Food/Event: Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale

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Food/Event: Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale
Any of you spend your free time fiddling around the kitchen wipping up some new creation? Especially when it comes to perfecting that right cookie or cake for your friends or family. Ever heard people praising you that your food are bakery standard?

I have a ton of friends that are incredibly gifted in baking, some do it as their profession while others do it as a hobby. If you're one of those people I'm describing, why not put your baking skills to the test?

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2015 Finale! Imagine MasterChef but just focusing on pastries. There were hundreds who applied for the challenge, all of which came from hotels, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and only 23 participates were chosen for the challenge.

This annual challenge was held for three days and each day have different category with different contestant to compete in. I manage to attend the last day, which was cake category, where 8 contestant competed in the challenge. There were three judges for this challenge, which includes Chef Kenny Kong, Executive Pastry Chef based in Sentosa Resort Singapore, Chef Jess Chiam, Chairman of the Pastry Alliance Malaysia and Chef Karam

The moment I stepped into the hall, I was captivated with the parade of magnificent cakes made by the participants. The theme they had this year was 'Parent's Day'. Each and every cake had a story behind the making, where bakers unleash their creativity and innovation to am to win for the challenge. 

Each chef had to create a large cake no more than 1 kg each, and mini cakes not more than 100g each, using ANCHOR Cream Cheese, Butter and Cream and staple ingredients. Coming out on top Gold Award was Ng Huay Shyan, 27, from RT Pastry House with her creations Lemon Mousse Cake with Milk Pudding and Pineapple (large cake) and Almond Sponge with Custard Cream Cheese and Walnut Ganache (mini). The tangy bite of the lemon flavour was perfect with the creaminess of mousse and milk pudding. 

Winning Cake!

Silver medal was obtained by Edwin Ong, 31, from Victoria Patisserie (Johor) with Nanas Victory (large) and Passion-fruit Cheese Cake (mini). The use of pineapple was an unusual but memorable addition to his winning cake, as pineapple is his mother’s favourite fruit and she eats is everyday! He plans to introduce the winning cake at his bakery for Mother’s Day. 

Winning the Bronze Medal was Edward Lau, 25, from Moonlight Cakehouse (Johor) who added sago and calamansi to his chocolate mousse layer cake Gateaux Guanaja and gave it a macadamia base to give it a crunchy bite and a beautiful finishing flavour. 

Every year, the Challenge raises the bugle call for young culinary artisans who want to rise above the ordinary and be recognised for their masterpieces that are as much pastry as it is artistry. Winners went home with prize money of RM 18,000 in total, but this was more than just about money – it was a heated battle of the bakers that will make or break reputations. 

After the challenge, I had the chance to chat with the winners. It really shocked me to find out that all of them did not obtain any formal education in this field. Instead they all learned it from the the years of experience working in a bakery. An example would be from first place, Ng Huey Shyan, where she started her humble beginnings as a store assistant and slowly given the opportunity to learn how to bake as RT Pastry Boss appreciated her hard work and acknowledge the potential in her. Currently she has a franchise of RT Pastry House at Bukit Tinggi. 

All three of the contestant believed that time management was the hardest task in the challenge and wishes the best of luck for future contestants.

Attending this event was truly an eye opener for me. Hard work does pay off! Honestly, I almost wanted to start dreaming big again after the chat session with the winners. You could literally feel how passionate they were. Hope their stories help to give you guys hope. Most of them only had their SPM as their highest education and they manage to achieve their dream in running their own bakery. I'm really inspired. 

Shall share with you all soon what I have been up to lately
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend
Never stop dreaming
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Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)