Food: AMPM CAFE (USJ 21, Subang Jaya)

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Hey all! Its been a super long time since you seen a food post here right? hehe. Well, I'm back! And guess what? There is new cafe in town! By town I mean USJ, my turf <3 The moment I saw this from around Main Place area, my heart stopped out of happiness. Finally another cafe near by and away from the crazy crowd of SS15.


AM PM CAFE is located at the right side of Main Place Mall, directly facing Cotton On. If you are coming out from Main Place Mall, just make sure you walk out through the walkway between Fish & co and BBQ Plaza :) First look of the cafe gave out a mysterious aura. I was instantly drawn to the cafe because the name itself was like none that I have seen before and it's actually easy to remember, unlike some of the long or difficult cafes' names these days.

I love just how homy it feels inside

While I was there, my camera decided to died on me and I had to use my phone as back up. Hence, some of the bad quality pictures ): I went there twice in a day. haha. Since I been working at Main Place Mall, I thought why not? (since I have always been snacking on bread during meal times. lol).

They got free wifi and plug points! I can already picture this place as my new hangout spot to do assignments or rush for a blog post. hehe. Btw did I mention that AM PM CAFE SERVES BEER?!

Want to know more and to find out what else they serve?
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Their lights ought to be one of the highlights of the store

You know how there is different lighting in the day and at night (Moonlight). Well, the cafe used their 'name' to the advantage and if you observe carefully, there are a lot of different types of lights found there! Maybe it's just me reading into this so much but I think it would be a nifty answer if people ask them why they got so many types of lights. lol. (Psychology student perspective here)


Remember how I said I went there twice in a day, first was at 2pm and the next was at 10pm (after work). Despite them opening the cafe in less than 2 weeks, I have not seen the cafe empty once. There was always people inside. In the afternoon would be so students taking advantage of the comfortable study space, while at night, you can see young adults chilling having a sip of their cold beer after work <3 Sounds amazing right? 

The moment I saw that they serve beer in the store, I was curious to know how much they would price it. For a glass of beer at RM10, I would say it's a bargain! Correct me if I am wrong but usually restaurants (Not including the chinese hawker stores) or pub would price beers around RM28 minimum per glass. 

Latte || RM 9
Oh their latte here is  AMAZING!
Oh do note that they charge 10% for service here.

The moment it arrive to me, the smell was stronger than most cafe's latte. I ordered it as a take away because of work. Hence, the reason it is serve in a disposable cup :P


I had a chance to view their second floor. The entire cafe is so spacious and I can already imagine people having their events or birthdays at the second floor. It's decorated with artwork on their blackboard wall. 

So after work, my friend and I came over for some supper to try out their food and some beer. hehe. Like any typical cafe around, they have a bottle of complimentary water along with cute cutlery displayed on the table.

My friend saw onion scones and straight away ordered the Eggs Benedict as it comes with it. Seriously have you heard of onion scones before? They also have potato cake available in the store too! 

Currently they are serving only their breakfast menu and next month they will be launching a series of salad, sandwiches and a few other treats. I don't mind having breakfast food all day long, sometimes I crave for breakfast food and I know most cafe in subang don't serve their breakfast menu at 10pm. But guess what? AMPM Cafe does! Because, they are am PM. haha. I think this joke would have sound better if I said it to you rather than you reading it. lameness

 Eggs Benedict (Beef Bacon) || RM 18

I would recommend you ordering the salmon if you do order Eggs Benedict. The bacon was a little too hard for me. But over all, the onion scones, the sour sauce, bacon and eggs, compliment each other. Just make sure you eat them together. The serving of this dish is bigger than I imagine. It was definately pleasant to see a cafe finally giving a proper serving size matching their prices.

Oh do try their BIG BREAKFAST. I see people raving about how big and good the dish is on Facebook and Instagram. Shall try that on my next trip there :)

Hite Beer || RM 1O

We also ordered a glass of the beer and shared it. I never had Hite beer before. It taste sweeter than the other beers on the menu but not as sweet as Hoegarden. If only AM PM Cafe served that at RM10 too. hahaha.


Overall: I won't mind coming back to just chill with friends or to do my work. Can definately see this place as a new potential hang out spot! :D

Laid Back OOTD



11A, Jalan USJ21/5, 47630 Subang Jaya

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 23:00
Have a beautiful week ahead cafe hoppers! <3
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