Food: D Lee Deli Cafe (Casa Tropicana, PJ)

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Food: D Lee Deli Cafe (Casa Tropicana, PJ)
We all have a personal favorite dessert. The most common dessert debate would be, pancakes or waffle? TBH I love waffles. I got a few of my favourite waffle places so far around PJ. So imagine my surprise when I found out that there is a new cafe in town. And guess what, it's own by the same owner of MJ Cafe

People around Tropicana or Kota Damansara would definitely know MJ Cafe as a great place for shisha hangouts under the starlight until wee hours. But what if I told you now there is a cafe that is open until 2am-3am and are fully equip to satisfied your coffee or dessert crave?

Located in between of Tropicana and Kota Damansara, lies D Lee Deli Cafe. Situated at the bottom of Casa Tropicana, this cafe serves not only desserts and coffee but also sandwiches and apple ciders!

Decorated with brick walls recycled crates as tables, at every angle this cafe is definitely insta worthy. If only I came during the day time, I bet my pictures would have been "on point" with the help of the natural lighting. I love the tiny quirky stuff you can find in the cafe, like the vintage picture and floral items placed at the brick wall.

Though this cafe is known for their desserts, I was amazed to find a variety of Kopparberg Cider there. I even snapchat (username: jessytheklchic) it and my UK friend said she never knew Malaysia had them too. They have 5 flavours, with each with their unique taste set, I love the berries one. The alcohol percentage was just 4.5%, perfect for a hot night to chill with friends. 

Soft Shell Sandwich with Wasabi Aioli || RM 17.90

Aside from desserts, they also serve unique sandwiches. Why unique? Because I love the fact that they use toasted Panini Bread. If you're worry about tasting Wasabi in the sandwich, then you have nothing to fear about. I couldn't really taste the wasabi, I guess everything else in the sandwich kinda just mixed together and became one taste. For those who wants a savoury seafood flavor, should definitely order this.

Creamy Button Mushroom and Ham || RM 13.90

This was my favourited! It's like creamy pasta in a sandwich. If you're thinking of going for something filling along with creamy, this would be your best choice. 

Big Breakfast || Price TBC

At the food review, we had the opportunity of trying a new dish that has yet to be place onto the menu. Packed with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, ham salad and even waffles, instead of the usual bread slice. The sauce on the waffle was a little sweet for me but aside from it, it was a hearty breakfast. Btw you can choose how you like your eggs to be cooked.

Waffle || RM 15

The dish everyone has been waiting for, waffles! For RM 15, you can pick your choice of waffle base flavours, toppings, sauces and even ice cream! Above are the waffles designed by the owner for us to try. Out of the three, I love the strawberry one the most. Also love the fact that the waffle was light and crispy. 

Apple Crumble || RM 9

Other than waffles for dessert, they also have other cakes available. This dish was a crowd favourite. Drizzle in caramel along with the generous serving of apples in it, this dish just melts in your mouth. I love the fact that the crust was strong and crispy, most places always fail that. 

Blondie || RM 9

The name is definitely a memorable one. Though some couldn't accept the sweetness of this dish, it was just right for me. I love the chewiness from the Blondie along with the caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream together.

Affogato || RM 10

Must order: Signature Hot Taro Latte || RM 8

If I had to pick one favourite out of the entire cafe, it would be the Signature Hot Taro Latte. I wasn't expecting anything but the moment I drank it, the strong taro essence hit my tummy just perfect. Make sure you order the hot one. FYI I'm not a fan of Yam but for this drink, I think I became one. Another thing that you have to order which I did not include above is the Oreo Cheesecake (RM 9)! It wasn't too filling and the oreo mixed was just perfect. It wasn't too little or too much. Love it when cakes ratio are made evenly. FYI all of their desserts are homemade, it is not out source.

A very cozy place for drinks and some light snacks with friends. I really love the fact that they have cider. Plus if you want to shisha, you can order it from MJ Cafe and bring it over to the cafe (But have to smoke it outside)


D Lee Deli Cafe
Lot B07 & B08 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

3PM - 12AM

Tel: 017 347 7017


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