Food: Pretz n Beanz (Mont Kiara, KL)

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Food: Pretz n Beanz (Mont Kiara, KL)
Formally known as Chilla Cup, Pretz n' Beanz Cafe is highly known for their amazing Thick Toast, Pretzels and Pretzel Pizza! Besides serving coffee, this place also have healthy juices (think Boost or Juice Works but with amazing food). If you are ever in the area and you're looking for something healthy, I would recommend going in to order their  all day breakfast dish, Royal Salmon Eggs Benedict along with their healthy juice, Super Charge.

Tried out a lot of the cafe's specials with my dear little sis. Her first food review event ever. She had never seen so many people taking picture of food. haha. Good experience for her I guess.

If you're thinking of having a spicy meal with some chocolate. I would recommend you ordering their Spicy Seafood Pasta (Also known as Sambal Pasta) along with some chocolate-y drink goodness, Java Chips.

Here is a sneak preview of our meal last night along with the many drinks we ordered

Curious to know what else they have on their menu?
Continue reading to find out!

It's opposite of SOHO KL, at the corner of the street. Just make sure you be on a look out for the store, since the trees are blocking the signboard. Anyways for parking, it's best to park in SOHO KL Basement. It's not that expensive and it's stress free! :D

Love how spacious and cosy the entire cafe is

Check out the size of those dounuts!

They even have Pretzel Pizza Combos!

Apparently, they are the only restaurant that serves pretzel as the pizza dough. It's softer and lighter than a regular pizza dough.

Caramel Macchiato || RM 13.90

This is heaven. Seriously am glad that tho the food here is good, so is their drinks. Tho it's a little pricier than what I am normally used to, I won't mind ordering this caremel macchiato again.

Green Tea Latte || RM 11.90

Others that tried this, completely fell in love with this. However, there was too much milk in this drink for me. Wish the green tea was more over powering than the milk. But hey, if you're super milk fan and you don't mind green tea, this would be perfect for you :D

Signature Chocolate || RM 12.90

Green Mint Mocha || RM 13.90

Java Chips || RM 13.90

If you are thinking of getting something chocolate-y, I will highly recommend the JAVA CHIPS. If you want a kick in your drink, order the green mint mocha, it has a refreshing after taste :)

Caffe Latte || RM 11

Hot Green Mint Mocha || RM 13.90

Keep Fit (RM 13.50) | Super Charge (RM 12.50) | Mean Green (RM 13.50)

When I was there, about 5 tables had healthy juices as their drinks and I can tell why. The cafe's health juices is amazing and it's more affortable than most juice bars I know. If you want something fruity, order Super Charge. If you want fruits with vegetable, order Keep Fit. If you want to have completely vegetables, order Mean Green. After having these drinks, your body would thank you, as you would return home with a detox session. lol

Basil Cheese Pretzel || RM 4.90

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel || RM 5.90

Apple Cinnamon Filled Pretzel || RM 10.90

Sweet Potato Filled Pretzel || RM 10.90

Personally I love savory stuff over sweet stuff, so the basil cheese was like a bite of heaven. I love pretzels as they are soft and chewy. If only we can find pretzels anywhere at 12am. Feel like Pretzels would make the perfect supper snack <3 If you're hungrier than usual, I would recommend you getting the filled pretzel. Especially the apple cinnamon if you got a sweet tooth!

Chicken Hawaiian || RM 20.90

Hot Pepper Chili Chicken || RM 20.90

These pizzas are amazing. If you're into spicy stuff then make sure to try out the Hot Pepper Chili Chicken! I really love how soft the dough of the pizza is and how fresh all of the ingredients are.

Royal Salmon Egg Benedict || RM 22.90

Craving for breakfast for dinner? This cafe also serves all day breakfast menu! So you're in luck. I love this the bread muffin that they served with this dish and the sauce that they used was amazing. A sourish lemony taste to just round up the eggs and salmon together <3

Country Ham Eggs Benedict || RM 18.90

If you're not a salmon fan, fret not, they also have their eggs benedict with ham! :D

Spicy Seafood Pasta || RM 24.90

This dish, taste exactly like nasi lemak. So think of this as 'Sambal Pasta'. It was firing goodness. I can't taste spicy food without sweating, so usually I avoid them but for this, I couldn't stop eating it even though I was suffering. Hahaha. Definitely one of my favourite dish out of the whole restaurant!

Aglio Olio Prawn Pasta || RM 24.90

If you're looking for something light, I would suggest ordering the aglio oilio pasta

 Dory Cream Fish with Sour Cream Pasta || RM 19.90

I was kinda expecting this dish to be really creamy and unable to continue after having 3 bits of it. But you know what? At first bite it has the creamy lemoney taste in the sauce that isn't heavy. So even after 5 bites, the dish wasn't too filling but satisfying :)

Caramel Butter Thick Toast || RM 13.90

And for desserts or supper, this is perfect. It's whip cream on top by the way. The entire dish is perfect to share with family after dinner or with friends during a yam cha session!

Drooling over all of the food already? 
Head over to the restaurant today! :D


Pretz N' Beanz
22, Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03-6204 9733

Pretz N' Beanz Facebook Page

Have a good weekend everyone!
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