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It's BIGGER. It's Better. It's BACK! I almost had a heart attack yesterday when I heard Charles and Keith Warehouse Sale is back. In case you all don't know, they hardly have a warehouse sale, the last sale was last year, while before that, their previous sale was 4 years ago! So imagine my surprise when I heard that they are back!

This time they came in prepare, they booked the entire Concourse area. So we can finally have good air ventilation at a warehouse sale. Today was the first day of the warehouse sale, I got there around 2.30pm and there were already 20k people at the sale! (FYI, I know because the staff have a counter at the entrance of the sale.) BTW, for this coverage I got the permission of the staff to cover the sale. By right, no pictures of videos ought to be taken. 

As always this WAREHOUSE SALE covers CHARLES AND KEITH, VICTORIA SECRET, FLOW & PEDRO. So guys, I bet you can buy some stuff too while waiting for your ladies to shop. Shoe sizes for female range from 34 - 42, while Male Shoe Sizes are from 38 - 46. There are a variety of bags, shoes, clutches, ties, brief cases, purses and etc. FYI the prices range from RM30 - RM150 per shoe and RM20 - RM160 per bag

Most of their shoes will be feature on the video! Do watch!
Shoe sizes ranged from 34 - 42

There is a defect corner, which I manage to found two bags which looks perfectly fine to me.

 They were RM 20 per bag!

The prices ranged from RM15 - RM120. 
They have body scrub, lotion, perfume, underwears, bags, laptop covers and etc.


Perfume | RM 80 

Body Scrub

Perfume, lotion and clutch set

5 for RM 70

Prices ranged from RM49 - RM160
I feel this year Pedro female shoes were nicer than Charles and Keith's.

The crowd this year were super gungho. This sale opens from 11AM-8PM. There were people queuing up since 9AM! And when I interviewed those early shoppers at 3.30pm, they told me that they are not done shopping yet. Talk about real dedication! These girls were waited to pay for their purchases for at least minimum 1 hour and I heard that the entry que for this sale takes a minimum of 30minutes in line. Do make sure to bring your cash as some counter may not accept credit cards. There is only ONE ATM in the mall, so don't bother, there was a long que at the ATM too. 

Warehouse Sale Entrance Crowd

Victoria Secret Crowd

Pedro Crowd

 Happy shoppers patiently waiting in line for payment

 The two girls who got their VS Haul!

For more details of the sale, watch the video below!
Charles & Keith | Pedro | Flow | Victoria Secret Warehouse Sale 

Jalan 19/16, Seksyen 19, 
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Mall Tel: 03-7930 8209

Sale Duration: 26th March - 29th March | 11am - 8pm

*All of the pictures were taken at 2.30pm-3.30pm with permission of the organisers and shoppers. Estimate time spend there for an average person would be 3 hours.

I wish you all the best in shopping and may you all find good stuff there! :D
Happy Shopping

Event: Sensodyne 'Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria' Chill Festival

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Event: Sensodyne 'Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria' Chill Festival
We all love all food right? Especially when everything in our country always revolves back to food. Well, most of it. For a fact, whenever there is a hangout session, I bet you and your friends will go food hunting. Or when gathering with your extended family, where would be the best place to reunite? Of course at a restaurant or having meal time together. You get my point right? We revolve around food and well, in Malaysia we are truly blessed with the many variety of amazing cuisines that we can find here at no matter how early or late the day may be.

So just imagine this, you're out with your buddies enjoying a sweet delight from a newly open dessert store in the city. As you have your first bite, your teeth starts to have a tingly sensation and for the entire night, you were only able to have that one bite because the amount of discomfort you're feeling is unbearable. Sounds familiar? Feel like you have been in that situation before? I bet we all did one point it our lives. That my friends is called, a case of sensitive teeth.

Delightful Juice that was Served at the Sensodyn 'Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria' Chill Festival Launch

Did you know that tooth sensitivity is a rather common problem in Malaysia? According to Ipsos' study of "The Oral Care Usage and Attitude" found that 1/3 Malaysians suffer from sensitive teeth. Scary ain't it? It's actually rather high and it's no wonder that tooth sensitivity is now Malaysia's highest claimed Oral Health Issue.

With the hyper bunny, Lizz Chloe

Sucks ain't it if you have sensitive teeth and need to avoid all of your sweet cravings. Well guess what? Aside to sweet or sour food, temperature also plays a role in causing tooth sensitivity. But you know what? Tooth sensitivity should not hinder us from having a good time with our friends or avoiding our favourite food.

Oral Health Marketing Manager of GSK and Dr Nurul Huda Hassan, a Dental Surgeon

With Azura, MC of the event

Sensodyne is having a campaign, ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival to encourage Malaysians to take control of tooth sensitivity by taking control of their condition instead of leaving the problem to a future of discomfort. Fyi, did you know that a severe case of tooth sensitivity could cause headaches and unpleasant reaction to food when consuming? I was shocked myself when the doctor told us at the event launch.

With the Babes at the event launch

This year, Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival will be collaborating with Chatime Malaysia, Teochew Chendul and The Potong as a new way to engage with Malaysians. Sensodyne will visit selected outlets over Malaysia to conduct on-the-spot tooth sensitivity checks, fun activities and product sampling. You can also take the tooth sensitivity check HERE

Aside from that, participants will also have a chance to vote for their favourite beverage with Chatime Malaysia, ‘Unfreeze Coolest Chatime Drink’. Upon voting, participants are entitled to enjoy the most voted drink at 20% off! #freestuffwhodontwant. Just click on tab ‘Unfreeze Deals’ to vote for your most preferred Chatime drink, CLICK HERE

Now can't say I didn't share good stuff with you all.

At the event launch, all of the participating brands were there to show their collaboration and there was even a cooking demonstration. by Chef Andri Hadi with the stunning doctor.

Sensodyne has a wide range of products for that helps provide protection from tooth sensitivity. They have 3 ranges. The Sensodyne Base range: Fresh Mint, Gentle Whitening and Gum Care are specially aimed to protect against sensitivity. Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin helps to repair sensitive teeth. While those who want instant relief from tooth sensitivity may use Sensodyne Rapid Relief (works in 60 seconds) create a physical seal against sensitivity triggers when used as directed. 

Discomfort should not divert us away from the things we love. 
Instead we should find a solution to heal the discomfort area.

Important links to remember:
Check for tooth sensitivity : https://www.sensodyne.com.my/tooth-sensitivity-check.aspx

Information of Chill Festival – Sensodyne Food map (#TiadaNgilu) |  Vote your your favourite chatime drink | Download your vouchers : https://sensodyne.com.my/tiadangilu/

*This is a sponsored post. All samples are provided by GSK and opinions expressed are of my own.

Hope that all of these information helped you all
Have a ceria (happy) week ahead!
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