Event: TOSHIBA Smart Future Convention 2014

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Last week, TOSHIBA had a 'Smart Future' Convention at Genting Highlands where they showcased a great deal of new house appliance collection, which include Big Screen & Smart LED TV, Multi-Door Refrigerator (There is 6 door on that fridge!), Torneo Vacuum Cleaner, Magic Drum Washing Machine, Premium Eco Touch Air-Conditioner, Curve-S Single Door Refrigerators and existing rice cooker. 

Emcee of the Event

Hitoshi Katayama officiating the event

Model with Android L54 Series TV Models (up to 55' inches)

Truth be told, I'm a geek at heart. With that being said, it was no wonder why I felt absolutely ecstatic when I received the invitation for this event. Do feel free to comment anything that you need more details on. I shall try my best to answer everything. The product Fridge. If only I could have brought it home with me. haha.

 All of us Nuffies. 
All thanks to Nuffnang for this invite!

Thinking of getting some new Home Appliances?
Toshiba new collection is all about environment and user friendly with a slick modern design.
Continue reading to find out the details on TOSHIBA's New Home Appliances Products.

The products that were greatly raved about in the launching was their 84' inch Ultra HD 4K TV with Android (84L9450) & Premium Multi-Door G-Series Inverter Refrigerator (GR-G62FM).

That is how big an 84' inch TV is

6 Door refrigerator, the best fridge to keep your food organise!
Perfect for all OCD people. haha. 

During the event, they revealed that they collaborated with youtubers,

During the convention we got to check out all of TOSHIBA's products and also view a live demonstration from the staff. 

 Felt like a secret agent with my walkie talkie gear.

84' Inch Ultra HD 4K TV with Android (84L9450)

Seriously how often do you see an 84' Inch TV right in front of you? Heck I think this TV is bigger than most girls in KL. This TV can connect to your game console, keyboard, mouse, phone & tablets. So hurray to all those gamers out there! You can download your favourite mobile app from Play Store and enjoy the huge visuals right in front of you! You can also access to your email or write up your work report with this TV, just make sure to download the right apps from Play Store and the sky would be your limit!

 I did this specification list for you all <3

Toshiba Premium Eco Touch Air-Conditioner & Air Purifier


After being absent for 15 years, TOSHIBA is finally back with new air conditioning models. The new collection features Premium Eco Touch Air Conditional with the newest technologies that include an inverter, a DC Twin-Rotary compressor, a Toshiba IAQ Filter and an air ionizer. In a nut shell, it  produces refreshing natural air and does auto self cleaning even when you off your air conditional. Sounds amazing right? It has an anti-bacteria function that helps destroys 99.9% of bacteria.

This air purifier is one of the quietest operational purifier you would ever find. With the PICODE anti-bacteria function, you can be assure that you would be breathing fresh clean air indoors. Besides that, these models are designed for easy access for cleaning. All you gotta do is take out the filter and rinse it through, make sure that you clean the filter regularly to maintain your fresh clean air!

Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

Once I saw how many types of food the chef manage to make with the rice cooker, I knew I had to have it! He cooked lamb and baked a cake with it! I also love how there are easy set buttons ready for your desired meal to cook. Besides that, you can also steam with these rice cooker! Did I mention that they even have an indication of the quantity for the type of rice you should put in? Lets just say you want brown rice, there would be an indication on the pot to tell you how much to put. 

Torneo Vacuum Cleaner

Can you imagine having a vacuum cleaner that you don't mind carrying around because it's so light and also have an even better suction power as compare to those you have to drag around your house? Well, with this New Torneo Vacuum Cleaner you can! It has an amazing lightweight that could be as light as your laptop, it also has a Futon Brush that helps to remove dust mites and ticks from your mattress, sofa or cushion! The brush would stop moving when it is not against something. Guess this ought to be call smart vacuum too. hehe.

Toshiba Curve-S Single-Door Refrigerators

These vibrant colour fridges would definitely look very chic in your kitchen. It comes in five different colours (Lemon Green, Sweet Pink, Tangerine Orange, Marble Shine and Black Mica) This fridge can fit 210 liters. This would be perfect for those living with house mates or are just starting a family.

Premium Multi-Door G-Series Inverter Refrigerator (GR-G62FM)

This fridge ought to be one of the most organized fridge I have ever seen. There are 6 doors and inside the fridge they still provide you baskets to help organize your food. Perfect for OCD individuals. This fridge has Hot Food Freezing area, which allows hot food to be cooled down while preserving the taste. So think of this, if your food is too hot, just put it in the fridge and it would come out warm instead of cold. 

Also did this specification for you all, since I couldn't find one online

Magic Drum Washing Machine

Photo Credits: JQ

As you can see, the drum with Toshiba's new Magic Drum is able to remove the marker stain on it after 3 sprays of water, while the other drum still remain the marker stains. What's the different between both drums? The Magic Drum has dirt-proof coating, allowing any residue to just slide off the drum when water is applied. Go tell your moms/wifes now, bet they will keep it this on their wish list. 

For more information on any of the products above, go to

Had a wonderful time learning about TOSHIBA's new products along with meeting new/familiar faces <3 Hopefully there would be more tech events for me to share with you all. You have no idea how much of a geek I can be. Hehe.

Have a good day ahead!
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