Event: Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015 (MGAC 2015)

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Event: Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015 (MGAC 2015)
There is one thing most university students look forward to each year and it's Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015. I remember going for a career fair 2 years ago and Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC) was the competition everyone wanted to join! It was known as The Amazing Race+Fear Factor+The Apprentice mashed up in one. This year MGAC is already in it's 4th year running with a variety of 23,000 participants all around the world competing to win the challenge!

Through out the entire MGAC, participants were put to the ultimate test, testing their knowledge, physical strength, solving skills, leadership and etc. MGAC final challenge is similar to previous year's challenge. For this year's final challenge "Season of Smiles" which took place last month, 60 finalists were divided into 10 teams. They were given a challenge to happiness to the public in Bukit Bintang, KL and donate all of their profits to a charity of their choice.

All of the teams are in charge of their business model, theme, choice of charity, designing their booth and even collaborating their idea with an existing company. (An example is one team were selling cupcakes sponsored by Twelve Cupcakes and they choice to donate their profit to Disabled Children). 

The teams set up their booths set up along the street of Bukit Bintang aiming to sell their products/activities as much as possible in a day. Thanks to Maybank, I got a chance to experience this "Season of Smile" and see first hand the teams' effort and ideas at the scene. The teams would be judged on the amount of money they raise for the charity of their choice, creativeness and inventiveness. Guess who got to judge them? hehe.

There were a total of 10 booths on that day selling items/activities with the theme of "happiness". Items like cupcakes and pizza were sold, while activities like playing a virtual game, blindfold eating challenge, makeover session, personalised printed photos, singing like a star and even firing nerf gun to release stress! The teams were very gung-ho, some came in costumes, like Elsa from frozen, Fairies, Princesses and even a Hot Dog Mascot! This challenge enable the teams to bring awareness of the charities they support along with giving someone a smile or a little happiness. 

Chris and I going all out on the Nerf Gun!

Tried my best to visit and support every group at the Seasons of Smiles event. The one booth that really caught my attention was the recording booth where you can get your voice recorded in your favourite song and the blindfolded eating challenge. As for the booth I really loved and felt connected to was the one that let you release your stress with the nerf gun. Plus you get to have fun while donating to a good cause!

Spent the whole day with Sara, Jane and the rest

 All 10 teams proudly holding up the charity that they support

Two days after the final challenge was the Global Finals Gala Dinner for Maybank Go Ahead Challenge. Its the time where the winners would be announced and finalists get to celebrate the end of their challenge. The grand prize winner of USD 40,000 was Team Star Wars (Supporting The Blind Charity), while the first runner up with USD 20,000 was Team Terminator and the third runner up with USD 10,000 was Team X-Men which also won the People's Favourite Team award!

Last but not least, the winner for the Ultimate Go Ahead Challenger 2015 was Ricky Low Yin Lee, who won an internship with Maybank office in New York, USA. The second places were Phyllis Ng Hui Li and Chris Watkins, which they both won an internship with Maybank’s London and Hong Kong office.

It was definately an adventure to remember. Even for me as a spectator, everything seems so surreal. Am really happy for all of the winners and participants for their journey and challenges they have faced. If you're a student and you feel like you got what it takes to win Maybank Go Ahead Challenge then do make sure you sign up for next year's challenge!

Here is a testimony from one of the contestant: "I get the chance to challenge myself. The chance to prove what make up of me. But most important of all, I got to build one of the most meaningful networks with great minds around the world who share the same pain and joy. For me, we are all winners and our lives have been shaped to the better by our unique experience at Maybank Go Ahead Challenge." - Hathaipatr Chirapathama (BBA#21)

Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015 / Global Maybank Apprentice Programme

Hope this inspired you to achieved your dreams!
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