Food: 미소家 Spicy Seafood Noodle House - JJAMBBONG (Paju, Korea)

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Food: 미소家 Spicy Seafood Noodle House - JJAMBBONG (Paju, Korea)
Before the year ends, I just want to remember my Korea Trip back in January this year. Still can't believe that I got to go to Korea. I remember my parents rushing to get my sister and I to Korea. It was a last minute plan as it was a miracle trip. In the end my sis and I went to Korea to experience GVP CAMP 2015 (More info here). After the camp we extended our trip and got to explore Korea. Jo (our tour guide/leader/korean mom) brought us here after we went "snow sledding". FYI this is located near North Korea, Paju. If any of you do pass by this area, I will highly recommend you trying out the spicy seafood noodles. The dish is HUGE! We ordered 2 bowls as there was 8 of us. Even with 8 of us, it was too much. I think a bowl can roughly feed 5 people.

Everyone meet Jo. She is camera shy :)

When entering the restaurant, it was a little awkward as most of the people in Paju are locals and there is rarely a foreigner. I guess we all dressed differently and the moment we stepped in, everyone in the restaurant stared at us. lol. It's quite busy during the lunch time. I only took pictures of the restaurant after our meal because I was too shy since everyone was already staring.

We didn't wait long for our meal. TBH I didn't know what we were getting as everything is in Korean and Jo ordered for us. The moment it arrived my sister and I couldn't speak. It was the first time I saw so much seafood in the bowl and there was octopus in it too! In the bowl was crabs, clams, mussels, octopus and champon noodles. I also didn't know there was noodles in the bowl until Jo told us. We had thongs and scissors because the bowl is massive and using chopsticks alone is too much work.

Not sure why my face looked like that. I remember it was a very cold day. Maybe -3C

After stuffing our faces. I couldn't move. It was so good I tell you. I remember wanting to return to the restaurant again before we fly off but we didn't have time. If can I remember correctly, it wasn't that spicy. My spiciness tolerance is super low, so if I can take it, I bet it's alright. It was a very savory dish, you can taste fish from the soup. All seafood lovers would be ecstatic for this dish.

It took me a while to find information of this restaurant. Most of the blogs that reviewed this store are written in Korean. If you were to be in Paju without any Korean knowledge, you will be lost. Most of the English speaking Koreans are in Seoul or if you are luck church goers. So be prepare if you are thinking of coming to the suburb. I bet there are other stores that serve this dish. Make sure to try it when you are in Korea! It's a must!

The 8th person is taking the picture. Am really blessed to have met Ronnie and his family.

Can you believe that there is only 4 more days until 2016? Any plans for the New Year? I will be MIA for a while, so just want to warn you guys in advance. Have a great new year everyone!

미소家 Spicy Seafood Noodle House
867-1, 파주, 경기도, 대한민국
867-1, Paju, Gyeonggi-do

Happy Travelling

Place: Cheap Decorative Items at 中国风 Fun & Cheer Warehouse (Taman Megah, PJ)

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Place: Cheap Decorative Items at 中国风 Fun & Cheer Warehouse (Taman Megah, PJ)
Merry Christmas!!! Bet most of you are sleeping now as I am writing this. Been wanting to blog about this last month but didn't had the time and I kinda forgotten about it at the same time. Anyways this might be still useful for those who wants to find a cheap place to get festive decorations. From Chinese New Year, Flying Lanterns for Moon Cake festivals and even Christmas tree or Snowman for Christmas. You can totally find anything you want at Fun & Cheer. 

I always knew that this place existed but never bother walking into the store until I needed to find decorative items for my cousin's wedding. Above is what I got, each fan was about RM2.80. Basically most of the stuff found at Fun & Cheer are cheaper than Daiso! Can you guess what wedding theme it is? It's Modern Shanghai!

 They even have the mini fireworks popper! For less than RM10 each.

I went with my mom 2 months ago and went back again last month with Carinn. Really love how you can get anything there. All you have to do is to make sure you ask the staff and if you have a picture of the item you want, show it to them. It's always easier with visuals when looking for something. I don't think they accept credit card. Make sure to bring cash or go to a near by bank or petrol station to redraw money at the ATM Machine.

I love the variety of Christmas trees, snowman, hats, tree decoration, houses, hanging decoration and etc. They even got stationary and some misc stuff you need in your home. It's the China version of Daiso. Don't expect the place to be clean or the staff to be super cheerful. After all you aren't paying for service charge. LOL. 

Carinn picking out some Christmas Cheer

Anyways hope that this help those that needs cheap decorative items or even wedding favors. I think I spent 2 hours there. You really have to dig through everything as the stuff is place everywhere! Just think of it as a treasure hunt.

Fun & Cheer Warehouse
Lot 10989, Jalan SS 24/10, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Daily | 10 AM - 10 PM

Merry Christmas all!

Travel: 3 Places You Need to Discover In Indonesia

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Travel: 3 Places You Need to Discover In Indonesia
Indonesia, known to many Malaysians as our next door neighbor and known to the world for their beautiful scenery, long majestic heritage and vibrant food. It's a country blessed in diversity with 300 ethnic groups along with 700 languages found. Also rich in tropics with over 17,500 breathtaking islands. From leisure, shopping, history, culture, nature, diving or trekking the various mountains, you can find it all in 3 of Indonesia's popular destination.

Starting off with Yogyakarta which is famous for the surroundings, art, culinary and culture. Found in Central Java, tourist can expect various interesting discoveries like an array of batik collection, puppet makers, concerts, food vendors and street art. The place is also rich in historical architecture of two most magnificent temples of the country, Prambanan temple and Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple complex on earth.

Next up is the A-list beach of the world. Popular with various extreme sports like surfing and bungee jumping. The island is filled with mystical, exotic, calming and lush experiences. A perfect place to unwind to the striking tropical natural beauty. Always filled with life from day to night with dancing and music. And also a hub of local art goods. Travelers can chill, shop or even head to a nearby scenic rice paddy field to experience the traditional village life.

Last but not least, the capital of Indonesia. Prominent for crowded streets, hectic activities and traffic frenzy. Somehow thinking about Jakarta brings an adrenaline rush to me as I am a city girl and I love the hustle and bustle of places. In this cosmopolitan city, you can expect lively nightlife, food adventure, shopping haven and a cultural journey. The locals will charm you with their hospitality and the city will steal your heart away.

To experience more of these three places, head to MaxmanTV Youtube Channel for Travel VLOGS of Yogyakarta, Bali and Jarkata. If you are a fan of Indonesian Celebrities then you are in for a treat as in the videos there would be Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi. Also a special appearance of Malaysian social media celebrities, such as Juliana Evans, Mawar Rashid and Tasha Shilla. For more info of Indonesia, check out Indonesia Tourism Website.

Picture Credits: Condenasttraveler | alanahotels | balihellotravel | bandungtourexpert

Happy Holidays!

Event: Innisfree 1st Inni-versary Private Party | Best Event of 2015

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Event: Innisfree 1st Inni-versary Private Party | Best Event of 2015
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. All of us were dressed in either white or green and at every turned was nature. It was the event of the year or at least it's my most memorable and favorite event, Innisfree First Inni-versary Party! It was held in a hotel that had an open hall aircon filled garden space. It was incredible. If anyone is thinking to have a garden wedding, Royal Chulan KL is the place to have it at. Back to the party, it was sort of like a mini chilled festival with lots of eco-activities!

We got to do our very own DIY  potpourri and build terrariums. I think that was the only eco thing I ever did all year long. Never touch so much soil before that. Felt so happy when it was completed, like my little baby is created. Love how they have a lot of decorative stuff available to make it personalize. Got to do it with Rane and gosh is she looking so pretty in green. TBH not everyone can pull off the colour green. I know I can't.

It's really hard to believe that Innisfree has only been in Malaysia for a year. Somehow with 2015 coming to an end, I feel like Innisfree have been around for a long time. Don't know how I would survive without some of their products, especially their lip tint that I got a few months ago. At the event, they also provided some products to try and to get information on. There was even a booth to donate your old innisfree bottles and redeem a gift from Innisfree. Definitely one of the most environmental center brand I can think of for now.

Since Innisfree focus on being very green, the entire theme and decoration was focus on that. The dessert table was the bomb. It was so pintrest/tumblr worthy. Loved everything of it.

There was a booth that require us to cycle to blend our fruits into juices! A lot of the girls had a lot of fun and it wasn't easy, you really had to pedal a lot. I didn't know about the activities and came in a dress, so one of the event staff was nice enough to help me cycle for my juice! She was so cute when helping me to cycle.

With every celebration, people tend to wish for stuff. Like a birthday celebration, you get to wish on your candles. Innisfree is celebrating their anniversary, yet they gave us all a chance to write down our wish and to hang it at the Wish Tree. Most of the girls wish for Innisfree to bring down Lee Min Ho to Malaysia again. But I dream big and wish for a date with Lee Min Ho. Haha. So cheeky right? Anyways I didn't win in the end, some other lucky people got their wish granted. Got to meet Joyce when we were hanging our wishes. It's always cool to meet a church friend at events.

Had lunch after we finished everything and got to hang out with the girls a little. At the end, Rane, Sarah, I and Shivani got to enjoy our cotton candy before we left. 

Even until now, I am still thinking about how beautiful the event was. Loved how everything was so well planned and it was just a relaxing afternoon for us all. Thank you Innisfree for allowing me to take this journey to celebrate your first year in Malaysia. Am hopping that you will have your store at every city and state nationwide soon!

Any of you Innisfree fans out there? I might be doing an Innisfree giveaway soon. Any products you would love to try out? Let me know.

Have a beautiful week!
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