Personal: What I want for Christmas

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Personal: What I want for Christmas
It's 2.55am, I got two blogpost to rush out before the week and my presents for everyone ain't wrap yet. Seriously 2015 resolution shall be "try to procrastinate less". I actually want "not to procrastinate" as a resolution but to realistic, we can't not procrastinate. GAHHH. Feel like the Christmas decorations hype this year ain't that big as compare to last year. Could have been because all of the tragedies that have happen in 2014, but seriously why aren't we afraid of EBOLA?

Christmas Decorations in Publika

Feel like I am the only one that have been following the news of EBOLA closely. Wish there were people worrying about this over here. Maybe I'm just to paranoid at times. But did you know that in 2014 EBOLA have killed 7373 people?! (source). Maybe we aren't scare of it because we ain't close to Africa. Okay these are just some random thought I have been bottling up during this whole year. So yeah, shall just discuss more of what ever current affairs the world is experiencing in 2015. Need to have more intellectual conversation since I will be 23 next year, not to say that I don't now, but rarely la.

Christmas cheer with Jane <3

Posting up some of the pictures that I never got a chance to post anywhere. Still can't believe that there is 8 more days until 2015 is here. I just received approval for my thesis, which I need ALL OF YOUR help. 

My thesis (Final Year Project / The project I need to complete to graduate) needs participants to help fill in my survey. If you are thinking what to get for me this Christmas or you want to do a good deed before 2014 ends: Fill up this SURVEY <3

1. Student
2. Age 18-25
3. In / Not in a relationship for 2 months or more or never been in a relationship before.

If you can share the survey, it would be the best present I can ever have <3 

Like seriously. I ain't joking. haha. I need 120-150 surveys completed. So go ask your friends also kay?

Have you all written your resolution yet? I think like the years before, I would dedicate an hour of my new year eve to just ponder upon all of the things that I would have wanted to achieve. 'Gaining new experience' might be a top priority as compare to this year's 'weight/healthy lifestyle' resolution. haha. Who else failed at that resolution? I bet 80% of society did. If only beauty standards wasn't so high, if only we all don't judge each other by appearance and if only we see a person's beauty of their character instead of how they look.

Of course I'm guilty a few of these things. If an attractive person and average person ask you a question at the same time, which would you respond to first? Hard to answer right? Honestly we can't answer that, unless we are thrown into the situation. Then we would only know our real response. And what if our respond scares us and show that we aren't different from the rest and we actually all are shallow people. Okay blabbing nonsense again.

 Longest hair length I have ever grow in 22 years of living

I think I dyed my hair for about 8-10 times in 2014 alone? Oh if you actually notice my instagram or facebook page posting early this year, then you would have known that I was always promoting Hairgroom in my pictures. Reason being is because I received 6 months hair sponsorship from them and got the opportunity to help rescue what's left of my damage hair from the previous bleaching I received from another saloon. Anyways, I feel like cutting my hair short now, like a bob maybe. If you are thinking to bleach your entire hair, PLEASE DON'T. Ever since I bleached it, I always get knots, tangles and split ends. It's so hard to maintain at one point this year that I actually shaved of the back part of my hair. It was kinda cool that I shaved it la, but still didn't solve my hair problem. So don't bleach. That should be your last resort. 

I like taking pictures btw. haha. Kinda wish that someone could teach me on how to use the manual function on my camera instead of always relying on the automatic function. What do you think of the picture above? Feel like it's very artsy, enough to let you wonder what it is that I took a picture off. Haha. Do you think that I could actually submit this to a competition? heh. We all could dream a little right?

Attended a wedding during the weekend, it ought to be the prettiest wedding I have ever attended. Felt like every picture I took was like something I see on those wedding websites or on pintrest. Never knew how beautiful this place would be for wedding until I was there. If you're wondering where this is, it was at City Harvest. They have a beautiful space/hall for events/weddings. The entire place is filled with glass windows so hence the beautiful picture lighting, all thanks to natural lighting. 

Every was so pretty and dolled up for the wedding. Felt so under-dressed for the wedding in my sundress and shoes. haha. It was a beautiful wedding and the decorations were amazing. Did I mention that they had a dessert bar and rustic photobooth? Everything felt so spring-like. Super happy for the bride and groom also. They are like the big brother and sister we all youth look up too in church. Though they are different in personalities, they were perfect for each other. 

Sandwich with the happy couple <3

We all dream of getting that person someone, we even have an imagination of how they would be like or how they look but have we ever tried to fit someone else's list? As in, if you were to rate yourself, 1-10, or just think, would you date yourself? Like is your personality/character someone you would want to do? I know this might not make sense but it's something I heard once from somewhere. I used to have a list of characters I want for my Special Someone (S.S) BUT I didn't quite see myself first like would I be alright for someone else. I know we all talk about not changing ourselves for the other person, but if it's change for the better, like having attributes like, being punctual, being detail, being attentive or a good listener. Those are actually some of the stuff that I'm actually working towards. 

 Florals and Bow Ties

Won't be doing anymore plogs until next year. Feel like everything is suddenly moving so fast and not long all of us would be thrown to the rat race in the working world. Hopefully we won't be sway away with greed and status. Kinda scare to see what the future holds for us all. Even now, everyone is busy finding themselves in what they do best. Funny how some of us are already fitted somewhere in a cubical/office, while we all were all struggling with assignments and finals just a few weeks ago.

Will just continue to do what I do best

If any of you are feeling like giving up because your situation is hard:

"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."

I actually wished someone told me before some of the decisions I made. Anyways it's a good reminder and quote to go on with. Didn't mean to make this such an emotional post, but this post did made me think a lot about 2014 and all that had happen.

Anyways don't forget grand my Christmas wish by completing my survey <3 

Merry Christmas Everyone <3
And have a happy new year
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