Movie: Hold Me Tight 出走的时光

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Movie: Hold Me Tight 出走的时光
It was Monday night and everyone was in their formal attire, men in suits while the ladies came in dresses. It was the movie gala premiere of Hold Me Tight Movie. Since "The Journey" movie, I noticed that most of our local Chinese production improve a lot in showing the beauty of our country in the films. This time for Hold Me Tight, the movie was set in Malacca. Instead of viewing the typical jonker street or tourist spots, they showed the beautiful nature of Malacca. This movie was released yesterday (25th June 2015) in most cinemas in Malaysia. If you're thinking to bring your family for a movie, this would be one of the current family films that are showing this month. Do expect some emotional parts, as this movie shows a mother's love to their child.

Here is the movie trailer
"Summary: Story of two different women who are facing family difficulties in their lives. ."

I didn't cry la, but there was one scene that almost made me. I'm not really up to date with the Malaysian Entertainment scene but one actress caught my eye, Remon Lim 林奕廷. She played the role of Ah Lian, which was one of the lead actress. Her acting was so remarkable, I really felt everything she was performing. Do expect a touching family-oriented film of the women's journey of motherhood, family values and search of happiness.

I really have to say that I truly love how this movie was film and edited. The videographers caught my attention with the scenes and transition played out. I do wish that the plot and script could have given the kids a little more screen time as I felt when ever I see them, they are always rushed out of the movie. Showed my mom the trailer and she immediately said she wanted to watch it. I guess it's really relatable for her since the movie was aimed to show the sacrifices of motherhood.

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Hold Me Tight 出走的时光 

U ‧ Drama ‧ 1 hr, 29 min

Director: Ivy Too

Cast: Remon Lim, Jazz Bai Lin, Yap Chin Fong, Wong Kam Tat

Subtitles available: English, Bahasa Melayu & Mandarin

I'll be sharing the synopsis of the movie, along with some of my views below. If you would want to catch the movie, I would suggest you skip this part :) Synopsis and picture credits to the production team.

Full Synopsis of the Movie
All of the experience in our life is closed linked with the lessons no matter directly or indirectly, it has formed their own stories journey. However, everything which we face in life are God-given and we have to appreciate it.

"Hold Me Tight" is a story of two women who from different backgrounds in a small city of Malaysia, "Malacca" had become good friends. Shirley though is a 50 years old woman, but her appearance and she dressed in the young way. Her luxurious life and beautiful appearance tends to make her proud. She not only loved by her businessman husband, Ah Lim and also has a 27-year-old son who is a lawyer, David.

In contrast, Shirley's good friend, Ah Lian, age 50s, is a single mother who sell noodles beside the street to raise up her children and also father in law who has Alzheimer's disease. Her son,14 years old, Xiang because of doing violent against a guy who trying to replace his father, detained in a reformatory school. Her daughter, Mei who addicted to the Internet and often contradict and argue with Ah Lian.

Ah Lian and Shirley often spend their time together with each other. They also have another good friend, Hua, they like to sit together and talk about their own life stories. Shirley often complains about her husband's dissatisfaction, and also complained that his son David promised her that he would bring her to travel abroad, but never fulfill the promises. Although Ah Lian's son in detention, she did not stop her missing to Xiang. She also very worried about her daughter Mei addicted in the online world which would bring her harm. By the way, she also worried about her cancer diseases which the condition will become worsen. They also liven up the 'kopitiam' by their appearance and their non-stop stories' topics.

On the other hand, since Xiang has been released from the reformatory, but he did not come back to visit Ah Lian even once and chose to live with his aunt in Muar . Shirley and Ah Lian decided to find Xiang in Muar. Unfortunately, they encounter a variety of obstacles and problems. On the way, they met a boy, Tian Le who suffering from cancer, and also a transsexual, Linda, they tell their ridiculous daily lives to Ah Lian and Shirley then they had inspired heartfelt that they should not be halfway and give up.

A lot of things in this world are counterproductive, Ah Lian's illness condition gradually deteriorated and was taken to the hospital. However, a blessing in disguise, because of the illness, , her son Xiang forgive her and returned to her; her daughter also no longer contradict her but love her more. While these happened in the eyes of Shirley, she know that she should be glad and appreciate what she has now, she does not complain about her husband anymore and her son David also honor its commitment to take her to travel abroad.

My Views:
There were a lot of current issues the movie targeted at, first was the dysfunctional family. There are times when a problem occur and it could destroy the relationship of family members. In this case was after the death of the husband and the rebellion of the children towards Ah Lian. This movie is a reminder that no matter how difficult a situation may be, it's good to clarify accusations before judging a person. In the end, Xiang, her son, went through a rebellion stage with Ah Lian because he heard rumours of her having an affair, which is not true. And gosh, could have avoided the heartache she had to go through of losing him for a period of time.

Then there is the issue of taking care of family. The scene of of father-in-law and how Ah Lian had to take care of him by herself really break my heart because she had to do it alone and endure the sufferings her children gave her. But in the end, everyone has their own family values. Maybe after this show some people would care more for their grandparents or parents. 

"Every human being has a story of love and grief journey will go through them as experience a full life lessons and lessons for yourself and also is a partnership that is beneficial for those who need it directly or indirectly. Everything needs to be confronted in order to enjoy a life that has been given to us by the Creator. Some physicians picture of a mother who gave birth to her baby sick for patients followed by the struggle against the pain until the last breath."

Feel like this movie would have been perfect last month for Mother's day. Anyhow, do check out the movie if you're thinking of what to watch. If you can bring your mom, bet she will love it!

Don't forget to tell your parents how much you love them yeah!
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