Travel: Macau | 5 Things to do there

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Travel: Macau | 5 Things to do there
Ever wish to escape to somewhere foreign and magical? Well, think Macau. Most people only think of Macau as a origin of Egg Tart or the Asia Las Vegas. But most don’t know that Macau have a variety of breathtaking attractions from adrenaline-punching to cultured adventures. When I was 15, I actually went to Macau and everything about it made me feel like I was in Europe instead of Asia. It’s easy for us Malaysians to travel to Macau as it’s Visa-free, and there are direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Macau (17 flights weekly). It is also easily access to Macau by sea or land :)

Let me share with you top 5 things I would do in Macau

Curious? Think you know what I am about to share?
Continue reading to find out! :D

1. Go to The House of Dancing Water

This show is constantly promoted all around the Central Ferry Terminal before boarding the boat to Macau. From the pictures I seen and the reviews that I have seen online, this show is a must watch. The show is held in City of Dreams Casino Complex. If you love acrobatics or enjoy watching it, then this would be a true spectacle for you and your family. The theater house has a 10m deep pool with flooring that would disappear before you. The show is fill with distinguished acrobatics, stunning dives, even fascinating motorbike tricks and lots of water! Make sure to book your tickets in advance as it usually sells out fast! Besides that, they also have all year round of festivals and event, so do keep a look out for them! :D

For more information, go to The House of Dancing Water Website

2. Experience adrenaline adventures at Macau Tower

For all adrenaline junkies out there, you would definitely love this! Did you know that Macau Tower is currently the world’s highest bungee jump?! I knew about this all thanks to Running Man. Haha. You can even bungee jump at night! The best time to view Macau would be on Friday or Saturday night.

If jumping off a tower is too much for you, you can also try Skywalk X, where you would be walking around the edge of the tower. Do know that there is NO HANDRAIL during the walk ;) Talk about about living life on the edge. FYI there are kids who actually participated in these adrenaline adventures. Macau Tower also have Tower Climb and SkyJump if you are looking for a variety of stunts to do in a day.

If you want to enjoy the view of Macau without worrying for your life, you can either dine at Macau Tower’s restaurant  or visit the observational deck.

 Dining at Macau Tower

Flooring at observation deck. Do you dare to look down?

For more information, visit Macau Tower Website.

3. Go to The Venetian Shopping Mall

At every country, it is vital to check out their shopping mall. Especially Macau! Not to shop but rather enjoy the beautiful setting of the shopping mall or hotel. I remember when I was there, the ceiling of the mall had angels engraved on it. It was beautiful. Everywhere I turned, was a piece of art. And the mall's ceiling was decorated like a sky. It was heaven for me. You can also find all of the finest brands as you walk on the cobblestones, with various performers serenading to you at every turn. 

Besides the architecture, the mall has a European theme, so you might feel like you’re in the middle of Venice when you are strolling in the mall. You could also enjoy a relaxing tour on the gondola with your love ones.

Just like the scene of The Boys Over Flower, when the lead actress was taken to Macau with the pretty boys :D Fated To Love You was also filmed in Macau's Shopping Mall. Talk about a romantic adventure to relieve your favorite Korean dramas.

All of the pictures you see here are taken at The Venetian Shopping Mall. There are free bus shuttles to the mall, just make sure to find all the information when you are at the Macau Ferry Station. 
For more information, check out The Venetian Website 
4. Visit the Historical Centers

Besides beings known as the Asia's Las Vegas, Macau is also known to be in the UNESCO World Heritage List for it's cultural uniqueness. Macau features many "first" & oldest buildings in China. They have the oldest church, western-style mount fortress, lighthouse, general post office. Most of their buildings have a fusion of Chinese and Western style.

 There is a lot of uphill streets at this area
I remember sitting on a slanting bench.

 Lots of these beautiful tiles at the area

All these pictures were taken at Senado Square, the three buildings to take note of are Ruins of St. Paul’s, St. Dominics Church & General Post Office.

 Boys Over Flowers also did a scene here

Ruins of St. Paul’s

 St. Dominics Church

 General Post Office

5. Eat at Lord Stow’s Bakery

You may be thinking, why at such a specific bakery? Well, Lord Stow's Bakery claims to say that they were the first who produce the first egg custard (Egg Tart) in Asia. Besides that, a lot of food/travel bloggers recommend those who are in or traveling to Macau to try it! So, I guess it’s definitely worth going for a taste. Aside from pastries, Macau have different cuisine (Macanese, Portuguese, Chinese and International). Talk about YUMMM.

Lord Stow's Bakery 
1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau
Tel: 2888 2534 
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 7am - 10pm

For more information, visit Lord Stow's Bakery Website


So, thinking about hopping onto the first flight to Macau now? Want to go but don't have the money for it? Well, you are in luck! If you are a blogger, stand a chance to win 3D2N to Macau!
All you have to do to win is:

DO: Blog about how much you want to go to Macau or write about two elements of below to show Macau's attractions. (Event & Festivals, Food, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Tourism Product & Entertainment). You can also share about your past wonderful experiences in Macau :) Do know that if you do win, you would be required to share social media posting & post a blog post of the trip.

DON'T: Mention about gambling / casinos, negative experiences (if any) or mention of other destinations in the post (Hong Kong / China is ok, as that is another gateway to go Macau, but not to emphasize too much) 

The contest is from 20th October - 23rd November 2014.

It took me 5 hours to blog about Macau, so I wish you all the best! :D Nice right my pictures? All credits of the pictures are written below.

For more information about this contest, click HERE.


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Happy traveling you all
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