Hair: Going Blonde with C.Michael London Salon (Bangsar, KL)

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Hair: Going Blonde with C.Michael London Salon (Bangsar, KL)
Not sure if you guys have been noticing the amount of selfie spams on my instagram or facebook, if you have, then you know that i'm officially blonde. OHMAIGAWD. I still can't believe it myself and it's already been 11 days since I turned into a blondie. Honestly the first colour that came out was a little greenish (Note to those who wants to turn blonde, give it time for the colour to fade). But after a day, it turned more platinum blonde and now it's just blonde.

Attended an event with C.Michael before and am really impress with their products, especially their apple hair serum! Love how fruity the smell is and how smooth my hair turned after using it. After the event, I thought why not get a new look since my hair was a little messed up with 4-5 different shades of colour. BTW the salon is located in Bangsar Jalan Telawi, same row as Dominos.

Love the interior of the salon and how spacious it is. I brought my laptop there as I wanted to do some work and also catch up on some drama shows. They have wifi there and water for customers while getting their hair done. I was tempted to turn on the TV that is placed in front of the customers, but I have already brought my laptop, so I just used my laptop only.

Aside from providing hair services at their salon, C.Michael also have a range of hair products to help strengthen your hair and to provide the right tool for treatment. Their most popular product is their Stem Cell Hair Serum (RM 42.90) along with their other Stem Cell Shampoos that help protect the hair after hair colouring. Their shampoo price ranges from RM 24.90 - 33.90 per bottle which are available for purchase in their Bangsar Salon, Muse by Watson (Sunway Pyramid) and Jusco Aeon.

Pre-lightening stage before hairdye

You know how there is the saying "you only live once"? Well, for me, I believe that we should do the things we want now before it's too late as "you're only young once". Thus my blonde ambition came into reality. Went to the saloon at 4.30pm and left at 10.30pm because of the long pre-lightening process. Make sure that you have no rush appointments on the day you want to do your hair, as it might take longer than expected. Going blonde wasn't the traditional method with just haircolour but I also had to pre-lighten my hair. Note it's not bleach. It's like the more healthier method and less painful than bleaching (shall blog about bleaching one day when I have the chance). After pre-lightening, to make my hair look more natural blonde, Leo (my hairstylist) used grey dye and the outcome was beautiful. I wasn't wearing any make up at that time and it was just too dark, so I decided to take the pictures the next day after an event.

What I did: 4 x Pre-Lightening (RM 140 each time) + Colour & Treatment (Promo Price: RM148) = RM 708

The Outcome

Overall, I'm super happy with the colour of my hair. Unfortunately, I can't be walking out of the house without make up anymore. haha. Anyways, if you're there, make sure to look for LEO. You'll thank me for it. Currently they are having a variety of promotions from Hairdye & Haircut for RM 99, Rebonding & Haircut for RM 289 and Hairdye & Treatment for RM 148. Do take the treatment after your hairdye because you're hair needs to rejuvenate from all of the damages. Also make sure to make an appointment, as they are always packed. Seriously am loving my hair. Never knew how good it would actually look on me, even my mom loved it and said my hair made me fairer. LOL. Anyways what colour are you all thinking of?

C.Michael Hair & Lifestyle Salon
20, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

Tel: 03 2201 3673

C.Michael Facebook Page Website

Have a beautiful weekend!

Food: Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ (Setiawalk, Puchong)

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Food: Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ (Setiawalk, Puchong)
'If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.' Saw it on twitter and can you believe that, it came from Remy at Ratatouille Disney Movie? This afternoon the girls and I were looking for some Korean food and we didn't want to travel out of Puchong, so we settled for Setiawalk. Heard of Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ from googl-ing "Korean Restaurant in Puchong" and saw a few blog post of this place and was super shocked at how affortable the prices of food was.

The shop is located next to Tokyo Kitchen in Setiawalk. It's hard to miss it. Kinda amaze how low-key this restaurant is to be honest. We went arrived around 1pm and there were already 4-5 tables taken up. Do note that some of this pictures are taken after my meal and also this isn't sponsored, just want to share my happy meal here.

First step in and a smile lifted on my face. I recognized those chairs from anywhere! Anyone who went to Korea will agreee with me. Those chairs/stools are actually compartment for you to put your bags in. All you have to do is to just lift the cushions and place your bag in the bin. It's super handy and convenient for ladies. You won't have to worry about your bag taking up space on the table or on another seat. 

Set 3 | RM 109

Since there was three of us and some of us were really hungry, we ordered Set 3, which came with pork belly, chicken marinated with soy sauce, beef rip eye (170g) and Kimchi Stew. Honestly, I was super shocked at the price because all of this cost RM109. Plus don't forget, we get refillable side dishes! Tho this is the disappointing part, the side dishes was quite pathetic. There was only 4 side dishes: kimchi, cucumber/zucchini, salad and anchovies (Ikan Bilis). Like I said pathetic. Thank god for the cucumber/zucchini! I think I must have refilled that dish for about 5 times.

Oh something unique about this place is that the restaurant solely use charcoal to bbq the meal. There was no electrical appliances on the table or any gas the bottom. But do know this that since it's just charcoal cooking the meat, we couldn't control the heat and the meat was a little too well done and dry. Also, do get prepare to feel the intensity of the heat. Half way during the meal, I felt like it was a little too hot and wanted to reduce the heat. The girls had to remind me that it's charcoal and there was nothing we can do but endure. But hey, it was a fun experience. Make sure not to put your camera or phone close to the grill!

Kimchi Stew | RM 13.90

Not really a fan of Kimchi Stew but the girls thought that it's good. Oh we also ordered Soft Tofu Stew with Rice (RM 13.90). We ordered this because the set didn't come with any rice and to add rice cost RM 4.50, so we just thought why not try this dish as I noticed a lot of bloggers/customers recommended to order this while at the restaurant. As you can see there is no picture of it, because it was soooooo good until I forgotten to take a picture of it. There were clams in the Soft Tofu Stew and at the end of the meal, the entire bowl was completed cleaned. I loved the taste of seafood found in the stew, very aromatic.

 Soju Aloe & Soju Lemon | RM 9.90

We also ordered two soju cocktail (RM 9.90 Each) because I haven't come across any drink like this in a Korean Restaurant. Anyways it's just like any other cocktail. I would suggest, you stick with tea if you're BBQ-ing. Better to put your money's worth towards the meat.

Verdict: 7/10
If there was more side dishes, it would have been perfect. Also do know that, the waiter will cook your meat for you. Do let them know how you like your meat to be, either medium or well done. Out of all the meat, the chicken marinated soy sauce was my favourite. It was the juicest meat and if you actually order it ala carte, I think it could have been cheaper. Anyways, for the price you're paying, I would say the food is good. I actually don't mind coming back. Love the spacious chilling ambiance. The girls and I actually sat there from 1pm-3pm. The staff was really friendly and fast to respond for our orders.

With Miriam & Tara

Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ 
D3A, Ground Floor, Block D, Setia Walk Persiaran Wawasan, Puchong, 47100 Selangor.
Tel: 017-399 7142

Happy food hunting everyone!

Fashion: Charles & Keith New Concept Store (Mid Valley Megamall, KL)

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Fashion: Charles & Keith New Concept Store (Mid Valley Megamall, KL)
'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world' said by the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Earlier this afternoon was the unveiling of Charles & Keith new concept store in Mid Valley Megamall. This is the first new concept store out of the 26 stores in Malaysia. During the launch party, there were an ice cream machine and to all of our surprises, a claw machine filled with Charles & Keith Products! We got to try our luck to grab from Heels, Sandals, Flats or Sunglasses.

I love how bright and spacious the new concept store is. Just by walking in the store, I was already enchanted by front array of products. The new store interior is decorated with sleek modern furnishing to create a luxurious ambiance for its customers. It was also a very effortless minimalist tone. Its great that the store separates their products from type to colour. Do expect a wall dedicated to bags, footwear and even accessories. 

Love how they did a 'flat lay' design of the products on the wall
OOTD: Dress & Clutch by JY Designs and Jacket by Zalora
How do you like my new blonde look btw? (:
 Was so focus at the Claw Machine
 Jane's cute flats from C&K
 Love my pretty red sandals
 Eyeing on the clutches with hand holder (handy for events) and that's Jane Chuck at the background. lol
With Jane and the DJ
Thank you for the treats Charles & Keith!

Plus guess what? Charles & Keith Fall/Winter 2015 collection is now available to purchase. this collection consist of cool and muted colours like tones of black, grey, chalk and brown. Inspired from the idea ' less is more', products that are designed are from laceless oxfords footwear to  tassel-fringed bucket bags.

Charles & Keith
Lot G002 & Lot Goo3 Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Have a fabulous week!

Event: Markets 16 Bazaar is Back! (Jaya One, PJ)

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Event: Markets 16 Bazaar is Back! (Jaya One, PJ)
Calling all Bazaar addicts, the one and only, well-loved lifestyle bazaar, Markets by Jaya One is BACK! Any shopaholic or a frequent Bazaar goer would know of Markets Bazaar, I practically shopped most of my college outfits there long ago. Now Markets are back with their 16th installment for this two-day bazaar, 26 and 27 September 2015 at The School, Jaya One starting from 11am-7pm. 

I don't know about you but I always look forward to the quirky shops and items found at bazaars and I remember there was once I found a cute vintage accessory shop that I totally splurge all of my cash on when I was in college. Other than accesorries or clothing, another thing I love scouting out at bazaars are the cute design food. At Markets 16 there would be over 100 specially curated vendors ranging from limited-edition garments, vintage finds, accessories, pet-friendly products, tantalizing food and unique one-offs by budding homegrown entrepreneurs.

This year Markets' main sponsors are Shopee Malaysia, 1OTT, Pelicana and DocLab. Did you know that DocLab, a Korean-based skincare brand that specializes in face ampoules and is making their debut in the Malaysian at Markets 16 bazaar?! I heard that there would be 3,000 free face ampoules free for everyone during the two-day event. Aside from that, fooddies can look forward to homemade desserts, pies, gourmet burgers to non-Halal food from 25 food vendors.

Also, don't forget to come early to Markets as the first lucky 800 shoppers will get to walk away with special goodie bags consisting of homemade skincare products, cosmetics, accessories and more! 

To liven up the carnival-like atmosphere, bazaar goers are set to be entertained by various aspiring music artistes namely Djezna’s Stalker, The Soundtrack, Joanne and Julia, Destination: Uptown, Isaac Ho and the local jazz quartet, SKAZZ Band. 

Fashion lovers can also gain by standing a chance to win one unit of 1OTT satellite TV device worth approximately RM450 by participating in the #OOTD contest on Instagram. All you have to do is to upload a photo of your outfit with the hashtags #Markets16, #MarketsOOTD and #theschoolmy on the Instagram account. Don't forget to show off your outfits and poses, you might just walk away as a winner!

Expect a weekend of fun, music, shopping, food and artsy vibes under one roof! I'll be there on the first day, hope to see you there :) For more information on Markets 16, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/themrkts.

Markets 16 Bazaar
Jaya One
11AM - 7PM | 26th September - 27th September 2015

Have a beautiful week ahead!
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