Food: Caffe Crema (Plaza Mont Kiara, KL)

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Food: Caffe Crema (Plaza Mont Kiara, KL)
This had been one of the post I have been meaning to write about but, have been swamped with work and some projects. Glad that finally I got the time to properly edit and gather information for it. Sounds like some hardcore research for just a cafe post right? Well, I am no expert in coffee but I love learning about it. I've been told that I'm not a true coffee fan (from others) which really caught me in surprise because I do love a cup of coffee time to time, the only difference between others and me is, I need my sugar in my coffee. haha. I really can't drink it pure, if not sugar then it has to be at least flavoured or with milk (ex: Latte / Caramel Machiato). Anyhow, even if others don't appreciate something the same way you do, that kind of comment shouldn't be said la. Coffee or any other topic, it's the same. Just had to say this, as it's been bugging me lately.

Back to the post, a while back, there was a coffee appreciation event held in Caffe Crema by the owner, Elvin, and PR, Xavier to help provide us some background of coffee. I don't usually hang out at Mont Kiara, so it's quite refreshing to try out a new cafe on a Saturday afternoon. This cafe is located right next to Number76 Hair Salon. I love how convenient it is as both cafe and hair salon are in collaboration, this means that those customers can have their coffee delivered to them while getting their hair done.

The cafe really reminded me a lot like the cafes I visited in Korea (fyi, they have a lot of Korean customers). It was cozy and cool wooden concept that pretty much gave a rustic feel. Aside from that, they even have vintage decoration like a vintage record player on the side counter, numerous vintage coffee grinders and more. They also provide a charging mobile station for those that need a boost of energy. While at the corner they also sell their own coffee beans along with other tools that all coffee lovers would need (Mug, Tumblr and Grinder). Its amazing how the cafe could be so customer-friendly, they even provide jars of their tea selection for their customers to sniff before ordering. It's really thoughtful and I bet most costumers that visit here has a good experience as every corner of the cafe caters to our every needs.

At the event, Elvin shared with us how the taste of coffee could be affected by various reasons like temperature, time, place and size of coffee after grinding. It was truly a wonderful experience as I always wanted to know more about coffee but didn't know how to ask. He continued on to test our sense of smell by providing us with commercial brands' coffee along with his coffee beans. Most of the bloggers that attended the event said the commercial brands' coffee smelled like it was burnt as compare to the ones that were freshly provided by him. 

He then shared the basics of keeping coffee beans. Once coffee beans are roasted, it's best to be consumed within a month. Also never keep coffee beans in the fridge, they are best kept in room temperature, away from sun exposure. Also after grinding the beans, it's best to drink it asap to achieve a good cup of coffee. To ensure a good consistency of their coffee, they use a refractometer to calculate the data of the coffee. He also showed us his bottomless portafilter (also as known as naked portafilter), it's every barista dream toy to have, generally it's where the coffee will come out of from the machine and it also helps to perfect a barista's skill by looking at the texture of the coffee.

At Caffe Crema, when you order your drink, it's a habit that the baristas would ask type of coffee you would prefer. There are two signature coffee blends currently offered, check with the barista for details when ordering. You won't believe it but this month (June) would be their 8th month since open to public. I usually watch up for updates on my newsfeed and even saw that Dr Mahathir had visited their cafe before. Oh btw, they also have a great selection of tea! When you order their tea, they will provide you with a timer, to inform you the right time to drink your tea.

I love how they have a tea leave container for the teapot, 
so that it wouldn't be on your cup when consuming.

Anyways, after the informative session, we got a chance to make our very own latte art. Mine didn't turn up too nice, so I'll show you what the barista did for us instead. haha. They currently have a bear coffee art trend in the cafe, do request for it if you remember!

We also had an opportunity to try out their array of desserts available here. From cheesecakes to mille crepes, they got it. Plus it's homemade.

My favourites would be oreo chesecake, oreo mille crepe and nutella mille crepe. It wasn't too rich, hard or sweet, but it was fresh and easy to pair with a coffee at the side. I guess lately I can't really take rich food as it tends to fill you up after a bite or two.

So if you're ever in Mont Kiara, I guess you know where to go to for a hangout session.
Btw this is not a paid review

Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea
E-01-02, Block E
Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara.

Tel: 03-6206 22237

8.00 AM - 8.00 PM, Daily

Have a fantastic weekend ahead!
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