Event: HOMEDEC Exhibition 2014 - Part 1 (KLCC)

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Any of you out there thinking of renovating or refurbishing your house? Well, guess what? HOMEDEC exhibition is back and it is currently held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 

There are 2 parts of this year's exhibition, Part 1 (Thursday, 23th Oct 2014 - Sunday, 26th Oct 2014, 10AM-8PM) features Design & Renovate, which focuses on the on the permanent fixtures of your home (like flooring, wall paint, shower heads, bathtubs and swimming pools). Part 2 (Thursday, 30th Oct 2014 - Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014), features Furnish & Decorate.

 The four amazing designers that designed The ROOMS

This year, Homedec main highlight would be the showcase of four rooms designs by four renown designers. "The ROOMS", would provide visitors some ideas and inspiration for their own home decoration. Trust me, this is an exhibition you would not want to miss! I was so impress with how amazing the set up of The ROOMS were. 

 From left to right: Modern Classic, Tropical Indochine, Industrial Chic & Boho Chic

Besides having a good source of inspiration when visiting the exhibition, you can also stand a chance to win Isuzu cars worth over RM100,000. There are two up for grabs!

Faster go and win!

For more information of what to expect at the exhibition, 
do continue reading (:

The four designers with the head organiser of Homedec

The reason why Homedec have "The Rooms" as a highlight is because they realise visitors don't really know what design they would like when they are renovating their house. Thus hopefully with the exhibition having this highlight, would help visitors to have an idea and they could also purchase the products from Homedec exhibition immediately. The four room designs are Industrial Chic by Ooi Boon Seong, Tropical Indochine by local fashion designer & home fashion creator Bill Keith , Modern Classic by Eddie Ng and Boho Chic by Astley Ng.

 Industrial Chic 
 By Ooi Boon Seong
"A mix of aged wood and worn texture that is timeless neutral, simple and natural appeal"

I really loved the brick walls and white sofa. Somehow it reminded me of Christina Yang's house from Grey Anatomy, where she renovated a fire house to a very downtown chic living space. Feel like artsy people would love this place. Can imagine a designer/photographer/artists having this concept as their home.

 Tropical Indochine  
By local fashion designer & home fashion creator Bill Keith
 "An outdoor type of free spirited look for urban lifestyles"

Behind the mannequin is actually a mirror that portrays out a 3D image of the ocean from the wall. Bill Keith was actually at the Malaysia Fashion Show the day before the exhibition. From his clothing line, his theme also revolves around traveling. Even the Mannequin is wearing Bill Keith's SS15 Collection! This room has the resort concept, where it's filled with wood and plants. One look at it and you can feel very relax at some exotic place.

 Modern Classic 
By Eddie Ng  
 "A comfortable & sophisticated design"

All the lightings, wallpaper and curtains are done in shades of white and grey to bring out the contemporary and modern design. I can imagine business CEOs actually living here. It has a very posh and refined feel to the room.

 Boho Chic 
By Astley Ng
 "An artistic expression and a fusion of everything"


This ought to be my most favourite "ROOM" design. I love how it has so many artistic impressions, classical elements and funky colours! Feel like people in the 20s & 30s would totally go for this design. Besides that, "this room" was the only room out of the 4 that have a second floor! I love how this "room" show how to be space efficient. FYI if you love the bright quirky stuff found in this room, it's all from KARE.

Aside from "The Rooms", visitors can purchase their desire products at a good deal in Homedec Exhibition. There are over 1,600 booths available and I think if any of you want to visit every booth, it would take a day to see what there is on offer. So if you and your family are thinking what to do during the weekend, why not visit the exhibition together? :D

 Hot tub for sale!

You can also win prizes at the exhibition, as there will also be a contest where two winners could walk away with two Isuzu cars worth over RM100,000 each!! Curious? Well all you got to do, is just spend a minimum of RM1,000 in a single receipt to be eligible to participate!

For details about the event and contest, 
go to HOMEDEC FB Page or Website
PART 1 - Design & Renovate
23th Oct 2014 - 26th Oct 2014
10 AM-8 PM
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
I will be going for Part 2 (Furnish & Decorate) of this exhibition. So if you are thinking of refurbishing your place, do stay tune to my blog <3

Have a good weekend y'all!

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