Place: The Good and Bad of IOI City Mall (Putrajaya)

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Place: The Good and Bad of IOI City Mall (Putrajaya)
IOI City Mall is currently the hype of the nation being the newly open mall with an extensive amount of major tenants like Tesco, H&M, UNIQLO, GUESS, GSC, Parkson, Sephora and the list goes on. You can CLICK HERE for the full tenant list. You might get a headache after reading it. Oh did I mention that they have an Olympic size ice skating ring and 70,000 sq ft adventure park, District 21. Bet all with all of these impressive reasons, everyone would love the mall right?

I went there with my mom a few weeks back and there were 3 particular things that stood out among all of the other malls.Before I go into those details, shall just show you all what to expect at IOI City Mall (:

Tis the season to be jolly

Curious on how the mall looks like?
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Make sure to keep WAZE on with you the whole time, you won't be able to miss the mall (it's so huge!). Just make sure not to miss the turning into the mall if you're driving :)

The Good

Mom and I decided to go shopping at IOI City Mall because I had RM 50 free credit at their KITSCHEN outlet and because we just wanted to check out how amazing everyone claimed this mall to be. There were a LOT of opening sales and promotions. Do make use of it if you are there. Ask the infomation counter what you can get or what stores are having their discounts.

Bag Vendor at LG

Monki Store
Click HERE for more details about this store

Brands Outlet


Click HERE for full review of H&M Home Store
Uniqlo wasn't open yet when I was there

The Face Shop & their amazing Christmas Sale

Another Bag Vendor Near The Skating Ring

Mini Sephora


Bollywood Professional First Store
CLICK HERE for more details of their products

There are a lot more stores in the mall but here is just a jist of what caught my eyes :)

You will never go hungry in this mall. They have Starbucks, MCDs, KFC, DipNDip, Chatime, Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Tsen, Morganfields and the list goes on! Do make sure to go outdoor of the mall as they have more restaurants there as well.

There are more restaurants at LG and outdoor!

If you're a student or you don't own a car, make sure to be at these location for the FREE SHUTTLE Bus services from 8 am - 11 pm :)


Photo Credits: District 21 Facebook Page

Are you UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? "The year is 2066. The world is hostile and toxic. The survival of the human race hangs in the balance. In this future post-apocalyptic world the residents discover District21. This is the premise to this first-of-its kind, themed action park, located in a 70,000 sq.ft. indoor atrium at IOI City Mall. Incorporating 11 adventure attractions, many of which have never been seen in Asia, District21 offers activities for all visitors to get you climbing, jumping, riding, sliding and flying. The future is not yet defined, neither are your limits, challenge them at District21."

Olympic Size Skating Ring

Honestly, I love the fact this skating ring was placed at a remote area. I hate it when there are a lot of people watching you as you skate and fall. If you always feared of people watching you, well now you don't have to be afraid. Plus this skating ring is huge, you can skate freely without being cramped like a sardine! :)
Pricing and Services of the Skating Ring

5. Outdoor Park
Feel like enjoying the breeze or the beautiful sunlight while in a mall? Well at IOI City Mall, they even have a shaded spot with grass for family picnic time!

The Bad
Okays after stating all of the mall attractions, it's time for the 3 things that made me "pek chek" during my visit there. I wish I took pictures of  the bad but I guess you just have to read what I am about to write. These are all my experiences and would just like to warn you all before experiencing it yourself.

1. No Credit Card Services

It was the first time in a long time that I experienced this. Even at my hometown, every shop had a functional MBF Credit Card Machine. So imagine my surprise when making payment for my Christmas Shopping when they said that the stores can't accept any credit cards. Even for my meal, the restaurants couldn't receive credit cards because of the horrible signal. Who carries a ton of cash these days? I find it ridiculous that this problem was found in the mall lo. How else would people spend their money in the mall. I don't remember seeing an ATM there also. 

SO LESSON OF THE DAY: Bring cash out, especially if you're going to IOI CITY MALL. 

2. Mosquitoes at the outdoor restaurants and park

When dining at the restaurants outside or taking pictures outside with your love ones, just make sure that you got insect repellent on. I was having my meal at a Japanese store and needless to say, I think the mosquitoes had a better feast than I at the restaurant.

3. Few benches, directories and signs

There were a lot of kids and elders around the mall, was kinda disappointed when there was not one chair in sight. I kinda forgotten about the trash cans but yeah, it's a super big mall, chairs and directories are needed. Especially toilet signs! 

4. No Phone Line
The moment you turn into the mall, be ready to cut all contact with the world. I spent my entire morning there and there was not even one bar of line on my phone. It's not necessary to be online but it is important to have your phone to call if any emergency do occur. Even when we were at the mall outdoor, my mom and I couldn't receive any calls or text. Because of that, we had to leave the mall early as my mom was expecting some urgent calls.

5. Parking
This is the icing to the cake. I was shocked when I saw the parking lot, feel like it was some underground hideout for criminals. haha. Signs were paper pasted on the pillars of the parking lot. If you're looking for the exit, do look for the pillars for direction! There is no emergency button also. Girls, grab your pepper spray. All this could be because of the on-going construction at the parking.

That was my experience, I hope you all have a better experience than me!

Oh do expect A LOT of people at the mall.
This was 10.30am on a weekend.
IMAGINE AT 2PM! Imagine the crowd!
Then again, all malls have a lot of people on the weekend. lol.


Website | Facebook Page
Daily 10am - 10pm

Anyways hope this post help y'all

*Update (18/1/2016): This post was written on the first few weeks of their opening. I am sure most of the addressed concerns were addressed. Kudos to this mall for the effective upgrade to give customers a better experience.
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