Travel: D7 206, The Flight

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Travel: D7 206, The Flight
So, with all that has happened recently with all of the planes around the world, people around me knew how scare I was to board on to a plane for my Australia adventure. A few hours before the flight, I told my friends and family how much I love them (just in case you know).

So imagine my surprise when truly there was something wrong with my plane that I am on! Anyways this trip is the first time I am traveling alone and I never been on such a long flight before. Shall just write about what happened during the entire process and my first touch down experience in Gold Coast :)

Long queue at the 'Drop Off - Checked In Luggage'
Thank goodness we were early to the airport. I waited in line for close to 40 minutes? 
Some people went over the limit with their luggage.

Continue reading to find out what happens next!

To those people that packed to much in your luggage bag and worry that the big might just break lose, fret not, because KLIA2 got a corner near the XY Counter (Air Asia Counters) to help SUPER STRAP your bags for RM10! I'm just really amaze with how easy and convenient this idea is la. Not sure about you all but I heard a lot of stories on how terrible your luggage would be toss around in cargo, so I felt more secure after wrapping it, knowing that I will be getting my luggage in one piece when I am in Gold Coast.

It was like wrapping a Christmas present. haha.

Like I said before this is my first trip travelling alone. Was so blur and worry that I entered the wrong gate or going into the wrong area. Apparently it takes 40+ minutes to walk to my gate but it took me less than 20 minutes. To those going to KLIA2 for your flight, get read to walk your legs off!

Mummy took this picture while we were waiting to drop off the luggage

She also wanted a selfie before I leave. 
So cute right my mama? <3

While walking to my gate, I thought of just checking out the view of the planes.
FYI all of my pictures here are from my Samsung S3 excluding the ones from my mom's phone.

Instead of checking the passengers when the plane arrives, 
we were all inspected before entering our gate.
Which is rather different but the guards were friendly and nice la :)

So this is where the 'fun' starts. haha.
FYI there are 3 columns in the plane! First time I sat in such a big plane actually. 

I wasn't lucky and ended up in the middle column at the side
My flight was scheduled at 9.25pm. We all got on to the plane at 9pm.

Boarded the plane

In-flight safety demonstration was shown. During the demonstration, I could smell some oil/gas smell from the aircon.

Pilot gave his greetings and the plane was reading for departure. Weird sounds were heard when the plane was driving around the runway.

Pilot announced saying that they are returning to our gate as there was a problem with the aircon. He told us to wait for minutes in the plane as the maintenance engineer would take a look at the plane.

I was starving at this point. I ordered in flight meal for my dinner but because of the delay, I had to wait for my meal. Was worry that my gastric would return and the person next to me didn't make things better. He snuck in 5 burgers and chickens from McD. LOL

Pilot said that the engineers found a new problem and told all of us to step out of the plane and wait for another  1 hour and 30 minutes.

Was too hungry and went to the closest store that sold food. Had to wait in line from all of the other hungry passengers from my plane. Finally got my order around 10.50pm-ish.

See my tired hungry face. LOL

The plane was ready and we all boarded the plane again! Yay! Thank goodness everything was fixed before they decided to do something about it when we're up in the sky. 

Air stewardesses did a head count for all of the passengers. Hopefully no one was left at KLIA2 la.

Pilot announced that they have to wait 15-20 minutes for clear airway in the sky to fly to Australia. He said we should be able to reach Gold Coast by 9.30AM (7.30AM Malaysian Time).

The plane was ready for departure and started to drive around the runway.

I could smell the oil again and the aircons were suddenly switched off. The McD dude next to me said that it's normal to smell the oil before take off but the aircons switching off was not normal.

Everything when back to normal.

The plane took off and there were some other funky smell la. hahaha. But soon, it subsided as the plane flew.

There were turbulence on the plane due to bad weather.

Food was serve! Everyone was eating at this ungodly hour. haha.

Finally got the meal that I booked for, well kinda...
I actually ordered lasagna, but they ran out and gave me this vegetarian kung po dish instead.
Regardless of the switch, I was just happy to have food <3

I wrote all of these down on my notebook in case something does happen to me. Sounds so dramatic right? Oh wells, that was just how anxious I was. 

Lights went off for the comfort of those who wants to sleep. There were about 5 kids on board that was aged 1-5. They all took turns to cry during the flight.

The aircon was really really cold at this point and tho I was fully covered up, it still wasn't enough.
Rented a blanked at that moment.
FYI this was my first time seeing that alcohol was serve in a plane. haha.
I thought malaysian planes didn't serve them. Blur right?

I'm happy to say that I at least managed to sleep for about 3+ hours in the plane :)
Woke up around 5.30am and was greeted by the sunshine

6AM-ish, everyone sleeping soundly.
There were a lot of people that snored! hahaa.

Parents all took turns to comfort their young

8AM (10AM Gold Coast Time)
The plane landed :) Was instantly reminded of Genting with the cool breezy weather. The airport surrounding had trees everywhere and the friendly airport staff greeted us all instantly.

The airport here made me realise how bless we are to have KLIA & KLIA2. It was such a big difference the moment I saw how small Gold Coast airport was. Apparently there is only 3 power points in the WHOLE AIRPORT for passengers to you. LOL. I found out about this in foursquare. At least they have free wifi! :)

People weren't joking when they were telling me how strict Australia is with the food we bring in. Thank goodness none of the food I brought was against the law and I manage to keep everything! :D Hehehe.

Nah, do this check list before bringing food to Australia

The moment I landed, I honestly can't get use to how friendly or how beautiful everyone look :O It's like everyone I meet can become a movie star or something. lol. It's either people here are really good looking or I have really low standards but yeah. 2 Australian passengers actually helped me with my luggage in the plane and at the airport. It's not like I don't have hands or anything but my luggage is really really really heavy. Should lift weights more often. LOL.

All of us waiting for our bags to arrive

So yeah that was my experience of the flight and first impression on Gold Coast. Felt like I burnt a hole in my pocket tho. Things in KLIA2 and plane is really expensive. If only we could bring our own water on board.

TOTAL SPENDING IN AIRPORT & FLIGHT: RM10 (Luggage Strap) + RM4.90 (Milo Can) + RM6.50 (Chicken & Cheese Prata) + RM10 (Blanket Rental) + RM8 (2 Bottles of Water) = RM39.40

Shall update once a day for my friends and family that I miss <3
Have a good weekend ahead everyone!
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