Event: Terminus Grand Opening - Best Local Award Winning Functional Bags (1 Utama, Petaling Jaya)

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Buying a bag can be difficult at times, especially when we have important and heavy items to carry around. I remember spending weeks to hunt down for the perfect laptop bag when I was still studying C.I.M.P. (Pre-University). In the end, after using the bag for a few months, I stop using it because it wasn't a practical bag but more for the outer design of the bag. 

Terminus, a local brand, which I wish I was around when I was hunting for my laptop bag during college days, is like no ordinary brand like I have ever seen. Their bags are diverse and uniquely design to suit all walks of people from professional to even outdoor sport active individuals. 

Was invited to Terminus Grand Opening yesterday morning. It's been a while since I woke up so early for an event. haha. After visiting their store, I can honestly say that they are an award winning state of the art design oriented brand. Their bags have won numerous awards from Red Dot Award and after looking through all of their products I can understand why :) 

I immediately fell in love with this bright turquoise colour cute bag in the store!

Besides bags, they also got out of this world case design for your laptop/tablet!
Can you guess what is it?

Terminus, located at the same floor as F.O.S and opposite of SUSHI Q, lighted up brightly and surrounded with vibrant colourful was definitely an eye catching store. Especially with the name Terminus, kinda felt like it was a very sci-fi cool mysterious name. haha. Once stepping in, the bags in the store will catch your attention, and not long, you would be mesmerize with the amazing features that are found from the bags.

From backpacks to organizers, you can practically find any type of bag you want in Terminus! They even got a bag specially design for Tudungs. Sounds cool right? Wait till you see a tote bag that has LED LIGHTS in it! During the launch, the CEO of Terminus, Mr Liew, gave us an demonstration for most of the bags found in the store. Instead of showing you everyone of the bags, I shall share with you the bags that totally won my heart and soul :D

The names of the trolley bags sounds so cool and gosh you should totally see how flexible the bags can be to fit your given situation. For more info of the bags, click the picture. I will try my best to link all of the bags below to Terminus website for more pictures and details! :D

This ought to be one of the coolest bags I have ever seen. Aside from being a bag pack, you can also turn this into a trolley bag. When you want it to be a full time bag pack, you can hide the handler and the wheels too! A reminder that this ain't a foreign brand but our local brand! Besides that, the compartment in the bag is so big, you can actually pack 3 days worth of clothes in it, along with your laptop and other stuff!

I found a video of the previous version of the bag. Do know that The New Invisible Urban Roller is bigger and has more compartments as compare to the previous model in the video :)

Next up, one of my favourite type of bag during college days, backpacks!

I forgotten the name of this bag, but it's currently one of the new arrivals in the store. I love how sturdy the bag is and how it sort of look like a bag loaded with gadgets, the kind you see on movies. lol. 

This bag reminded me of the XMEN

I got this bag for myself in the end because it's one of the most coolest design I have ever seen and I am in need of a new laptop bag! haha. This bag is waterproof and suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and all. So I hope using this bag would give off the feeling like I'm a sporty kinda girl, even though I'm not. hehe. Oh did I mention that this bag is also waterproof? :D I got this one in red and black! Most of the bags here come in various colours :)

I'm not sure about how particular some of you are when matching your bag with your outfit but I make it a point to try my best to choose the right bag and colour for every outfit. This FACE OFF SLING BAG, ought to be the answer to those who always have problems matching their clothes with their bags.. This bag can transform into 4 DIFFERENT DESIGNS! Talk about a magical bag right? All of it's sides and compartment can be the front design for the bag. No more worrying about getting the perfect bag, because for this one bag, you got 4 different looks in it! :D

The bag that can fit all. Ladies, tired of using manly laptop bags? Well, Terminus got that covered for us. Comfort Tote, a fashionable tote bag that can hold the weight of the laptop and it's very comfy inside and out. I love how the design is simplistic, easy to match any environment, either work or a casual day out. This bag actually also comes in a smaller size and a bigger size. Do click the pictures for more information! :D

The bag of the future, The Bright Tote. Why do I say so? THIS BAG HAS LED LIGHTS IN IT. No more having the need to take everything out of your bag when you can't find your car keys or using your phone as light to search for stuff when you are at somewhere dark. Just make sure not to open this bag in the cinema, hehe. 

Next item would catch the eyes of all students and travelers!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Pillow Laptop Bag! The designer of this bag should be given a cookie or two. haha. It was one of the most comfortable pillow I have ever held. And the compartments inside is perfect to fit all of my gadgets and even my chargers! It's so handy, especially if it's during study break week. Perfect for an emergency power nap before cramping more subjects and chapters in our head. Besides students, those on a long flight would definitely benefit with this. Besides holding your laptop, you can use it to catch some sleep on the plane! This pillow bag comes with a long strap and a sleeping mask! 

So earlier, we saw the pillow that can hold a laptop, for this cute size pillow, is spacious and recommended to put your tablets/books. This comes with a short strap.

Cutie Pac, would be an adorable tablet holder/pillow for kids. It's just a perfect size for their head and for them to grab! :D

Don't miss out on this offer!

Terminus have tones of offers in their store! Do make sure to pay a visit at their 1 UTAMA outlet. So, after seeing some of their products, which is your favourite bag? :D Comment and let me know, I would love to hear from you all!

A group of us with our favourite products from Terminus <3

Fish and I <3

The entire group of us after the launching with Terminus CEO :)

I can't wait to start using my bag and I hope you all manage to find your perfect bag with Terminus!
One Utama Shopping Centre , 
Lot S213A, 2nd Floor (Opposite Sushi Q)

Terminus Website

Have a good week ahead! <3
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