KLFW 2015: Day 2 & Who Wore What

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KLFW 2015: Day 2 & Who Wore What
It's day two of KL Fashion week 2015. The runway was filled with modern traditional fusion. There were a lot of monochrome and edgy designs. The night show with Alia Bastamam totally stole the attention of the entire day. Every piece of her collection had a story of their own and the crowd was just in awed. The video of day two should be out by next week. For now, check out what some of the fashion goers wore to the shows. To view other post of KLFW2015, CLICK HERE.

Designers Lined Up on Day 2:
Islamic Fashion Festival, Evelyn Chia, C.A.S.H. by Alwyn C x Rhea Benson, Man Chien, Lana, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong, Hipster by Zerry Zamry, Wanpa, Nasty Inc, Kuntum by Najeeb, Khoon Hooi, Fizi Woo, Alia Bastamam and Singapore invited designer Thomas Wee.

Totally in love with the intensity of this squad's fashion

Got a chance to wear my sister's creation for the first time. Love the detailing of it. You can view more pictures of KLFW on my instagram as well. Almost everyone who is everyone turned up for the night fashion show. Celebrities from Indonesia, TV Host, Producers, Radio Announcers, Actors, Actresses, Singers, the nation's stars, everyone and I mean everyone was there showing their support to Alia Bastamam!

Teman of the day with Miss Alvy

Finally got a chance to meet Zaihani, Malaysia top stylist.

Was pretty much fan-girling at the moment we talked. Hopefully one day, I'll get a chance to work with her. That's about it for day two, stay tune for WHO WEAR WHAT (WWW) of the other KL Fashion Week!

Stay Fabulous Huns

KLFW 2015: Day 1 & Who Wore What

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KLFW 2015: Day 1 & Who Wore What
It's the one week in KL where you're allowed to dressed however you want. It's finally here, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear has officially started! The designers this year didn't limit themselves to any sort of mundane pieces even though it's made ready to wear. Starting from my first show, I already knew I was in for a roller coaster ride. The first show I attended started with Kittie Yiyi's eye popping colours and cute cartoon prints and ended at Justin Chew ripped jeans street wear.

Designers Lined Up on Day 1:
YODA, Kittie Yiyi, My Apparel Zoo, Adila Long, Cassey Gan, Maatin Shakir, Justin Chew, 50450, Andy Sulaiman, Mimpikita, Megat Alfie, Afiq M, K. Alif, Sharifah Kirana, Street Fashion KL by Sazzy Falak and China invited designer Ye's by Yesir

It was my first KLFW and I did not expect so many people to turn up. I couldn't take pictures from where I was but I did manage to record the show. At this moment, my first show of KLFW day 1 is already up on youtube. Shall update this post once I finish the other 2 shows. There are usually 4 shows a day and each show usually have 4-6 designers in them. So far I finished 2 days. Can't imagine how I would be able to survive the week. 

Show 1: Kittie Yiyi, My Apparel Zoo, Adila Long, Cassey Gan, Maatin Shakir & Justin Chew
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Remember my previous post of KLFW? HERE. I started a new series called, WHO WORE WHAT. Reason why is because there is just so many creative outfit out that needs to be noticed. Plus you won't get to see this anywhere except during this fashion season. So here are some of what the cool kids wore on day one. 

Don't you wish your squad is as cool as Joe Chia's?

Shall update you all with more pictures and videos soon. Time to recharge myself for another day of fashion frenzy.

Stay fabulous y'all!

Travel: 8 Things You Have To Eat In Penang

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Travel: 8 Things You Have To Eat In Penang
There is no denying that Penang holds the title of Malaysia's best local dishes. Recently if you notice my facebook and instagram, you would recent that I was in Penang. While I was in there, I noticed almost every stall had the name "FAMOUS" at the front of their dishes. Do not believe them! There were some of the "famous" claim stalls that tasted worst than the ones found in KL. Anyways, here are 8 dishes I recommend for all of you try while in Penang along with the right real famous stalls to go to. Hope this helps y'all while in Penang :) Anyways be prepare, you might need some food after this post.

1. Cendol

Cendol is the Malaysian favourite sweet dessert. Perfect for those who just want to enjoy something simple on a hot day. Typically its filled with coconut milk, palm sugar, red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly and cream corn. The must try place for this is none other than Teochew Cendol. Do know that you have to wait awhile under the sun to get it. But it will definitely be worth the wait.

Teochew Cendol 
475, Jalan Penang (Outside of Joo Hooi Cafe) | 10AM - 7.30PM

2. Steamed Koay Teow

This was really unexpected. I ordered this because it looked interesting at the front of the hawker stall. It's cut out koay teow noodles packed with an array seafood. And did I mention the dish was bigger than my face and only cost RM6!

CF Hawker Centre | 49-F Pengkalan Weld (at Armenian St Ghaut), George Town, Penang Island

3. Laksa

My friends and I went to this laksa store after our walk at penang hill. It was really good. The flavour was rich and the amount of tuna given was so generous. The only thing I couldn't take from this dish was the chili padi. My friends raved that this is the best laksa they had ever tasted. It's the same for me except I needed a lot of water to wash down the spice. Also I remember this dish was super cheap! Less than RM5 per bowl.

Laksa | Next to Air Itam Wet Market 

4. Muar Chee 

This amazing snack is made from glutinous rice flour and steamed. It's sticky and covered in roasted peanuts with fine sugar. Tooth picks will be given for this soft and sweet snack. Craving for this now. It's RM3 per pack.

Muar Chee | Next to the Air Itam laksa store (Its a motorbike store, the uncle is super kind and will give you samples before you decide to buy it)

5. Hokkien Mee 

Also known as Har Mee in Kuala Lumpur. Felt like this dish had a little coconut milk in it. Since it was raved a lot on the blogs of this particular dish in the Old Green House Hawker store, we just had to try it. In that store, you are able to customize your dish, they have everything you want extra, like chicken feet, pork intestines, pork skin, meat balls, braised egg, chinese sausage and even roast pork

Old Green House Restaurant | 223, Jalan Burma, 10300 Penang | Monday-Saturday 8pm-4am

6. Oh Chien

Known as the Chinese omelette dish made from tapioca flour and mixed with oysters. This dish is a local favourite appetizing dish. I think I tried about 4 dishes of Oh Chien while I was in Penang and the one out of our group ought to be the one found in Old Green House Restaurant. So remember to try their Hokkien Mee and Oh Chien. Oh they are also famous for their lobak there if you want something extra.

Old Green House Restaurant | 223, Jalan Burma, 10300 Penang | Monday-Saturday 8pm-4am

7. Beef Noodles

This. I was totally amazed by this dish. I love beef noodles and this dish brought it to a whole new level. I even finish the soup, it was so fragrant. The serving of beef is so generous from this store and it's only RM7 for a large bowl! I love the fact that they provide the pepper separately. Most of the beef noodles in KL just drench the dish with pepper, which in my opinion destroys the dish. You gotta try this dish, you'll be floating with the clouds once you grab a bite. 

Lam Ah Coffee Shop | Lebuh Chulia (Opposite of the Lebuh Pantai Fire Station), 10300 Penang| Monday-Saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm

8. Char Koay Teow

Saved the best for last. This dish literally represents Penang and it's the #1 must try dish if you're in there. I must have tried about 4-6 different char koay teow when I was in Penang and this ought to be the best from the bunch, Ah Leng Char Koay Teow. Just make sure not to order the RM12 with Mantis Prawns. The normal dish is as good (RM7.50) without it as the normal prawns is way bigger and fresher.

Ah Leng Char Koay Teow
Morning | 9am-3pm | Restaurant Tong Hooi | 343, Jln Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang. 
Night | 5pm-11pm | 30w Jln Chor Sin Kheng, 11500 Air Itam Penang

I bet now most of you would want to fly to Penang now. And you can, did you know that Traveoka does online booking for flights and stay? Click here for Penang details. They also handle booking overseas, so it's easier for those who want no fuss while planning for their holiday. Currently they are running a contest, Traveloka Lucky Getaway. Try your best to win USD500! It's from 27th July - 23rd August. For more details, click HERE.

Happy Traveling!

Event: Honda City Blogger Test Drive

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Event: Honda City Blogger Test Drive
If you can only have one thing on an island, what will you want? This is gonna sound silly but it would be a car (filled with petrol of course). Why? Think about it, what's the one thing that we are so dependent on these days? For me it would be my car and phone. There was a time where I was car-less for about 6 months, it was pure torture. Going anywhere was difficult to the point that I stayed home during those months. Plus driving calms my soul. I love driving, even long distance! Bet you know who drives the most now among my friends and family. Honestly I don't mind, somehow it just gives me a thrill. Heh. Weird for a girl to say that right?

Well guess what? Around July, I had the privilege of attending Honda City Blogger Test Drive! It was definitely a memorable experience that I won't forget. I even got to drive and drift during the session (such a satisfaction coming from a dream racer). Yes I actually wanted to race cars when I was 18. Anyways back to the event!

All of us were gathered together at Kota Damansara, Rail Canteen, on an early Saturday morning (little did I know it was my 3rd day of dengue). There was a variety of us, from food bloggers to beauty bloggers and even fashion bloggers. We were put together in groups of 2-3. There were 3 cars and all of us would be given the chance to test drive Honda City.

Before we embark on our journey, we had an insightful introduction to Honda City's Specifications. I wish someone could actually tell me more about my own car before I got it. So let me share with you what I know about Honda's All New City. 

As you can see from the evolution of Honda City, you would be able to tell that Honda gave the 4th Generation City a gorgeous sleek modern design. I also noticed that more of my friends are actually getting this car now. After driving, I realize that Honda City has an interesting new H Design Concept. In which, "H" represents Human Center, that focuses on driver and passenger. What does that mean? Well, it's really friendly and easy to use. I think even a kid would be able to tell which buttons are meant for what function. The coolest thing for me would be the 7" Display Audio, it includes GPS and even a HDMI port! That means can watch drama shows in the car already :D

For more details, bellow is Honda's All New City Specifications:
  • Comes in 5 colours: Modern steel metallic, Alabaster silver metallic, Taffeta white, Crystal black pearl and a new attractive color of Brilliant sporty blue metallic. 
  • Comes in 4 variants: City S, City S+, City E and City V. Which all cars are locally assembled at Honda Malaysia’s Malacca factory
  • Smart Entry and Push Start button (E and V variant)
  • Rear Ventilation Air Conditioning (E and V variant)
  • 3 Power Sockets (E and V variant)
  • Cruise Control (V variant)
  • 7” Display Audio with MirrorLink function (V variant)
  • 8 Speakers in the car (V variant) 
  • Multi Information Combination Meter
  • 2 USB Jacks (V variant)
  • 8 Cup Holders and smart storage compartments
  • Steering Wheel Hands Free Telephone Control (S+, E and V variant)
  • Steering Wheel Voice Recognition Control (V variant)
FYI you can literally fit 3 bodies in the of the boot. We tried!

In total you can store up to 536L worth of stuff. So if you were to go on a holiday with a bunch of friends, you wont have to worry about running out of space for your suitcases. Thus, making it convenient for families on road trips.

Absolutely love the 7” Display Audio and 8 speakers. Sort of turned the car into a mobile club.

The All-New City also offers TOP SAFETY FEATURES that prioritize driver and passengers with:
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (E and V variant)
  • Hill Start Assist (E and V variant)
  • Emergency Stop Signal (E and V variant)
  • ISOFIX features - child safety seats requirement in passenger cars
  • Class-leading 6 Airbags (V variant) - Including Dual Front SRS Airbags, i-Side Airbags & Side Curtain Airbags
Honda Malaysia offers 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage and service interval is 10,000km to provide further ease to customers to make the City the vehicle of their choice.
Pic Credit: Rebecca Saw

The newest City is run with 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine (maximum power: 120PS @ 6,600 rpm & maximum torque: 145Nm @ 4,600 rpm) added with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that which provides the perfect green eco friendly combination of driving performance and fuel economy. After being fully equipped with Honda City information, we were off to Putrajaya Marina Complex!

In the car was Miriam, Grace and I (Click on their names to view their blogs) | PC: Grace
FYI, I'm holding a snack bag

Miriam was the first driver of the trip! We had everything in the car, from snacks, drinks and even a Walkie-Talkie to avoid getting lost from the convoy. Which in the end we ended up lost and was one of the last cars to reach putrajaya. But you know what? I enjoyed the whole journey, told the girls the wonders of snapchat and now miriam is already a snap addict. heh. Big thanks again to the organizing team for ensuring our safety and even providing us snacks for the journey. BTW, I did a video of this trip. Scroll down to view it.


The moment we reached Flyboard Malaysia Putrajaya Marina, we had a lesson on how to use a FLYBOARD (It lifts you from the water and into the sky). The flyboard device is 9KG and it will be strapped onto your legs! Can you believe it? Sadly, I wasn't feeling that well and honestly I was too chicken to tried it, so I just enjoy paddleboat and jetski. 


Honestly anyone can do this. It's super relaxing and all you have to do is paddle. You would definitely work your arms as there was a little current when I was there. Felt like I develop some biceps after being in the water. The paddleboat is actually meant to be standing on the board while paddling but again, I was too scare to try. I didn't want to get wet as I just recovered from my fever but was still feeling exhausted. But anyways, if you're up for it, all you gotta do is balance yourself on the board carefully.

The jet ski on the other hand was heavenly. I literally felt like a superhero cruising on the water. It was faster than I expected and there were many times I thought that we would turn over because of the speed we were flying at. Not sure why I was so scared that day, usually I'm the crazy one that would try anything. 

I forgot to bring my olympus camera to the docks when we enjoying the watersport, but I did bring my gopro along with me. I manage to take a video videos. You can see first hand how the instructor flyboard his way up.


If you do get a chance to do this, just go for it. I heard that it's around RM400 for one flyboard session. All of the other bloggers did it and totally enjoyed themselves.


After the water sport, we were all famished. Our tummies were literally growling. It was my turn to drive around Putrajaya and we went to a corner seafood restaurant. Apparently it's quite well known in Putrajaya as the other food bloggers also know of the place. And it really was good. 

The moment the food arrive, I blocked out all conversation. It was heaven. Everything was so fresh and seasoned right. Thinking about it makes me want to return to the restaurant. Plus there wasn't any leftover for the prawns. For a moment when the prawns landed on the table, I thought they were lobsters because they were huge. Practically covered 3/4 of my plate.

SAFETY TEST DRIVE @ Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) 

This is the moment I been waiting for. I was bloody excited. I actually thought we would be racing and drifting until the driving instructor told me otherwise. We were actually at the carpark of MAEPS doing a safety test drive. I remember last year, the scariest accident you can have around where I stay is losing control of your car because of slippery roads and this year I would say the scariest accident is an irresponsible people skipping the red light. Not sure why but my housing area is seriously prone to these accidents.

We made fast sharp turns with and without the VSA to notice the difference

The New Honda City has a new safety addition which is the VSA button. The Vehicle Stability Assist system helps to stabilize the vehicle during cornering if the car turns more or less than desired. The VSA button is found on the right side of the steering wheel. You can either choose to 'On' it or 'Off' it, but VSA turned on, I notice that the car is more stable when a sharp turn is made. Then again, it's better safe than sorry right? 

That was not me btw. Though i'm fast, I'm still a good driver!

Driving back to KD was Grace's turn. She ought to be the safest driver I know. Always looking left and right, also keeping a good safe distance from other cars. haha. During this event, we had to complete a challenge. To post interesting pictures on instagram, so if you were wondering why I was posting so many car pictures, now you know why. Our team was quite kiasu, we climbed on the car and even stuff ourselves in the boot just to win the mission. And it paid off.

We won first place! Proud owners of an OGAWA massager <3

It was a rather easy car to drive in. I really do love how convinient everything is. Sometimes, I feel like I spend my time driving around in my car than my bed. So, if you're feeling happy when you get the things you need to help ease your burden, I bet we all can be happier drivers. Plus this car has so many cupholders and charging pods for your devices. The only thing I wish for is the car to pick up a little faster. Other than that, I love the VSA button. Better safe than sorry right? Plus I love to drift, so it's an amazing thing to have in the car.
Starting from RM74,007
82 Dealers nationwide
Honda’s Toll Free number: 1-800-88-2020

Thank you again Honda for this experience

Drive safe you all!

KLFW 2015: Grand Launch + Who Wore What (Pavillion, KL)

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KLFW 2015: Grand Launch + Who Wore What (Pavillion, KL)
A couple of hours ago was the official launch of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 (KLFW). The entire place was crowded with models, dancers, designers, media, socialites and even tourists. It was located at the entrance of Pavilion so the streets there was practically a standstill because everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the show. CLICK HERE to read previous post of KLFW 2015.

PC: Tauyanm.com

There was a preview of fashion show of the KLFW 2015 designers. Am super excited as I spotted a few that I have already fallen head over heels for. In less than 2 days, the show will finally begin and KL will be flocked with bloggers, designers, instagramers, you name it and you'll have it! Just be ready to be in your most creative attire and who knows you might end up on a magazine or newspapers.

PC: Tauyanm.com

I did a something different this time, I wanted to do a new segment on my blog. It'll be call "Who Wore What". So here are a few shots of the people I took at KLFW Grand Launch. Might be doing this for all shows, do tell me know you think.

Joanne | Fashion Writer for Female

Heidi and Manager | Blogger at The Ambitionista

Amalina | Fashion Writer for Unreserved

Nik Nawre | Fashion Consultant

Also did a little video of the event, do expect more videos instead of pictures for this event :)

Live updates will be on Facebook/Snapchat at Jessytheklchic
Have a fabulous week ahead!
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)