Fashion: Floral Tag

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It's hard to believe that it's already Autumn time, but as for Malaysia, September is known as the rainy season. It's been raining almost everyday, and honestly the rain can be a mood killer. You know how our clothes reflect how we feel? Well, if you're looking for some outfit ideas to brighten up your mood, here are some.

I was feeling like my outfits need a-little-pick-me-up-smiles and I actually bumped into a few of my favourite floral designs. Floral always reminds me of spring and how happy that time of season it is. So I thought to share a few with you all. Click on the names/prices of the outfits to direct you to the website of the outfit.

Want to know where to get some of these floral outfits?
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SALE: #MyCyberSale

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We all heard of a massive sale at certain time of the year. An example of massive sale happening nationwide would be New Year Sale, Valentine Sale, Chinese New Year Sale, Raya Sale, Christmas Sale and etc. However have you ever heard of an ONLINE SALE organized by the government?!
Well you heard that right! If you're a fan of online shopping like me, then you're in luck! FROM 29 September - 1 October 2014, Malaysia would be having an online sale. Think AirAsia, BodyShop, Groupon, Lazada, Zalora and many more. Feel like getting your poloroid films, semi pro cameras, laptop, branded bags or cosmetic? Now you can with so much DISCOUNT!

Here are some of the brands involve

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Event: Lipidol Launch (Troika, KL)

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Last week I was invited to a new skincare product launch at Troika. It's very rarely that a new skincare product would actually have their launch at such a luxurious location. Honestly, when I was going to the event, I had no idea what kind of product it was as the invite had to logo, just the brand name (Lipidol).

As I arrive, almost every media publication was there, from the Chinese magazines to the Malay and English magazines. Everyone was there and all dressed up glamorously. What we all didn't expect was Justin Letschert had flown out from South Africa to present the Lipidol launch. Justin and his brother David are the creators of Bio-Oil. They both decided to expand their business to skincare with the chemistry of oils.

 Justin with Lipidol

 Interestingly Lipidol is a Skincare Oil range that uses essential oils in it

If you are an essential oil fan, I bet you would love these products!

Curious to know why is Lipidol an Oil Based Skincare and not cream instead?
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Food: My First DIY Hot Chocolate Art (Garage 51, Sunway)

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It's been a while since I did a food post right? Well guess what? I'm back and this time, I did the art on my drink at the cafe I was at! :D Sounds too good to be true right? hehe. I know I can't cook, but I guess I can sort of draw art on drinks? Well, you can be the judge of that la.

Garage 51 is currently celebrating their one year anniversary, so they have this thing to pour and record your art on instagram to win awesome prizes! I just found out about it on Friday. Been busy and haven't gone back to Garage 51 since my first visit (which I blog about, go read! :) ). So since they had this promotion, and I always wanted to check my skills, I actually took up the challenge~!

Curious to see how it turned out?
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Event: Taste Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (TasteMIGF) Pre-launch Event 2014 (Sunway Pyramid Mall)

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If you have been listening to Hitz.fm for the past 2 months, you would know that MIGF is an upcoming Malaysia International Gourmet Festival. Not sure what is it like? Think fine dining but imagine yourself able to try various fine dining cuisines for an affordable price. That is what this festival is about.

This event is held every year and it's interesting how the event would have various fine dining restaurants showcasing their finest dishes to the public. I don't know about you guys but in my whole life, I only got to try fine dining once, thanks to my uncle. Imagine how lucky you can be to try a variety of fine dining dishes without needing to travel the far distance, as well as not needing to burn a hole in your pocket!

Sounds too good to be true? 
Well continue reading to find out what kind of dishes you can expect at this festival :)

Oh I was also lucky enough to bump into my all time favourite local celebrity chef, Chef Wan
Watched all of his cooking shows on TV after my Saturday cartoon shows when I was a kid. hehe.

Food: AMPM CAFE (USJ 21, Subang Jaya)

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Hey all! Its been a super long time since you seen a food post here right? hehe. Well, I'm back! And guess what? There is new cafe in town! By town I mean USJ, my turf <3 The moment I saw this from around Main Place area, my heart stopped out of happiness. Finally another cafe near by and away from the crazy crowd of SS15.


AM PM CAFE is located at the right side of Main Place Mall, directly facing Cotton On. If you are coming out from Main Place Mall, just make sure you walk out through the walkway between Fish & co and BBQ Plaza :) First look of the cafe gave out a mysterious aura. I was instantly drawn to the cafe because the name itself was like none that I have seen before and it's actually easy to remember, unlike some of the long or difficult cafes' names these days.

I love just how homy it feels inside

While I was there, my camera decided to died on me and I had to use my phone as back up. Hence, some of the bad quality pictures ): I went there twice in a day. haha. Since I been working at Main Place Mall, I thought why not? (since I have always been snacking on bread during meal times. lol).

They got free wifi and plug points! I can already picture this place as my new hangout spot to do assignments or rush for a blog post. hehe. Btw did I mention that AM PM CAFE SERVES BEER?!

Want to know more and to find out what else they serve?
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Event: Best Buddies Friendship Walk 2014 (TTDI, KL)

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Have you ever been in a situation where everyone around speak in a different language and when you try to communicate no one understands, instead they find you odd. Some may make an effort to understand you, while some want to distant themselves from you, as they felt that the effort is not worth their time trying to help you. 

Sounds scary right? 

Can you imagine living that 24-7 for the rest of your life? You can't can you? Honestly, I doubt I could ever handle that myself.

But you know what? That is what people with disabilities go through everyday. Some may not be able to see, hear, walk or even process information properly (Intellectually disable).

It's hard enough to go through life as an average person, imagine with a disability. How much more could a person handle life? Thinking of how we could help or make a difference? Well you can! But before that, watch the video first.

If you got time to spare tomorrow, why not bring your friends and family out for "Best Buddies Friendship Walk". A walk of a lifetime to create lifelong friendships between Individuals With and Without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)! There would be activities for the families and even performances. This is an event you don't see everyday.

The Best Buddies Friendship Walk is the latest and greatest life-changing movement created by the Best Buddies organization. Since 2009, tens of thousands of participants have walked in countries all over the globe, and raising millions of dollars for Best Buddies. Ultimately, the Friendship Walk changes lives, as participants walk for inclusion, friendship, leadership, and opportunity for people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) .

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OOTD: Red Short Dress

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A while back, I went to Kota Kemuning Club House and the environment there was just breathtaking. I couldn't resist but to do an OOTD shoot before lunch. haha. I got this dress for The Shoe Annual Exhibition early this year. Even took a picture with Jimmy Choo at that event in this short dress :D

Continue reading for more pictures and details :)

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