11 International Female Fashion Bloggers that You Ought to Follow

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11 International Female Fashion Bloggers that You Ought to Follow
Just like any girl, I love fashion. I love to read and watch different fashion articles or shows. I believe that what you wear shows out who are. Sometimes, when you don't feel like talking, your clothes can do it for you. Not only does your attire help to tell others about your personality but it also shows your mood of the day. I been following a few international fashion bloggers for some time. It's amazing to see how some items could be paired along in that manner. So in this article, let me introduce to you 11 of my favourite International Female Fashion Bloggers that I think you ought to follow. They are arranged in no particular order and all of their blog links are linked below :) 

Ulimali. This Singaporean blogger does not have a limit to her fashion posts. From posing in a cementary to lying on the staircase, this blogger would do anything for the sake of art and fashion. It was a joy looking through her pictures and then reading her thoughts of how she felt when she chose the theme of the fashion shoot. She has also appeared on Nylon and Vogue. Definitely an inspirational blog to read for those who needs an idea for their fashion posts. Click HERE to read the blog.

Polishing Colors. This Romanian Fashion Blogger currently resides in London but often travels to around Europe, especially Paris. You can see from her style that comfort matters. From either dressing up or dressing down, she will find a way to make it chic. Even some of her photo poses are different from the usual poses we see on lookbook. Click HERE to read the blog.

Fashion Coolture. This Brazilian Fashion Blogger is known for her ready to wear street wear. If on a daily basis you are thinking of what to wear to college or university, I recommend you checking out her outfits. It's very doable especially with our hot weather. Click HERE to view the blog. 

Lady Moriarty. This Parisian Fashion blogger loves to put the quirky into all of her apparel. You should totally check out her collection of eye catching bags. There is nothing ordinary of her outfit from pairing knee length skirts with thick socks or going demure with a feminine artisan look. Click HERE to read the blog.

The Chronicles Of Her. This Aussie Fashion Blogger ought to be my favourite. For a month all I did was read her blog and no one else. I love how she mix and match her effortless polish look. Aside from that she is quite witty on her blog, so it was another plus for me since I like reading in detail why bloggers picked the outfit they wear. Click HERE to read the blog. 

Fashionquite. Ivana is a fashion blogger from Milan. She is often seen with her floral or pastel theme outfits but is also not afraid to try out other trends. There were a post where she was spotted in a 70s themed OOTD where she showed how to pair flair jeans. Btw this fashionista is a law graduate. Click HERE to see the blog 

Maffashion. This polish fashion blogger has been featured on Vogue twice. Aside from the sport modern chic look that she carries out, her winter outfit of the day is to die for. If you are planning to visit a cold country and don't know how to layer or look fabulous? Read her blog. I was amaze with how she matched her silver sequined top with 2 other white layering along with a white coat. Being able to pull off wearing the same colour for the entire look takes skill, which we all can learn from now. Click HERE to read the blog. 

Song Of Style. This American Fashion blogger has been featured on Teen Vogue and other acclaimed magazines. Aimee Song has the whole City Gal Beach vibe, this could be due to the fact that she lives in LA. Aside from Fashion, interior design is her next love. Did I mention that she does YouTube too? Go watch her video of how to take the perfect Instagram picture. It was hilarious and educational. Click HERE to view her blog.

The Spicy Stiletto. Born and raised in California, this american girl would show you an edgy preppy look. I love how she is able to make her outfit look very editorial even though she only used dark colours. Aside from fashion, she also cooks! She blogs about the recipe of her dishes. Click HERE to view the blog.

Ring My Bell. Feel like you seen this UK blogger somewhere? Maybe at Revenge, the TV Series? Well Ashley Madekwe not only loves to acts but she is also loves blogging about fashion. If you're thinking of a more modern chic look then I would suggest her blog to you. From sporting rip jeans to bohemian skirts. Ashley's style is an urban chic look that you would usually see in magazines. Click HERE to view the blog

Break My Style. Don't let this street chic fool you. This Philippine Fashion/Beauty Blogger is a chameleon. Like her name, she always find a way to break greater heights with her style. One day it could be street wear, while the next could be sporting a floral chic outfit or even styling a tutu skirt. Aside from that, I love how minimalist and organised her blog is. If you are thinking of changing your blog template, I would recommend you hers! Click HERE to view the blog.

Let me know what do you think of this post and which you think is your favourite. I also got a list of my favourite male fashion bloggers which I am not sure if you all are interested to see.

Anyways, stay fabulous!

Event: Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year 2015 Launch

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Event: Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year 2015 Launch
It was a colourful night to remember as Sunway Pyramid had hundreds of colourful "sheeps" decorated all around the shopping mall. I got a chance to attend their launch last week, where they had gathered an interesting crowd of shoppers and staff that were bored in the year of the sheep. Sheep represents "Pathway of Prosperity" or "Prosperous together" within the Chinese culture. It was a night filled with music, flash mob, food and even a wefie! I even got to have my first YeeSang of the year!

There is also on-going promotions and available purchases of traditional snacks, sweets and cheese cake to help bring out the Chinese New Year. Two pieces of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at RM29.90 only! The promotion will be until 13th of February.

From now until 22nd February, shopper would be able to hang around and enjoy with these adorable, colourful and fluffy creatures. Shoppers would also have a chance to indulge with the beautiful oriental theme that has fences and huts, which creates texture, warmth and abundance. The theme actually symbolises the meaning of hope through springtime. Just by looking at the sheep, I already felt uplifted and cheerful.

Bahhh, there were sheep everywhere! 168 sheep to be exact. haha. You should have seen it, everyone was taking a selfie with the sheep at the mall. Uncle, Auntie, Grandpa, Ah boy and even college students. It was definitely a joyous time during the launch. There was even lucky draw session for those born in the year of the goat. They got OWL sunglasses. FYI OWL is a really cool and hipster glasses store opposite of Daiso. They got all of Korea's latest trends! 

 With Jane and Shirley

 There was even a FLASH MOB

Watch the video

Like I said, even the wefie made an appearance at the event :)

Lo Ah with Sakae Sushi YeeSang!

Shall consider to get this YeeSang for my family. Surprisingly it was quite good. Filled with freshness and seafood. There was jelly fish and some other stuff you usually find on your sushi.

Sunway Pyramid would be giving away these cute "fluffs of joy sheep pillow pet" that can also turn into a soft cushion. Perfect item for the drive home to your hometown :) How to get them? Well all you have to do is spend RM1000 or RM800 for HSBC Credit Cardholder to redeem them. Besides that, if you spend RM250 or RM150 for HSBC Credit Cardholder, you would be able to redeem a set of limited edition Prosperity Ang Pao that is decorated beautifully with spring flowers. 

Thank you Sunway Pyramid for the Ang Pao and Fluffie!

Have a joyous time shopping! 
Time to get those CNY Outfits ready!

Have a good weekend ahead!

Event: Startup Street Presents The Peak (Signature, The Roof)

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Event: Startup Street Presents The Peak (Signature, The Roof)
You know how they say it is never too late or too early to start a business? Well last month, I attended an entrepreneur forum/networking session called The Peak by Startup Street. Most entrepreneur would know that Startup Street is an organisation that aims to cultivate the growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. The forum featured Joon Chan, Christopher Tock, Maxine Lee and Hugh Koh.

Since I was in high school, I had this dream of opening up my own clothing store. Especially since that period of time exploded with the birth of online shopping. However, I didn't know what to do or what I should expect. Fast forwarded a few years later, I started my business with selling accessories and bags online. However, that did last long as I did it just to get quick cash and did not think much of how I could have made it to a long term business. I wish back when I first started my business at 19, there was someone I could have asked for advice or learn from. This is how Startup Street comes in. 

As I mentioned above, Startup Street aims to be a guide and empower aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start their business. They also aim to help connect the students who are passionate in entrepreneurship with prominent entrepreneurs to have first hand gasp of hearing how others succeeded in their business.

Christipher Tock, the co-founder and director of SocialGrooves.com was the first speaker of the night. He shared his struggle of beginning his business and how he manage to become Datuk Lee Chong Wei official social media marketer.

Next up was Hugh Koh, co-founder of Pestle Mortar Clothing. He shared his experience with how he first began Pestle Mortar Clothing (PMC). FYI I'm a hugh fan of PMC! Love their collection design and their unique marketing strategies on the different social media platform. Have you check out their A/W 14 Collection yet? Its the BOMB. Click here and watch the video. Love the videography of PMC!

Joon Chan, the regional managing director of Easy Taxi SEA was next up. He shared his ups and downs with Easy Taxi. Honestly I never heard of a successful entrepreneur that made it without going through a lot of trials and hardship.

Last speaker of the night was Maxine Lee from Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP). She is an associate of MAP and manages in planning along with guiding the funded teams from MAP in their daily activities. Aside from that, she also organised MAP Velocity Feeder Programs, which allows aspiring and veteran entrepreneur to network together. 

Followed up after the forum was networking with everyone which is co-hosted by Startup Street partners, Drinkentrepreneurs. I met many interesting people from app developer to insurance agents and even spotted Arnold from Hitz.fm there.

To my surprise, after the networking session, everyone headed to PLAY at The Roof to end the night. I guess it's true what what they say, "You work hard, You play hard too"

Have a smashing productive week!

Food: Bedrock Restaurant Cafe (Taipan, USJ)

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Food: Bedrock Restaurant Cafe (Taipan, USJ)
Hey all of you foodies, it's been a while since I did a food post. How have your stomach been? It's already 29th of January! Been having lots of home-cooked meals or having been getting a lot of take out food? Well guess what? There is another new cafe in town. Finally there is one open in Taipan instead of the cafe craze area, SS15! Hopefully more cafes would come here since finding cafes is so scarce in this area. 

If you are thinking to chill with your friends and enjoy a relaxing meal instead of the ever so crowded hawker stalls, then you're in luck. Bedrock is located above of Nanking. Interesting location if I may say, I could imagine families heading up to Bedrock for dessert after their meal or if they are thinking of a change up, Bedrock would be above.

Bedrock just recently opened and the girls were dying to go there. So the moment I got back from Korea, off we went for food hunting the next day. 

The place is really spacious! So if you're planning to have a party this place would be a perfect spot. They even have a TV at the balcony but I couldn't get a picture of it because PaiSeh la later people think why this girl take picture of a TV. lol.

I kinda forgotten how much and what cake this this but I remember that it tasted like Nutella. It was a little dry for me. Would have been perfect if it was a little more moist. The chocolate covering of the cake was heavenly btw. We actually had the cake before our main dishes because we were too hungry and needed a quick bite.

 Bedrock's Salted Roasted Chicken with Potato Salad || RM 18

Though the portion of this dish may be average but don't let that fool you. This ought to be the best roasted chicken I had. The chicken is cooked beautifully, It wasn't too salty or over powering. Just perfect. It wasn't dry, just right. What really caught the girls and I off guard was their mashed potatoes! Instead of the normal brown sauce, Bedrock mixed Sesame Seed Salad Dressing onto the potatoes. My family loves the sesame seed salad and we practically put it on all of our dishes. So imagine my happiness when I found out that it could also go well with mashed potatoes. 

 Bedrock's Shakshouka (Baked Eggs) || RM 16

This dish is packed with goodness like Cherry Tomatoes, Baked Eggs, Capsicums, Herbs, Chicken Frankfurter and even Yogurt Sauce! It was an interesting kind of weird. I love how the yogurt sort of go along with the baked eggs and bread. It was a soury savoury kind of dish. Definitely not your everyday meal. For the amount of ingredients given, I was surprise how this dish is more affordable as compare to other cafes that serve half of this.

 Primavera || RM 15

Their Linguine is mixed with Cherry Tomatoes, Capsicums, Chicken & Parmesan Cheese. Something unique, pasta without any sauce. If I'm not wrong, I remember that they told me that they fried it.

They also serve coffee and BEER!

Another cafe that serves beer. Plus there is even a promotion if you buy 3! I can just imagine all of the working crowd swamping in to have a cold beer after work. hehe.

They also serve homemade Ice Cream

Forgotten which Ice cream this was, all I remember is that I took Vanilla and another different flavour for RM6. There is nuts above. If you're allergic to the nuts, you better warn them before placing your orders.

My happy face after a good satisfying meal

Overall, the food here is amazing! Portion is average and place is spacious. I would recommend you coming with big crowds or 3-4 people. As the place is fairy new, the seating arrangement is a little odd for me. So I won't recommend this place for a date unless you are fine with an awkwardly big corner with 4 empty chairs.

Bedrock Restaurant Cafe
36-1, USJ 10/1, 47620 Subang Jaya

Tel: 0173527250

Mon - Thurs:  11:00–22:00
Fri - Sat:         11:00–00:00
Sun:                11:00–22:00

Have a good week ahead!
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