Concert: MTV World Stage MY 2015 (Sunway Lagoon)

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Concert: MTV World Stage MY 2015 (Sunway Lagoon)
Last Saturday, was one of the biggest Southeast Asian music nights of the year! Frequent concert goers would know what it is, MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015. Thanks to Mary Jane we got to score express tickets to the concert. I actually didn't know that the concert would start at 7.30pm, as I had to collect the tickets before a certain time period. Btw this post is just an experienced I wanted to share since it was my first time attending it.

Before I got to the venue, I was actually stuck in SS15 without a car. Don't ask me why but I thought walking to Sunway was a good idea. And I actually did it until I reached SS12 and couldn't continue because of the haze and heat. Sounds crazy right? But guess what else I did? I actually went up to a stranger at a petrol station and asked for a ride to the connecting bridge to pyramid. She said yes! This is super random and thinking back makes me think how lucky I am that I am still alive. Anyways the stranger was a girl and she was apparently on the way home after church. Super blessed to have crossed path with her. Kids don't try this at home, not everyone would be so nice.

So I got to Sunway about 4.40pm and there was already 5-6 lines outside of MTV world stage venue. Since it was my first MTV world stage, I didn't know what to expect. The crowd was definitely beyond what I would imagine. There were people grabbing their notes/textbook studying while waiting in line and what's worst was how thick the haze was. I guess there were really dedicated fans of this year's line up performers.

Got in right away passing the crowd because of the express ticket. Someone from the crowd actually thought that I was cutting the line and pushed me hard on the shoulder. Talk about attitude, but I guess she was tired from the heat, I looked at her and made my way towards the express lane. Could hear all of the whines from the crowding wonder how I manage to skip the lines. By the time I made my way to the front of the stage (which is a very long walk in Sunway Lagoon) it was already 5.30pm. The crowd was crowding at the front of the stage enjoying the DJ's mix performance. While I was waiting, I noticed people started to faint, about 2-4 at every 10 minutes. Like I said before, it was a really hot day and the haze was unexceptionally thick. Have to applaud the organisers for making sure there were medic teams placed at every corner of the venue. All of those who were faint got immediate respond and assistant. So those who are thinking of going back next year, make sure to be hydrated.

I actually didn't know that Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon could fit 20,000 people. It was an interesting experience. The stellar line-up of performers were Stacy, Sekai No Owari, Apink, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jason Derulo. The event was recorded live for global telecast, hence there were cameras everywhere at the scene. Apparently the event hashtag #worldstagemy top trended in Malaysia and trended in Singapore, with an estimate of over 100 million social impressions within a day (Sysomos).

All of the pictures from Tian Chad's blog. Took my favourite ones out of his collection. In case you're wondering, he knows about this. Haha. The first act was from Stacy, local act. Sadly I missed this performance as I was waiting for MJ to arrive. But from the pictures, it looked like she did an electrifying performance with her dance crew.

When I was back at the front of the stage, Sekai No Owari was performing Death Disco. It was full of energy, auto-tune, lights and quirky costume designs. They are a Japanese band btw, I was kinder hopping that there would be some Japanese song but all of their songs that I manage to catch was in English. Their last song “Dragon Night”, hyped up the crowd with the the lead singer grabbing a flag while its pianist playing an accordion and adding a banjo to their unique instrumental mix. I would say, out of all of the performance that night, they had a very connection with the crowd. Practically everyone was moving along to the song.

Next up was the group I came for, APINK. I didn't know how many fans Apink had until that night. There were a LOT of guys screaming for Apink and they screamed the name of each girl from the group. The moment Apink started dancing, the guys went wild. Even the toughest dude I seen at the concert, broke and join the crowd's chanting of the girls' name. Some of the guys even came in matching t-shirt "team a-pink" with pink heart shaped baloon. It was so cute to watch. I tell you, the girls are so synchronize and perfect on stage. While they did their dance, the guys cheered even louder! Jane and I couldn't help but to laugh because we were practically death from the chanting of the guys for Apink.

After APINK's performance, felt like half of the crowd left. There were a lot of APINK fans that day. While waiting for Carly Rae Jepsen to come on stage, random music was being played at the concert and the place turned into a karaoke. Everyone sang along to the songs being played. Suddenly Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang started playing and the crowd screamed. Was so amazed with the sing-a-long from my left and right side. You won't believe this but the ones who sing-a-long the most were guys. Seriously hope MTV will bring BB next year. Carly's performance was a let down (in my opinion). Sure it was an amazing song and she performed it without any mistakes but she started out with 3-4 new songs that I have not hear before. The crowd went dead and patiently waiting for her two hit songs, “Call Me Maybe” and “I Really Like You”. While she was performing, she danced and did a lot of hair flips which some how reminded me of Taylor Swift, did anyone else get that vibe?

The hour of the moment as everyone eagerly wait for Jason Derulo’s performance. The moment the lights and his music came out the crowd roared and Jason appear jumping up as he was elevated onto the stage. EVERY song he sang, the crowd sang along. There were dancers, lights and fire flames along with non-stop shocking dance moves by Jason. The crowd’s was at the peak, all eyes and attention was on Jason. Even my heart was pumped up. Haha. The set closed with a spectacular show of fireworks and a stunning display of lights, a fitting end to a sensational night. Hands down, Jason Derulo ought to be one of the best performances I seen live. Without stopping, he kept going on with his hit tracks.

I actually am looking forward to next year. Wonder who are they going to bring for 2016. For those who missed out on this concert, you can watch the show which will be premiering on MTV in Asia on Saturday, 26 September at 1.30pm (TH/WIB), 2.30pm (PH/SG) and 3.30pm (MY), Saturday, 10 October at 9pm (JP) and Sunday, 11 October at 12am (KR).

Have an amazing week ahead!
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