Event/OOTD: Zalora 3rd Anniversay (Marble 8, KL)

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Event/OOTD: Zalora 3rd Anniversay (Marble 8, KL)
It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone was dressed in their stunning formals. It was none other than Zalora's 3rd birthday celebration. We were all ushered into Marble 8 (and ohmygosh, let me tell you, it's so beautiful) for a private luncheon. I only been to Marble 8 once for an event at night, I was so amaze with how beautiful the place is. Feel like a wedding lunch reception there would be gorgeous, with the glass windows and the view of KLCC (did I mention, it was just next to where we were?), everything was absolutely stunning. 

Love how personalise the event was
We all had our names our seats

I love how they decorated the place with the flowers and quirky ornaments. Definitely freshen up the place. You won't be able to tell that this place turns into a bar/lounge if you were here during lunch time. It felt like it was two different places for me, because the first time I was there, it was dark, smoke was everywhere and lights were flashing. Baby Sumo once told me that Marble8 has the best steak in KL, so you can kinda guessed what I had at this event. haha. Below are the pictures of what Jane and I had at the event.

Butter Lettuce Salad Served with Prawns. Avocado & Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Cream of Mushroom soup with Truffle Cream

Grilled Filet Mignon Served with Mushroom & Fries
'Fine Dining', hence the size

Herbs Crusted Grilled Salmon with Potato fries

Crepe Suzette Served with Mixed Fruits and Vanilla Gelato

It's been a while since I had fine dining. The steak was alright, I forgotten to order well done, so it was really red. Almost raw. haha. But it was good, the dessert ought to be my favourite. Not too sweet or soggy. I don't know about you but for me Zalora is one of the online website portal that I will shop the most at. I just love how fast the service and predictability the quality would be. There was once I bought this lace skirt that was defective and after informing Zalora, they quickly came over 4 hours later (they didn't know I was a blogger, when I talked to the customer service). After the lunch, most of the guests went out to take pictures, I thought why not do the same for my OOTD.

Cardigan: Cotton On
Top & Necklace: Forever 21
Bag & Skirt: Zalora
Belt: PhatCulture
Flats: Brands Outlet

The lunch was a month ago, just thought of posting this since it was a memorable event. Can't wait to return to Marble 8 again one day. Happy belated birthday again Zalora! 

Pictures Credits (Without Watermark): Mary Jane

Have a great week ahead everyone!
Stay fabulous!

Food/Event: Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale

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Food/Event: Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale
Any of you spend your free time fiddling around the kitchen wipping up some new creation? Especially when it comes to perfecting that right cookie or cake for your friends or family. Ever heard people praising you that your food are bakery standard?

I have a ton of friends that are incredibly gifted in baking, some do it as their profession while others do it as a hobby. If you're one of those people I'm describing, why not put your baking skills to the test?

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale! Imagine MasterChef but just focusing on pastries. There were hundreds who applied for the challenge, all of which came from hotels, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and only 23 participates were chosen for the challenge.

This annual challenge was held for three days and each day have different category with different contestant to compete in. I manage to attend the last day, which was cake category, where 8 contestant competed in the challenge. There were three judges for this challenge, which includes Chef Kenny Kong, Executive Pastry Chef based in Sentosa Resort Singapore, Chef Jess Chiam, Chairman of the Pastry Alliance Malaysia and Chef Karam

The moment I stepped into the hall, I was captivated with the parade of magnificent cakes made by the participants. The theme they had this year was 'Parent's Day'. Each and every cake had a story behind the making, where bakers unleash their creativity and innovation to am to win for the challenge. 

Each chef had to create a large cake no more than 1 kg each, and mini cakes not more than 100g each, using ANCHOR Cream Cheese, Butter and Cream and staple ingredients. Coming out on top Gold Award was Ng Huay Shyan, 27, from RT Pastry House with her creations Lemon Mousse Cake with Milk Pudding and Pineapple (large cake) and Almond Sponge with Custard Cream Cheese and Walnut Ganache (mini). The tangy bite of the lemon flavour was perfect with the creaminess of mousse and milk pudding. 

Winning Cake!

Silver medal was obtained by Edwin Ong, 31, from Victoria Patisserie (Johor) with Nanas Victory (large) and Passion-fruit Cheese Cake (mini). The use of pineapple was an unusual but memorable addition to his winning cake, as pineapple is his mother’s favourite fruit and she eats is everyday! He plans to introduce the winning cake at his bakery for Mother’s Day. 

Winning the Bronze Medal was Edward Lau, 25, from Moonlight Cakehouse (Johor) who added sago and calamansi to his chocolate mousse layer cake Gateaux Guanaja and gave it a macadamia base to give it a crunchy bite and a beautiful finishing flavour. 

Every year, the Challenge raises the bugle call for young culinary artisans who want to rise above the ordinary and be recognised for their masterpieces that are as much pastry as it is artistry. Winners went home with prize money of RM 18,000 in total, but this was more than just about money – it was a heated battle of the bakers that will make or break reputations. 

After the challenge, I had the chance to chat with the winners. It really shocked me to find out that all of them did not obtain any formal education in this field. Instead they all learned it from the the years of experience working in a bakery. An example would be from first place, Ng Huey Shyan, where she started her humble beginnings as a store assistant and slowly given the opportunity to learn how to bake as RT Pastry Boss appreciated her hard work and acknowledge the potential in her. Currently she has a franchise of RT Pastry House at Bukit Tinggi. 

All three of the contestant believed that time management was the hardest task in the challenge and wishes the best of luck for future contestants.

Attending this event was truly an eye opener for me. Hard work does pay off! Honestly, I almost wanted to start dreaming big again after the chat session with the winners. You could literally feel how passionate they were. Hope their stories help to give you guys hope. Most of them only had their SPM as their highest education and they manage to achieve their dream in running their own bakery. I'm really inspired. 

Shall share with you all soon what I have been up to lately
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend
Never stop dreaming

Event: Nuffnang 8th Birthday Bash!

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Event: Nuffnang 8th Birthday Bash!
To infinity and beyond. That's my wish for this company. I owe so much to them and am grateful for every opportunity that I have received. Know who I'm talking about? It's none other than Nuffnang's 8th Birthday Bash. Just in case you're lost, Nuffnang is the go to place for any bloggers. They help create ads, help you get some income from blogging and is a fun community to be apart of. Learned so much from them and from the Nuffnang people. The only regret I had was not joining them sooner. I started blogging at 16 and only gotten serious about blogging at 21. Registered myself under Nuffnang to get my ads only around 22. LOL.

Anyways back to their birthday, which I have to say is uniquely hosted. Its cool that they had it on a weekend morning. Got a chance to glam up and head to KL without worrying about the traffic. Also did you know that they had it in ZOUK?! Yes we were in ZOUK in the morning. I bet not a lot of people can say that they went to ZOUK at 10am in the morning. heh. 

I have to say that the place was set up so lovely. Even the tables had decorations on it. It was themed Glamorous 1960s with Breakfast at Tiffnany's as an inspiration. You should have seen the place! There were so many Audrey Hephurn with their little black dress and updo. It was literally an army of them. Someone should have taken a picture of all of them in the place, it would have been a cute picture. 

With Sammy

Opted for pokka dots in the end. Actually I had my little black dress ready for the event but decided to wear the pokka dots instead because how often can you get away with an outfit like that? While I was wearing my dress, somehow I felt like Alice In The Wonderland. Maybe it was the hairband but yeah, even my friends said that they feel like I got an Alice In The Wonderland outfit vibe. Check out my handbag, its vintage. heh. Got it in Gold Coast. It's the only time I ever used it. Still thinking how can I style a bag like that for daily outfits. This girl above is none other than Samantha! She is the best like seriously. One of the coolest people I can say I know too from Nuffnang. Oh what an honor. hahahaha. But on a serious note, she is one of the most hardworking, cheerful and detailed person I know. Immediately we clicked like peanut butter and jam! 

The food found at the event was really posh. Finally got a chance to try MilkCow. Was expecting a little more from it but at least it helped cooled me down on a hot Saturday morning. They had STRONGBOW too. Seriously love their Elder Flower. Had about two bottles of that badass apple cider. They also had whisky, but it was a little too early for them. But what I couldn't lay my fingers off was their amazing Tree Log Flower like pastries. They are absolutely the bomb! If anyone is thinking to have a party, they have to get this! It's puff filled with whiskey inside. It's like super mini shots. Seriously so good that I'm craving for it again.

There were performances, games, blogger advice session and more. Careen Tan was the host of the event, love her dress and can't get over the fact of how pretty she is. There were speeches given by big boss Timothy Tiah, special appearance of baby fighter and even a toast session! There were also a competition for male and female best dressed. The girl above talking to Careen is Vivian, she was one of the best dressed female of the event. Cute right? It's like something you would see from the 60s in Vogue Magazine.

Also got to catch up with a few familiar faces. With Baby Sumo, Kish, Chloe, Kampungboy&citygal and of course with Carmen. It was a great morning getting able to see and catch up. It was like a family reunion. Funny how time passes by so fast. Gosh. Can't believe Jessy The KL Chic is already 1 & a half year old. No more blinking jess, later another 5 years just fly by like that.

Dear Nuffnang, you have been an incredible support and platform for me. Hope that you would grow and continue being a safe community for all bloggers around the word. It's incredible to see how you have set the standard and how others are following in your foot steps. Here is to many more years ahead!

And also for the giveaway:
I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because life ought to be live to the fullest. For me to do that, I need time to relax and recharge, what better way than to do it with Crabtree & Evelyn? Plus I know I would smell great while pampering myself with it.

#CrabtreeEvelynMY #NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY #Nuffnang8irthday

Lets go infinity and beyond! 

Food/Tech: Kampachi with OpenSnap App (Pavillion)

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Food/Tech: Kampachi with OpenSnap App (Pavillion)

There is this saying that "our camera eats before us", I'm certain that we have at least heard it once before. I'm one of those people. I feed my camera before myself. I'm not a social media junkie or phone addict, I just like remembering where I been too and sharing my food experience with my friends. When we experience something amazing, we tend to share it to people that's close to us right?

First off, let me just start by expressing how sorry I am from MIA on my blog. I been busy with college, work and internet hasn't been good. When ever there is connection is when I am about to sleep. So hope you all understand why I blog less now. It ain't because I'm lazy but because it has been rather difficult with all of the given circumstances. I wish some internet telco would read this and want to do a collaboration with me. haha. A blogger can only dream right?

Anyways, early April I got the privilege of going to Kampachi for a food tasting session with Opensnap. What is OpenSnap? It's a food app that allows you to post, edit and share pictures of your amazing meal along with your comments of your dining experience. Its super easy to share or to look for food and restaurant.

Now on with the award winning Kampachi food review. Kampachi Japanese Restaurant is known for their fresh sashimi from Tsukji Market in Tokyo. After an amazing response from their initial restaurant which is at Hotel Equatorial KL, they now also have 4 other outlets around Malaysia, which is found at The Troika, Pavilion, Johor Premium Outlets and Plaza33. After having a long tradition of their 8 year menu, Kampachi just launched their new menu and all of the food below are from the new menu. 

The first thing I noticed from the restaurant was the art decoration on the ceiling, as there was a hidden geisha in the drawing. Felt like a story was being told staring into the drawing. It's the little things that people remember. Their restaurant is really huge. Didn't know they could fit so many tables when I at the entrance. They have a sushi bar, cushion table chair corners and other long tables. 

If only their wooden chairs were more user friendly tho, my handbag kept falling down from the back of my chair until the waiter dragged another chair for me. So girls, be careful with your bags!

We had a total of 6 dishes serve to us from the appetizer, sushi, main course and even desserts! First up was the Kampachi Salad. I never had salmon fried skin before. It was so crispy and sort of taste like chicken. Actually if no one told me it was salmon skin, I would have assume it was fried seaweed. It really looks like it and I guess I was just hoping it was. I love fried seaweed btw.

Kampachi Salad || RM 41 Nett
Enoki mushroom with crispy salmon skin, lotus roots chips, deep-fried white bait served with homemade dressing. Btw this dish was served in individual portion.

Kanpachi Carpaccio || RM 176 Nett
Thinly Sliced Amberjack with Mizuna, Carpaccio Dressing & Crispy Garlic Crisp. The sweet dressing is a great combination with the Mizuna. I couldn't resist not taking a second piece for this dish.

Soft Kani Maki || RM 66 Nett
Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab Roll with Fish Roe & Cucumber

Unagi Shiso Tempura || RM 44 Nett
Deep-fried eel wrapped with Perilla leaf tempura. Pretty much like a fried salad. Their unagi was fresh and chewy. Would have a love to have more. Do note that the ala-carte portion is a little small. 

Tori Nanban || RM 43 Nett
Deep-fried chicken cutlet marinated with soy vinegar served with cabbage salad, home-made Japanese style tartar sauce. OMG the sauce for this was amazing. Am still thinking about this dish today.

Sakura Ebi & Toror || RM 41 Nett
Cherry shrimp tempura. This is a very dangerous dish, all of us couldn't stop munching this and in minutes, the entire dish was gone. If you got a group of friends and would like to snack on something, I recommend this dish.

Sakura Ebi Kakiage & Kaisen Tororo Don Set Meal || RM61 Nett
Cherry shrimp tempura & noodles with Japanese mountain yam, assorted cube-cut raw fish and egg.

If you're hungry or have a big appetite, I recommend this dish! You see the bowl with egg and raw salmon? There is rice and yam under it! That entire bowl of ingredients are require to mix and stir before consumption. Tho your dish would look ugly but the taste after mixture would be like swimming in the ocean. Love the variety of taste and the fresh salmon. Also their set is really worth ordering. Lots of my friends, usually come here for the set.

Smiley Green || RM 21 Nett

During the food review session, we relish with a pot of Japanese premium tea which is one of the latest additions to Kampachi menu. The drink had the finest Uji maccha, superior Karigane tea, Genmai tea & noble Hokkaido kelp for a calming and relaxing effect

Kampachi is a Japanese Restaurant that priced a little above average. Usually during dinner time, the place is pack. I was there during a weekday and there were a lot of people. Like I said before, they are known for their fresh salmon. They have a reputation of bringing in authentic Japanese cuisine. Their service there is really good, you will find fast and friendly staff there. So if you're thinking of a place to splurge or a nice place to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, this place would be perfect. It was an enjoyable dinner with Opensnap. Do let me know your Kampachi experience too!

Kampachi Pavilion

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2148 9608

Monday - Thursday 11.30 am - 9.30 pm 
Friday 11.30 am - 10.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am - 9.30 pm


Have a zen week ahead!
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)