looking through all of their products I can understand why :) 

I immediately fell in love with this bright turquoise colour cute bag in the store!

Besides bags, they also got out of this world case design for your laptop/tablet!
Can you guess what is it?

Event/Beauty: SASA First Lifestyle Concept Outlet Grand Opening (Sunway Pyramid Mall)

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Some of you might have been freaking out when you first saw SASA closed in Sunway Pyramid Mall a few weeks ago. I know some of my friends were in a state of shock when she was deprive of SASA. But fret not ladies, because SASA is back and bigger in Sunway Pyramid Mall! They have relocated their store and are currently at LG1.20A (Next to Toys R' Us). In case you don't know, SASA is one of Asia's leading beauty store with a wide variety of products for hair, face, body and health!

I was lucky enough to be invited to this event, all thanks to Nuffnang :) <3 This ought to be one of the most exciting event launching that I have been to this year! Not because it was one of my first events since returning from Gold Coast, but gosh, it's SASA! Felt like I had died and went to heaven!

The store was different as compare to any beauty store I have ever been too, why? 
Well continue reading to find out more!

PS. I even got my nails done when I was there!
Find out how you also can turn those nails shining like a diamond for free! <3

Travel: Burleigh Beach (Gold Coast, Australia)

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Travel: Burleigh Beach (Gold Coast, Australia)
Right after lunch at Hugo's Lounge, my cousin took me down to Burleigh Beach. All these names sounds so western to me. It was my first day of being in Gold Coast and I could already see a number of trends among the locals there.

As I am typing this, I'm already back in Malaysia. Honestly I regretted not going back to the beach one last time before I flew back here to humid hot Malaysia. I ain't saying that I ain't glad to be home, it's just, I miss the weather and the soft clean sand on my feet. <3

Shall just post pictures and a few captions on it :)
Continue reading for more beautiful sights of Burleigh Beach, Gold Coast <3

Travel: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)

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Travel: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)
I spend my first in day in Gold Coast strolling around Burleigh Beach and Surfers Paradise. Here are some of the pictures taken at that time :) GORGEOUS DAY, I tell you. It was just perfect. Imagine I left Malaysia with smelling like haze in my hair, once I reached Gold Coast I couldn't stop breathing in the fresh cold air. Just perfect I tell you!

Surfers Paradise is widely popular with tourist mainly because of the cheap souvenir stores found and the exciting night life. You would tend to see more Asians here as compare to other spots in Gold Coast.

Want to see some more pictures?
Continue reading! :)

If you are ever in AUSTRALIA, make sure you visit MAX BRENNER! It's an amazing dessert cafe. It's everywhere in Queensland. Not sure about the other states but it should be everywhere :) I even took a picture of the light rail here. Take your time to scroll down :)

Oh the cafe culture here is really popular, do make sure to visit some cafes while you are here in Gold Coast! I shall upload some that I went to recently :) The cafes here open at 6AM-4PM! Early risers most of them here. 

See that Kancil car I spotted in Surfers Paradise. 
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

Shall upload more pictures soon!

Have a good day ahead everyone <3

Food: BlendZin (Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)

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Food: BlendZin (Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
So after my first meal (Hugo Burgers, best burger ever!) in Gold Coast and after strolling around the Burleigh Beach, my cousin took me strolling around Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is another popular tourist destination in Gold Coast. It's like the KL of Malaysia. I was ABSOLUTELY freezing my butt off at that time. I forgotten what was the temperature for that day. Maybe around 16-18 degrees? FYI I haven't been to Australia before and the only cold country I ever went to was to Hong Kong during their spring. So yeah, it's winter now in Gold Coast.

So with the cold weather and all, you would think that I would get myself something hot to help warm myself up... But no. LOL. I saw about 10 GELATINE and Ice Cream stores all around Surfer's Paradise and I just thought, why not get one? And so, I did :)

I ended up choosing Chocolate and Boysenberry for only $5!

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Food: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie (Kuala Lumpur)

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Before I flew to Australia, I had a little adventure with the girls to the city, Kuala Lumpur <3 We went all out going to the city like typical tourist. It's been a while since I took the public transport to KL and amelia thought that it would be a fun experience for us all. So a few hours before flight, off we went to KL for some food adventure :)

We took KTM and LRT. Gosh, the wait for the train was so long! Especially the KTM, 30 minutes of wait. But with friends around, time flew by pretty fast. I can't imagine taking the KTM every morning for work if I have too. Thank goodness for the current MRT project, hopefully it can be done ASAP without any problems. 

So our food hunt for the day was LEVAIN Boulangerie Patisserie in KL. The restaurant looked super cottage like. Besides that, the restaurant also looked very french like with all of the pasta and pastries serve in the restaurant :) If you are driving there and worry for parking, don't be, there is parking valet for only RM2~! :D Super cheap right? hehe.

Love the entire restaurant decorations, 
as every corner of the place is like a photo shoot background

Craving for some pasta along with sweet dessert on an affordable price?
Continue reading for more information!

Food: Hugo Burger Lounge (Gold Coast)

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Food: Hugo Burger Lounge (Gold Coast)
So I arrived to Gold Coast at the 8/8/2014 and guess what's the first meal I have when I touch down :P A local Aussie Burger Store! :D My cousin found this place from Urban Spoon, it's like our Malaysian Food Review app, Hungry Go Where. When my cousin told me he is bringing me to a burger place, I was expecting to be in an environment like any one of our Malaysian burger restaurant. So imagine my surprise when I saw the place and how quaintly decorated it was. 

You know we are always thought to, "Not judge a book by it's cover?" 
Well, with Hugo, you better believe it!

Because their burger are one of the best burgers I have ever tasted in my life! <3

Curious to know what other dishes they are serving?
Continue reading to find out! :)

Since I went there on my first day in Gold Coast, I couldn't help it but to return again! Loved it so much that I still crave for more of Hugo Burger. Especially the buns they use! <3 Apparently the buns they use are Sol Turkish. Don't know what that is? Just see the pictures of my burger. That's Sol Turkish! 

This place is always packed with people. Especially the crowd from the beach! So expect to see lots of cute Aussie surfers! We were the only asians at the restaurant. haha. Not that I am complaining, but seeing the crowd, I can tell that it's a local favourite in the area. They were even nominated as the top 10 burger store in the Gold Coast! Some times there ain't any seats available, but fret not, the staff there are super friendly. I know you might say, Aussies in general are friendly but I really do love how attentive and friendly the owner is.

Check out the wide range of burgers and drinks they have!

Chips || $3.50 (Regular) | $7 (Large)

They also got amazingly crispy tasty fries!
I wish I could give you a better description but gosh, I don't think I have ever tasted such good fries!

I had Hugo Burger on my first visit here. I ordered this since I didn't know what to order and because it's the first thing I saw on the menu. haha. 
Hugo Burger || $11.90

THIS BURGER. IS. SO. HUGE. Gosh, I couldn't finish this and even the fries! Had about 2-4 fries? And completely gave up. hehe. For the price of the burger, I felt that it's super worth it! The beef pattie, swiss cheese and caramelized onion combination is absolute mouth watering AMAZING! And the TURKISH bread they use, absolutely perfect! If only Malaysia had the bread ):

Aussie Burger || $14.90 

I had the Aussie Burger at my second visit. Chose it because I was craving for eggs and I never had beetroot in my burgers before. hehe. PLUS there is BACON & BEEF Pattie in this burger! When I thought Hugo Burger was huge, this was bigger. Took me a while to finish it but I still couldn't. LOL. If I could, I won't mind sharing this with my girlfriends lo, but alas, they all are in Malaysia. So girls, if you're planing on ordering their burger, do expect a large serving :D

Lamp Tzatziki Burger || $12.90

My cousin ordered this, the bread is Panini. I didn't taste it, so I can't tell you how it is. If you're not sure on what to order, choose hugo burger if you're looking for something simple or aussie burger for something big :D

Usually I would bring my own water where ever I go and you know what? I kinda regret not ordering their MILKSHAKES. EVERY table ordered one! It was that popular! Especially their Champs Nutter-ella Thickshake!

Here is a picture of them.

My Cousins and I
Feel like I look burned. lol. 
These pictures of us are from last Sunday after church :)
Was lazy to put on make up that morning. hehe. So yeah, I ain't tired, just didn't have make up on -.-

Here is a map to the place in case you're driving there!
There is a lot of parking around the restaurant, so don't worry.

Hugo Burger Lounge
3/2215 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach GLD 4218.

Opening Hours
Mondays 10am - 2.30pm
Tuesdays Closed
Wednesday - Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 11am- 8pm
Sunday 10am-8pm


Shall update more about my Gold Coast trip tomorrow :)
Have a good week!
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