Event: Plusify Anniversary - Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

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Event: Plusify Anniversary - Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes
"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful". I wish someone told me that as I was growing up. Sure my parents did say I'm beautiful but it was hard to fit in during high school especially when I weight 90kg. Yes, that I think was the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I know that aside from looking different in size, it's even suckier when you can't find clothes or look good in clothes that fit.

"All about that Bass"

Plusify is a local Malaysian brand that caters to plus size ladies. What I love about their store is that they actually bring in clothing that are modern and stylish. Seriously I tell you, most of the stores that caters to plus size thinks that we're all in our 40s. So imagine my happiness when I see prints and colours that I love.

They are located in Kuala Lumpur and yesterday was their Anniversary! Currently they are having an anniversary sale and most of their dresses are from RM49 onwards. I think I must have bought about 4-5 Dresses for RM250. Was in awe when all of the dresses I pick were at 50% discount. Aside from me, a lot of other bloggers got an amazing haul. Some even went home with Acer Tablet which they won from a blogging competition (which I totally forgotten to join. ish, haha). 

With Cheryn the Owner of Plusify. She is even a blogger and youtuber!

Shall do another post soon of my haul from Plusify but for now here is one sneak peak of my haul.

Ignore my awkward pose. Don't know what I was thinking. lol

Remember ladies, there is beauty in each of us. Before aiming to look good, we first have to love ourselves no matter what we look like. Hope this helps anyone who is feeling down from their appearance. Heck I am still learning to love myself. It's tough but if we don't love ourselves first, how else can we love others? :) 


Have a blessed day everyone!

Fashion: 3 Must Have Fall Holiday 2015 Pieces

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Fashion: 3 Must Have Fall Holiday 2015 Pieces
Can you believe that it is already October?! The next thing you’d know, it would be Christmas. I bet some of you have already planned out your year-end holidays. You know when travelling, packing is always a hassle for me. One thing for sure is I always struggle with what kind of outfits I should wear. After watching a bunch of shows and looking through many magazines, I’ve got some ideas on picking the right outfit for different places. Curious? Continue reading to find out.

1. Metallic Top

Long Sleeve Gold Button Shirt Blouse | RM 179

Think gossip girls, all things glamorous, fun and you’ll get the big apple New York City. Work on a gold & black minimalist theme for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party outfit. You’ll never go wrong with this colour combo. Don’t forget to complete your glam chic look with a pair of mules, which is a must have for the season.

2. Shirt Dress

Long Sleeve Belted Shirt Dress | RM 249

Shirt dress seems to be timeless as seen throughout many fashion weeks. And of course we all know that the place with the most stylish fashion forward people would be in Seoul. This is a perfect casual chic outfit for your sight seeing tour, shopping or even your theme park visit. Let loose, roll up the sleeves and match it with a pair of ankle boots. For a night out, just amp it up by cinching it with a belt or add on a blazer or leather jacket. 

3. Wrap dress

Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress | RM 189

One thing I absolutely love about a wrap dress is how convenient it is to put on or take off. Since it’s no fuss, I decided to pair the wrap dress with a little tropical theme. Think walking to the pool or the beach and then transforming into your swimwear instantly with a pull from the dress. After enjoying the sun and water, just wrap your dress back again and you’re all ready for brunch in a restaurant. Feel like this outfit are usually for beaches or places like Miami, Gold Coast, South Hamptons or even Brazil.

Hope this give you girls some idea on how to plan your outfit for your next holiday. If you’re wishing to purchase any of these pieces, you’re in luck because they can be found at FLOW. Hope that you all would have a wonderful holiday ahead. For now do stay hydrated and protected from the haze.


Have a good week!
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