Beauty: Innisfree First Malaysian Store (Sunway Pyramid Mall)

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Beauty: Innisfree First Malaysian Store (Sunway Pyramid Mall)
To all Korean Skin Care and Make Up fans, the wait is finally over as today would be Innisfree launch in Malaysia! If you haven't heard, they are in Pyramid and will be opening at 10am this morning!

Let me first give you a bit of a background for Innisfree. I asked my friend in Korea and Innisfree is popular with the Korean teenagers and foreigners in Korea. Reason being is because it is surprisingly it is affordable range and filled with natural ingredients from Jeju Island. Their key items product ingredients are Green Tea and Volcanic Clay.

Yesterday's Haul

I was one of the few lucky people to got a chance to enjoy my private shopping spree yesterday at the store before it was open! Do make sure to CHECK OUT some of the quirky stuff I mention later in this post :D Can't wait to try my Rose Finger Mask soon! <3 

Want to know more about the brand?
Continue reading!

Their pricing range starts from RM 4 - RM 200. RM 4 for mask sheets! :O And RM 200 for skin care products. If you're looking for Make Up removers, do check out their Apple Flavour Lip & Eye Make Up Remover. It smells amazing!

The store is really spacious and big. Their themed is green as they only use natural ingredients in their products. I really love how they have sections for everything. If you're looking for make up specifically like mineral foundation powder, they specially have a rack for it. If you're looking for some special promotions, do check out the first 3 racks as you come in!

Green Tea Promotion Pack at RM 90 (Serum + Balancing Skin + Balancing Lotion)

Beauty Mask Packs

They even have products for Men!

Feel free to ask help from their staff, 
they were super friendly and helpful when I didn't know which lipstick to buy <3

Love their Sciencey Experimental Designs

Something different I have NEVER SEEN before is a Clean Zone at a beauty store. What is a clean zone? Well, it's an area to help clean your beauty tools. I kid with a staff to ask if I can sterilize my phone and she actually said yes! I didn't do it of course, was too scare. LOL. My phone is my life. If anything were to happen to it, it's like living without a brain. haha.

This is how it looks like on the inside!

Hand cream for RM 15
Scent from Jeju island natural ingredients

The media crowd


Not sure what this is, but it looks cute. haha.

You have to try their CREAMY TINT LIP MOUSSE (RM 40)!!!

This product can be use as a lipstick, blusher and even eye shadow. You only have to put 2-3 drops of it on your desired part and the result is amazing! I love how natural and vivid the colour came out! I can now be one of those ulzzang (pretty) korean girls now :P

CC Cream and BB Cream Rack

Do check out the no-sebum mineral powder product (RM 40), it's a product to minimize oil on your face when you feel like you're make up is too cakey after long hours of application.

Foundation Rack
I got their Mineral Foundation Powder (RM 60). It is super light weight. 

Rose Finger Mask || RM 10

I never seen this before, so I thought why not :P Hopefully this would reduce the wrinkles on my fingers <3

These are their opening special
Don't miss out on the amazing promotions!

Ever had a wine peeling mask?
They have a lot of cool ingredients used found at the store and this was one of them!

Natural Deodorant Anyone?

Moisturizing Cleansing Green Tea || RM 40
This helps to remove your foundation and I love how they have a pump at the top of the bottle. So you don't have to turn the bottle over to get the liquid!

Make sure that you sign up for their FREE MEMBERSHIP 
and you will be automatically be reward with freebies!

Thank you Innisfree for this amazing private shopping spree and the extra goodies <3

Promotions that are available today!
I might just run over to the store again :P

I want to stand a chance to meet LEE MIN HO <3


Lot G1.130A, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Bandar Sunway.
Opposite of Bobbi Brown and same level as Lovisa

Innisfree Malaysia Website | Facebook Page

Happy shopping babes!
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