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Yo babes! How you doin'? Hehe, wanted to sound all street talk and all. Anyways, remember early this month (2 weeks ago)? I was posting so much about my first ever booth in a bazaar on Instagram and Facebook? Well, finally I got a time to write about it. Do follow my other social media sites yeah, somehow blogging always takes up 4-5 hours of my time.There were other bloggers who were part of the bazaar too.

Here is just a few of us, there were more!

Bet you all were thinking what did I sell right? Well mostly were half of my closet and some left over stock from my "accessory shop". It's super dead btw. Shall revive it after my finals. I'm actually more active on Carousell now, do follow me HERE <3 Anyways back to the bazaar, I sold books, accessories, clothes, shoes and even phone accessories. It was a 2 day event and you won't believe how much I got, RM 605~! Remember most of the stuff are my clothes from my closet. Was so happy when customers loved what they see. One girl even ask if I study abroad because my clothes looked foreign. I wanted to tell her, I get my clothes from all of the warehouse sales. lol.

Day 1: Kish and I

I gave away goodies to customers that spent RM 20 at my booth also!

Curious to see what the other vendors sold?
Continue reading!

Shall show you my booth first. If you all like anything you see at my booth, just email me and I can sell them to you. hehe. FYI this is the first event where I did not put on any make up. So if you think I was sick or tired, it was just because I have no make up on. haha.

Without kish I would have fainted.

In total I think I brought 10 bags/boxes with me. Some of the organisers and bloggers were speechless when I turned up with so many stuff. It was like I was ready to move house. Since we were bloggers, we all were stationed upstairs in a private room. It was a little tight but it was cozy as all of us got to know each other better and also have a wonderful time interacting with some of our readers/customers <3

Carousell is a phone app that helps us to buy or sell stuff with a click of a button. It is also SUPER user friendly with the availability of the camera function, our own accounts, feed to show all of the stuff available on the app and a chat system to help talk to the buyers or sellers. 

Introduce you all to the app before I continue on with the bazaar. Anyways I have already made close to RM 100 on the app by selling all of my preloved/new stuff. It's amazing with helping me clear space. "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Not to say my stuff is trash, but I know you get it right? :P

There were a total of 54 booths placed indoor and outdoor at the event. Scroll down for the pictures!

Most of the stuff that were sold downstairs are brand new and they were so cheap! Most sold their stuff for RM5- RM40. Super cheap for some lo. So of my friends that came to see me got RM 5 dresses for themselves. Too bad they didn't have my size. Oh wells, life of a plus size. haha.

With Nicole, Pearly and Clarissa <3

Didn't really take pictures as there were a lot of people and I was trying to persuade all of them to buy all of my stuff. heh.

This customer got the pink boots. Super chio right the picture?

All of us tired and sticky at the end of Day 1

I decided to change my entire booth. Made a lot of changes. Move some of my clothing rack here and there. At the end of this bazaar, I can say that I'm a pro at bazaar booth now. I even brought a box of food (Water and bread), just in case we needed it and sure enough we did. My booth was like the supplier for everything, from food to marker pens and paper. Can say that I bought my house with me. haha.

Vickii (Booth Neighbour), Me & Kish

The day went by pretty fast. FYI the JESSICA SIGN on my table was given as a gift for my 21st birthday. There were about 5 people who asked how much I was selling it for at the bazaar. Lol. Even a super cute angmor kid who wanted to buy it for his elder sister.

This woman here was my first customer of DAY 2 <3

All of us slash our prices super low as we all wanted to get rid of the stocks. haha

Again I regretted not taking much photos with everyone but with only a few.
Sorry yeah. Was too tired to function that day. haha.

With Jane, Carinn and Ashley.

Jane came to the bazaar with doughnuts! <3 It was just perfect because I was starving during the bazaar and there wasn't any food around. Super love her for it!

With Saran & Jane

So blessed that church people came after church. Usually Sunday afternoons are my nap time, so seriously appreciated it that they came all the way to support me :')

With Vicki & Grace
Always glad to meet new friends in the blogging world :)

I bought my Polaroid camera for the bazaar and here is all of us <3

Us at the end of the day. Completely WIPED OUT.

Got two stuff from the bazaar as I was just too tired and busy to walk about and shop. RM15 Sunglasses and some temporary tattoos from Shiny Happy People <3

Can't wait if there is another bazaar organise by Carousell because I got more stuff to sell

Anyways for more info of Carousell app, 
check out their Facebook Page or Website <3

Have a good week!
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Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)