Food: Comma Cafe (Shah Alam)

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Food: Comma Cafe (Shah Alam)
A while back, the girls and I were treated to a twist of Asian cafe fusion delight, Comma Cafe. There was PORK burger, alcohol free mojito, green tea latte and even pork knuckles! Sounds very chinese? It was definitely a memorable food adventure. Even at this hour, I'm actually craving for their pork burger now. Located in Shah Alam is where most of the locals can beat on satisfying their pork cravings. It took me a while to get there, as I get missing the right turns, but once we reached, the cafe was easy to spot and parking was a breeze. 

The cafe is located at the first floor and while walking up, you'll be attracted to some of the decoration. Once entering the cafe, you can sense a strong cozy homey vibe. Even the customers were mostly families and students. Love the simplicity of the rustic design in the cafe. They actually just renovated and have been relaunch at July.

We started out with ordering drinks. The drink that first caught my attention was from the mocktail section. So without hesitation, we all chose one that represent us. We had Gem Mint, latte, hazelnut chocolate and green tea latte. I really love love love the gem mint. It was a hot day and it was the perfect weekend thirst quencher. Felt so refreshing after a slip and the salt around the glass just bolts out energy back to the soul. I prefer the hazelnut chocolate over the coffee, I guess it was too hot of a day and I just wanted something sweet. 

Hazelnut Chocolate RM 11 || Latte RM 9 || Gem Mint RM 11

Next up was the main dishes. I swear the three of us looked like animals when we ate. We were just so hungry and couldn't contain our hunger. If you're craving for the western traditional, then a plate of bolognese spaghetti would just do the trick. I loved it but my friends weren't raving about it as much as I was. Do know that bolognese is one of my bias. 

Spaghetti with Chicken Bolognese Sauce || RM15.90

Anyways the pork dishes stole the attention of the afternoon. First up was the Grilled Teriyaki Pork Burger. I'm a sucker for teriyaki sauce and the fact that it was covered in it, just makes it even better. It is HUGE btw. Even with the three of us, it took effort to finish this off. The girls really loved the mash potatoes while I loved the patty and bun, which was surprisingly not dry or hard. 

Grilled Teriyaki Pork Burger || RM 15.90

Grilled Pork Knuckle || RM 87.90

Last of the main dish was the humugous Grilled Pork Knuckle. Seriously for this dish, you better have 5 people with you and make sure you order some rice with this. As we all know most pork knuckle is towards the salty side. What I love Comma Cafe did with this dish, is that instead of the typical dry pork knuckle, this was really soft and moist. Just make sure you have rice along with this. BTW it took me and kish about 15 minutes to cut all of the meat off (talk about a good work out).

Signature Brownie || RM 16.90

And finally it was dessert time. Before we ordered, we had to take 15min-30min break and just chitchat because we overestimated ourselves. Guess we ain't big eaters after all. Amelia was the most excited one because she has the sweetest tooth among us and we got the Signature Brownie. It's covered in dark chocolate and melted away by more hot chocolate. Then decked up with some ice cream at the end. 

I really hesitated trying this one because it looked too sweet and I wasn't sure if I could take it but you know what? The ice cream really helped to balance off the sweetness and richness. After 5 minutes, we completely devoured the dish. Or maybe Amelia did most of the eating for this one.

We then also tried their Green Tea Latte but it turned out a little too dilluted. When telling the owner about it, she was shocked and revealed to us that it was due to the new staff's mistake. Good thing we actually ask. Truth be told, their latte art was so adorable. More cafes should leave us with animals in our cup. 

Green Tea Latte

We went on a Sunday and the place was full. Some came over to study, play card games and even families had their weekend brunch together. Somehow it feel like the whole Shah Alam community was there.

With the owners and the girls

Comma Cafe
No. 17-2-1, Jalan Setia Prima A U13/A, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-3358 4456
Monday, Wednesday-Friday 11am-11pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-10pm
Tuesday close
Serve complimentary water

Happy food hunting all!
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