Travel: 8 Things You Have To Eat In Penang

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Travel: 8 Things You Have To Eat In Penang
There is no denying that Penang holds the title of Malaysia's best local dishes. Recently if you notice my facebook and instagram, you would recent that I was in Penang. While I was in there, I noticed almost every stall had the name "FAMOUS" at the front of their dishes. Do not believe them! There were some of the "famous" claim stalls that tasted worst than the ones found in KL. Anyways, here are 8 dishes I recommend for all of you try while in Penang along with the right real famous stalls to go to. Hope this helps y'all while in Penang :) Anyways be prepare, you might need some food after this post.

1. Cendol

Cendol is the Malaysian favourite sweet dessert. Perfect for those who just want to enjoy something simple on a hot day. Typically its filled with coconut milk, palm sugar, red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly and cream corn. The must try place for this is none other than Teochew Cendol. Do know that you have to wait awhile under the sun to get it. But it will definitely be worth the wait.

Teochew Cendol 
475, Jalan Penang (Outside of Joo Hooi Cafe) | 10AM - 7.30PM

2. Steamed Koay Teow

This was really unexpected. I ordered this because it looked interesting at the front of the hawker stall. It's cut out koay teow noodles packed with an array seafood. And did I mention the dish was bigger than my face and only cost RM6!

CF Hawker Centre | 49-F Pengkalan Weld (at Armenian St Ghaut), George Town, Penang Island

3. Laksa

My friends and I went to this laksa store after our walk at penang hill. It was really good. The flavour was rich and the amount of tuna given was so generous. The only thing I couldn't take from this dish was the chili padi. My friends raved that this is the best laksa they had ever tasted. It's the same for me except I needed a lot of water to wash down the spice. Also I remember this dish was super cheap! Less than RM5 per bowl.

Laksa | Next to Air Itam Wet Market 

4. Muar Chee 

This amazing snack is made from glutinous rice flour and steamed. It's sticky and covered in roasted peanuts with fine sugar. Tooth picks will be given for this soft and sweet snack. Craving for this now. It's RM3 per pack.

Muar Chee | Next to the Air Itam laksa store (Its a motorbike store, the uncle is super kind and will give you samples before you decide to buy it)

5. Hokkien Mee 

Also known as Har Mee in Kuala Lumpur. Felt like this dish had a little coconut milk in it. Since it was raved a lot on the blogs of this particular dish in the Old Green House Hawker store, we just had to try it. In that store, you are able to customize your dish, they have everything you want extra, like chicken feet, pork intestines, pork skin, meat balls, braised egg, chinese sausage and even roast pork

Old Green House Restaurant | 223, Jalan Burma, 10300 Penang | Monday-Saturday 8pm-4am

6. Oh Chien

Known as the Chinese omelette dish made from tapioca flour and mixed with oysters. This dish is a local favourite appetizing dish. I think I tried about 4 dishes of Oh Chien while I was in Penang and the one out of our group ought to be the one found in Old Green House Restaurant. So remember to try their Hokkien Mee and Oh Chien. Oh they are also famous for their lobak there if you want something extra.

Old Green House Restaurant | 223, Jalan Burma, 10300 Penang | Monday-Saturday 8pm-4am

7. Beef Noodles

This. I was totally amazed by this dish. I love beef noodles and this dish brought it to a whole new level. I even finish the soup, it was so fragrant. The serving of beef is so generous from this store and it's only RM7 for a large bowl! I love the fact that they provide the pepper separately. Most of the beef noodles in KL just drench the dish with pepper, which in my opinion destroys the dish. You gotta try this dish, you'll be floating with the clouds once you grab a bite. 

Lam Ah Coffee Shop | Lebuh Chulia (Opposite of the Lebuh Pantai Fire Station), 10300 Penang| Monday-Saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm

8. Char Koay Teow

Saved the best for last. This dish literally represents Penang and it's the #1 must try dish if you're in there. I must have tried about 4-6 different char koay teow when I was in Penang and this ought to be the best from the bunch, Ah Leng Char Koay Teow. Just make sure not to order the RM12 with Mantis Prawns. The normal dish is as good (RM7.50) without it as the normal prawns is way bigger and fresher.

Ah Leng Char Koay Teow
Morning | 9am-3pm | Restaurant Tong Hooi | 343, Jln Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang. 
Night | 5pm-11pm | 30w Jln Chor Sin Kheng, 11500 Air Itam Penang

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Happy Traveling!
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