Hair: Party Hairdo @ Hairco (The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur)

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Hair: Party Hairdo @ Hairco (The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur)
Got an event that you're going to, but don't know what to do with your hair? Need that party hair look? I've been busy with lots of Christmas parties this month and I was lucky enough to get my hair done at Hairco. Kinda wished that I knew about this place before my prom, could have gotten a better hairdo and pampering time here.

Hairco ought to be rename to Hair-ven. haha. Get it? I felt like I died and went to heaven the moment I step into Hairco. I love their interior design and how posh the place was. They even served me wine, sparkling juice and freshly squeeze fruit juice. It was like I was at a spa. Plus their lighting make everything looks so picture worthy. You could instantly feel the Christmas cheer as you enter.

Hairco is currently having a promotion where you can wash, blow and get your Party Hairdo for only RM98! Talk about a wonderful deal. I was there last Thursday and got my hair done by Kenny. Since my hair was super duper long, he decided to give me a different look. One that I actually never thought I could pull off.

Braid me up

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Can you hear the Christmas bells ringing?

Hairco uses all Shisedo products in their salon. I used the Aqua Intensive Range for my wash and got to experience the hairmask also. I notice that Shiseido Hair Products have a very cooling effect for the scalp and aromatic floral scent. Couldn't stop smelling my hair after the wash. haha.

 Hairco Private Room

If you feel like you need your privacy while getting your hair done, they also have a private room. Where everything you need would be there. There was a celebrity getting her hairdo while I was there, so don't be surprise if you were to bump into any of your favourite local celebrity while you're getting your hair done there :)

Compare to the salon I have been to, this environment/interior ought to be the best one I have ever been too. It's clean, it's polish, its decorated and best of all, I felt comfortable being there.

 Hairco Bar

For every customer that is there doing their hair, they are entitle to order what ever drinks you want! Everything is free of charge or you could say already included in your hair services. haha. I love their green tea because they don't just serve you green tea on your cup but it comes along with a cute zen tea pot. You could also order some wine if you feel like you need to relax. Or if you feel like you need a detox, you can choose apple or orange and they will blend your juice for you.

 Seriously felt like a taitai at that moment. haha

My hairdo is a classic braid updo. I guess my hair would be perfect for braiding because of the multi colours that would stand out from my hair. At every braid, you could actually see the different shades of colour I got from my previous dyes. I super love the fact that he braided my fringe also, since that visit, I been trying to braid my fringe also at every chance I get. 

 Had the song of music vibe when I had this hairdo

Amelia and Jane was also at Hairco with me getting our hair done. It was a girls afternoon, I would seriously recommend you coming with your girlfriends. It's always more fun with company around you. But if you're worry about going alone to a hair salon, don't be for Hairco, all of the stylist there was super friendly and they would be super patient with your hair no matter how long or damage it is. haha. Trust me, my hair was really damage!

 Check out Amelia's Hairdo

Check out Jane's Hairdo

Raymond with his funky blue hair

After the hairdo, we got to listen to Raymond, the owner of Hairco, about our hair types and which hairdo would suit us. He even told us that one of the major attribute that damages to our hair is not the sun or dying it but rather the hair dryer we used. He said it's important to get a hairdryer that has he ion function or to really moisturize/treat our hair. 

Hairco Instyle

Kenny used this on my hair to give volume before he did my hairdo. Instyle is a combination of a curling tong with a comb. It gives the perfect wave/curl. It is also an automatic curler. Think of this like the magic curler but with a comb to release all of the tangles from your hair. It's retailed at RM800 at Hairco. For more information about it, do ask the hairstylist there! :D

We all received Christmas presents after our hairdo

I might just return again to get my new year hairdo :)


Hairco Malaysia
S235A The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Next to Isetan 2nd Floor

Operating hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Tel: 03-2287 6428


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