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Online Shop: Power of Word

"All we need is love", somehow that song was playing in my head as I was thinking what to write for this post. Ever felt like you want to say something to someone but you don't know how? Well, I been in that shoe countless of times and sometimes thinking back of the conversations, sometimes some things are better said through a note rather in person.

Then, there is this thought of decorating the note. Not sure about you all but my creative level is at 0% and my effort to make a care is -5%. So if you ever receive a card from me, it means that you're really special to me.

Power of Word, understands our difficulties. They are a company that encourages love into action. The cards are not common birthday or appreciative card but is filled with encouraging and uplifting words. Ever feel like blessing someone or to show you appreciation to someone? Well most of these cards have really cute designs and amazing words to just help you boost up your mood and energy. All designs were done by themselves and it comes in Chinese or English. TimeOutKL even did a review on them here.

Want to express your feelings to someone but don't know how?
Continue reading to see more designs

Power of Word have various type of cards like postcard, pocket size card and paper cut-outs, which most are used by recycle paper. All of which can be purchase online. They also provide other services too. Let's say you don't have time to write the card beautifully or feel like your handwriting could almost be identical to a doctor's handwriting. Power of Word can also help you write your message in the card for FREE!

Scroll below to see the types of cards that they sell and their services that they offer.

Type of Cards:

1. Pocket + Reminder Cards (English) 
These encouraging pocket size card can be used a bookmark for your books, kept in your wallet or even as a gift tag. 

2. Pocket Cards (Chinese)

 Complete Pocket Set (Chinese & English)

3. Postcard + Envelop (English)

4. Postcard + Envelop (Chinese)

5. Postcard + Envelop (English & Chinese)

6. Postcard + Frame 
If you were to buy it for your personal collection or want to be a little creative to make it as a home decoration, they also sell their postcard with a frame! :)

7. Handmade Paper Cut-Out
Perfect home decoration gift or just something to encourage someone. This comes in two sizes, A3 or Square size.

Don't you just feel all energize and happy after looking through some of the words that are written on the product. Since its almost the end of the year and if you have a bunch of people you want to thank before ending 2014, why not get them a card?

Or if you're graduating and leaving university, why not write a thank you card for the wonderful years you guys have spent together rushing for assignment and studying like zombies? :D

They also do other services like helping you to send a letter to yourself in the future. Sounds super cool right? But do know that this is only valid for a year. Since it's almost 2015, I will send a letter to myself and aim to receive it in 31 December 2015. Can't imagine how I would be like in a year, a lot can happen.

Besides sending it to yourself, you can also send future letters to your love ones :D Feel like you always miss a friend's birthday? Well, POW will help you out with that, just make sure you order your desired card and tell them your message.

You can check out their Order Form Details at their Facebook Page. Or if you love to see it personally, they are always at bazaars or events. Their upcoming event would be at Wisma FGA on Christmas Day! Other than that, they are also collaborating with Supermart Collective in Sunway Pyramid (10am - 10pm)

Do check them out!

Power Of Word

Email Address: powerofwordcollection@gmail.com

I shall be writing my resolutions for 2015 in a few weeks and would give a check list to my future self to cross it off. Maybe I'll even sneak in a note for my future self. hehe. Comment below which was your favourite card and your thoughts about this brand :)

Have a blessed week everyone
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