Event: HOMEDEC Exhibition 2014 - Part 2 (KLCC)

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Thinking of buying some new furniture/electrical appliances over the weekend? Well, HOMEDEC 2 is back and they are packed with amazing promotions and prices! As I mentioned in the previous post of HOMEDEC Part 1, this weekend would be the continue exhibition of HOMEDEC Part 2, ‘Furnish & Decorate’, which focuses on furnishing and loose items.

For more info of what happen last week at HOMEDEC Part 1, you can click HERE.

For part two, those that have been eyeing on lighting for their house would be delighted as “The Rooms” will be presented in a gorgeous night ambiance. Besides that, from the wall colours, wall paper, furnishing layout and clever ideas, from The Rooms can all be obtain and immediately bought from this weekend's exhibition site!
 There are also many innovative electrical products that are being sold for a promotional price

This weekend, HOMEDEC have hello kitty special furnishing products, AMAZING PRICES on 3D Paintings, beautiful lightings, wooden furniture and even diffusers to make your home a calming environment.

For more information of the exhibition,
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Food: Grandeur Gallery Cafe (Jalan Anggerik Vanilla, Kota Kemuning)

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Ever wanted to enjoy your coffee while looking at beautiful art pieces? Well, at Grandeur it's like an art gallery. They literally have a special space with paintings hung all over the wall. Besides that, they have amazing coffee and breakfast meals too <3

Came here on my birthday month, July. Finally got time to extract all of these pictures out of my phone. So don't expect super pretty pictures. 

Curious to see the layout of the entire cafe?
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Beauty: Realash, Eyelash Enhancer

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Beauty: Realash, Eyelash Enhancer
Have you ever wish that you could change something about yourself? Maybe be taller? Have blue eyes or higher nose? Haha, don’t worry this ain’t a surgery blogpost. Well, if I asked myself that, I always wish to have fuller and longer eyelashes. I always get jealous with my Indian friends because, their eyelashes are so luscious!

Well guess what? REALASH is an eyelash serum and they have sponsored me with their product. So as I am writing to you all, I am currently testing this product out and will continue a update post a month later with some results (hopefully my thin and sad lashes would be fuller by then)

Curious to know more about REALASH?

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SALES: Cotton On, Nichii, Kitschen & Brands Outlet (Main Place, Subang Jaya & Paradigm, Petaling Jaya)

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Besides being the rainy season, sales is back! Feel like every store now is trying to get rid of their spring/summer collection with ridiculously cheap prices. I went to Main Place (Subang Jaya) & Paradigm (Petaling Jaya) this week and thought to share with you all what I found worth buying! :D

RM 19.90 for dresses, RM 40 for heels and 2nd purchase at 50% Off! <3

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Beauty: My Lip Stuff Malaysia (Flavoured Lip Balm & Tinted Lip Gloss)

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Looking for a good lip balm, especially with flavours? Well you're in luck. My Lip Stuff lip balm are known to have funky and unique flavours. A few of their memorable & best selling favours are Dog Poop, Monkey Farts, Cat Pee & Gummy Bear. Besides providing lip balm My Lip Stuff also have Tinted Lip Gloss now! Finally, there was a product that I could make my lips red (Natural) along with having unique smell/taste. 

Those with a boyfriend might want to try these out. I know this sounds kinky but won't you want to surprise him with this when you two kiss? hehe. Anyways, I got a chance to try two lip balms and one tinted lip gloss out. I been using them since July and they were my lip shield when I was in Gold Coast during the winter.

 Looking for a new lip balm that can protect and moisturize your lips all day?
Want something unique and interesting to try out?
Looking for something to spice up your relationship?

FYI Thanks to My Lip Stuff Malaysia, I have RM 5 voucher code for you all!
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Sale: Factorie (Suria KLCC, KL)

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It's Saturday! How is your weekend so far?! Guess what? There is another sale! The last time I posted a SALE ALERT was on my Facebook Page. So do make sure that you like it for instant updates! :D

Can you believe that this H&M Blazer was only RM20?!

Well, this time the sale items are RM19 for dresses/skorts/hats at Factorie!

Can you believe that I bought all these for less than RM100?!

I went shopping after visiting HOMEDEC Exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. If you or your family are thinking to renovate your house, this exhibition is a must go! Do check out my write up of the exhibition, HERE.

The view as I was walking to KLCC

Curious to know what else they have for sale in Factorie?
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Day 1: Behind the scenes of Malaysia Fashion Week in Hard Hat Tour (Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2014)

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Last week a bunch of us were invited to go behind the scene of Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2014. It was reveal to us that this fashion show, Inaugural MFW 2014, would mark it's debut as an international event by incorporating both Malaysian and International Fashion distributors to Kuala Lumpur. Which was held from 17th-22nd October 2014 in a trade exhibition (INTRADE) consist of FACIT (Fashion, Art, Cosmetics, Interiors and Textile). This event would be also include number of spectacular fashion show which have 65 designers from 15 countries.

There were all sorts of stuff found at the event. Shall show you all pictures of the making of this amazing event~!

Since they were still preparing for the event, we all received hard hats for protection, 
in case anything sharp were to fall on our heads. 

This dress was a storey high!

Bird's eye view of the display room of the 65 designers key pieces
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Event: HOMEDEC Exhibition 2014 - Part 1 (KLCC)

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Any of you out there thinking of renovating or refurbishing your house? Well, guess what? HOMEDEC exhibition is back and it is currently held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 

There are 2 parts of this year's exhibition, Part 1 (Thursday, 23th Oct 2014 - Sunday, 26th Oct 2014, 10AM-8PM) features Design & Renovate, which focuses on the on the permanent fixtures of your home (like flooring, wall paint, shower heads, bathtubs and swimming pools). Part 2 (Thursday, 30th Oct 2014 - Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014), features Furnish & Decorate.

 The four amazing designers that designed The ROOMS

This year, Homedec main highlight would be the showcase of four rooms designs by four renown designers. "The ROOMS", would provide visitors some ideas and inspiration for their own home decoration. Trust me, this is an exhibition you would not want to miss! I was so impress with how amazing the set up of The ROOMS were. 

 From left to right: Modern Classic, Tropical Indochine, Industrial Chic & Boho Chic

Besides having a good source of inspiration when visiting the exhibition, you can also stand a chance to win Isuzu cars worth over RM100,000. There are two up for grabs!

Faster go and win!

For more information of what to expect at the exhibition, 
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Food: After Black Cafe (Sunway)

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Finally it is here! A new cafe have emerge near Sunway University. You have no idea how depressing it is to only have so feel restaurants to choose from. Haha. Sound so dramatic right? Well, if only near Sunway University have as many cafes as SS15. Feel like every month there would be a new cafe opening at that area. haha.

 It isn't much from the outside but once you enter, it's narnia.
Haha. Everyone got their own version of narnia. So don't judge.

Anyways, it's been a month since they open outside of Sunway University near side gate and I have already been there twice! Shall return this weekend again for some catch up with the babes.

Check out this menu, feels like I'm viewing a picture from instagram

Here is what I had on my first visit

Drooling already? Want to know what else they serve in the cafe?
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Food: Pretz n Beanz (Mont Kiara, KL)

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Food: Pretz n Beanz (Mont Kiara, KL)
Formally known as Chilla Cup, Pretz n' Beanz Cafe is highly known for their amazing Thick Toast, Pretzels and Pretzel Pizza! Besides serving coffee, this place also have healthy juices (think Boost or Juice Works but with amazing food). If you are ever in the area and you're looking for something healthy, I would recommend going in to order their  all day breakfast dish, Royal Salmon Eggs Benedict along with their healthy juice, Super Charge.

Tried out a lot of the cafe's specials with my dear little sis. Her first food review event ever. She had never seen so many people taking picture of food. haha. Good experience for her I guess.

If you're thinking of having a spicy meal with some chocolate. I would recommend you ordering their Spicy Seafood Pasta (Also known as Sambal Pasta) along with some chocolate-y drink goodness, Java Chips.

Here is a sneak preview of our meal last night along with the many drinks we ordered

Curious to know what else they have on their menu?
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Music: Soulful Indie Songs

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Decided to do something different. I have been listening to indie songs ever since I interned at BFM. Truth be told, I didn't like it at first, it sounded a little too depressing/country. After getting sick of listening to too many mainstream songs that got played ka-zillion times on radio a day, I decided to switch back to BFM and I never looked back.

I found out new bands and singers through listening to some random youtube videos. It was so good that I shared to my friends and family to hear them. So today, I just want to compile my favourite Indie Playlist with you all.

Sick of listening to overplayed music? 
Want a song that makes you feel like "you can flying with the stars" after listening to it?

Listen to them and do comment if you got some songs you think I love.
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Event: TOSHIBA Smart Future Convention 2014

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Last week, TOSHIBA had a 'Smart Future' Convention at Genting Highlands where they showcased a great deal of new house appliance collection, which include Big Screen & Smart LED TV, Multi-Door Refrigerator (There is 6 door on that fridge!), Torneo Vacuum Cleaner, Magic Drum Washing Machine, Premium Eco Touch Air-Conditioner, Curve-S Single Door Refrigerators and existing rice cooker. 

Emcee of the Event

Hitoshi Katayama officiating the event

Model with Android L54 Series TV Models (up to 55' inches)

Truth be told, I'm a geek at heart. With that being said, it was no wonder why I felt absolutely ecstatic when I received the invitation for this event. Do feel free to comment anything that you need more details on. I shall try my best to answer everything. The product Fridge. If only I could have brought it home with me. haha.

 All of us Nuffies. 
All thanks to Nuffnang for this invite!

Thinking of getting some new Home Appliances?
Toshiba new collection is all about environment and user friendly with a slick modern design.
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Fashion: Emcee Couture

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Hey all you fashionistas! It's Tuesday. How's your week so far? Somehow, Tuesdays are my least favourite day of the week because it's so far away from the weekend and somehow it has that gloomy feel whenever I think of it.

So, to help brighten your day up, I decided to do a shop review~! Emcee Couture is one of the longest online boutiques I know. They also have their store now, which is located in Taipan, Subang Jaya. When ever I think of them, I think of beautiful convertible or custom made dresses for prom, wedding or formal events.

They also have a wide range specially cater for all those who are petites!
So all those who are XS/S, the clothes here should fit you fine.

Curious to see what else they have?
I listed out 4 themes below along with all of the outfit links 
PS. I also got 15% discount code just for you all! <3
Go check it out! :D

Beauty: Benefit Majorette Workshop (Sunway Pyramid)

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A month ago, Benefit had a Pom Pom Majorette Workshop session at Sunway Pyramid. Thanks to Carinn, I got to tag along with her. It's been a while since I last went to a Benefit event and I absolutely adore their products! (Click HERE for older post). 

The main highlight of the day was they new blusher product, Majorette. They recently launched it a couple months ago. 

As always, I love the packaging of benefit's products

We were also pampered with amazing dessert spread along with an insightful makeup secrets from Benefit's Beautician who conducted the workshop.

Which do you love more? 
The desserts or the products? ;)

Curious to find out what makeup secrets the beautician shared with us?
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Food: Breakfast Menu @ Upstairs Cafe (Subang Jaya)

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How's life, y'all? 
Always wanted to check out some cafe's breakfast menu but don't know where to go?

During the weekend got a chance to go out with the babes to try out Upstairs Cafe Breakfast Menu (Check out my previous post of them, HERE). They used to have their breakfast menu long time ago and guess what? It's back! It has been back since last Tuesday. So do make sure you check it out. Breakfast is served from 10am-2pm.

Here is what we had

Upstairs Cafe

Curious to know what else they have on their breakfast menu?
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Event: Triumph Forever Young Collection Launch (Black Box, Publika)

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All of us want to stay young forever but unless some one stops time then that could only happen. Can you guess out of our entire body, which part of our body would age the fastest? Neck? Face? Tummy? If you guess all of those, you're wrong... It's actually our BREAST. I was kinda shock when this was announced at the Triumph Forever Young Collection Launch. But it does make sense as over time, our bust will lose tissue, fats and collagen, causing them to lose their fullness. Plus gravity would cause the bust to sag.

The girls and I at the launch.

Curious to know more about this new collection? 
Continue reading to find out how we can achieve youthful bust!
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