Event: Estee Lauder First Beauty Playground In The World (Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia)

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Event: Estee Lauder First Beauty Playground In The World (Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia)
Famous for their mascara and the Holy Grail (HG) Long Wear Foundation is none other than Estee Lauder! If you have been keeping up with instagram, magazines or any beauty news, you would know that the current IT GIRL and face of Estee Lauder is none other than Kendall Jenner. She is so pretty and I bet all of you agree with me.

A few days ago was the launch of first ever Estee Lauder #beautyplaygound concept store in Sunway Pyramid! Everyone was there and all hyped up, there were even rumours that Kendall might make a special appearance. She didn't btw but the opening of the store is seriously the coolest concept I have ever seen. We all love playgrounds as a kid, with the see-saw and slides, so imagine a BEAUTY PLAYGROUND. It’s every girl’s dream come true with the make up, personal tablet make up information, virtual selfie corner and friendly beauty specialist that are available for any instant assistance.

Almost all of KL's Beauty Bloggers were there. Practically like a family reunion. The event started out with Patricia K emceeing & Katrina Liew, Brand General Manager of Estee Lauder Malaysia welcoming us.

Next was a beauty Kendall Jenner inspired makeup demonstration by Estee Lauder Global Makeup Artist from Hong Kong, Leo Wong. Everyone stood in silence as we watched him beautify the model and share some beauty tips.

The items Leo used on the model

At the beauty playground store, do know that there are 6 play areas that could transform any duckling into a beautiful swan.

#1 Glow On: At this spot, you would be able to speak to any of Estee Lauder beauty specialist to help you get that flawless skin with the skin care products.

#2 Glam Up: With an array of make up, ladies will be able to have endless fun with mixing and matching colours to create their personal look that are uniquely them!

#3 Get Polish : A look is never complete without a set of beautiful nails. At this play area, there is even a table to help you with some nail art inspiration and tips.

#4 Mix & Mingle: Smell attracts the soul. The latest fragrances will be available on the wall.

#5 Gift Guide: Need a gift for a love one? You can select your gifts with amazing gift ideas.

#6 Strike A Pose: You're all ready and beautiful! Time to strike a pose, choose your background (virtual selection: NYC Background or Glam Glittery Gold Background) and take your selfie! Sadly I forgotten to take a picture of this area.

All of the girls at the event went wild once we were given the chance to enter the store! Everyone was busy trying out products, taking selfies, getting beautiful with the make up artist and etc. I wanted to get my make up done too but all of the staff were busy, so I just decided to get it done on my own. lol. Do you believe me? haha.

Btw they were giving out FREE MASCARA on the  27th of November 2015 to those that took a selfie with the Kendall posters around Sunway, did you get yours? Currently there is a free makeover available for those that drop by the store. I heard that it's for a limited time, so do check out the store to find out more info!
Estee Lauder Beauty Playground Concept Store
G1.128B, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. 
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Have a beautiful weekend!

Event: PINK By Pure Beauty of Watson Malaysia (Hello Kitty Cafe, Sunway)

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Event: PINK By Pure Beauty of Watson Malaysia (Hello Kitty Cafe, Sunway)
Yesterday afternoon, all of the ladies were dressed in pretty pink for the launch event of Watson Malaysia new beauty skin care product, PINK by Pure Beauty. It was held in Hello Kitty Cafe in Sunway and most of the beauty bloggers in KL made an appearance for this event. When ever we think of pink, we think of something gentle or fair skin. PINK by Pure Beauty is a new Korean skin brightening formulated product use unique combination of PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active whitening ingredients which help to brighten and moisture the skin.

I first saw this product a few weeks ago in Watson Outlet Store and immediately felt in love with the Pudding Cream, which is something like a moisturizer. I love how it is a gel-water based that left my skin feeling smooth and smell rosy. PINK by Pure Beauty in Malaysia currently have a total of 5 products: Essence Water (RM 39.90), Essence (RM 49.90), Pudding Cream (RM 39.90) and Blur Cream (RM 42.90).

To achieve glowing skin, PINK by Pure Beauty only requires 3 steps. First, moisturize and clarify with Essence Water. Second, correct and improve skin with Essence. Third, protect and enhance skin with Pudding Cream and Blur Cream.

At the event, Stevensunny gave a talk about K-Beauty Grooming. He highlighted that we should always moisturize before applying make up and never forget to protect our neck too.

Also got to meet up with Grace and Tara. Feel like the event would have been perfect if Miriam was here, since we are always together for Watson events. Faster come back to KL!

At the event, I got the BLUR CREAM in the goodie bag and am excited to try it out before my make up. Been using Pure Beauty Products for a while now. Been using Pure Beauty CC Cream for almost a year now! Read the review HERE if you wanna know more about Pure Beauty.

With Fish, Bowie and Reia | Everyone was dressed in pink like a princess

I heard that Singapore Watson have the make up line of PINK by Pure Beauty. Hope Malaysia gets it soon as the lipsticks looked so beautiful from some of the Singaporean bloggers. In the meantime, here is to another Korean skincare to love!

PINK By Pure Beauty
Essence Water (RM 39.90) | Essence (RM 49.90) 
Pudding Cream (RM 39.90) | Blur Cream (RM 42.90)

Stay beautiful

Food: Hello Kitty Gourmet Café (Sunway, Malaysia)

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Food: Hello Kitty Gourmet Café (Sunway, Malaysia)
Been meaning to blog about this place for a while now. It's been a couple of months since this place open and the hype is still there but really is it worth the visit? I visited the place in October first and the 2nd time was earlier today afternoon. If you are planning to visit the cafe, you have to come during day time. No point coming at night because the lighting won't be good if you are planning to take pictures. So far I have never heard of anyone visiting the cafe for the food, so far its just for pure photography session with friends or family.

No doubt the interior of the restaurant is very pretty. All decorated with hello kitty and pink walls. Even the deserts, tables, cups, tissue and your chairs have hello kitty cartoon on it. If you are a Hello Kitty fan, this would be heaven for you.

Shall blog about my visit today first. I was there for an event, which the blogpost will be up soon. We had tea and some snacks during the event. Everything was placed very beautifully and everything did look exquisite. But when it was time for the tasting, it was nothing above average. Taste is practically the same as any other place you would get your coffee or dessert. It wasn't bad, nor was it amazing, it was just alright. Apparently the tea set for two cost RM 99.50 and I did see quite a few tables ordering it. FYI there were a lot of kids and mummies there, maybe it was due to school holiday or maybe they all just wanted to try it out. Definitely more girls than guys in the cafe, maybe 6:1 ratio?

The next set of pictures will be from my first visit in October. It was at Sunday night and the pictures didn't turn out that well. Anyways I went there after an event with a friend because I wanted to check out the place and see whether it was worth the hyped. I think we got there around 8.30pm. I wanted to try their cakes but they told me they were sold out of cakes and only had desserts left. Still couldn't believe they ran out of cakes, but I ordered their mocktail drink and my friend ordered their orange juice. I had a Strawberry Margarita which was RM 17.90 while my friend's Orange Juice was RM 13.90. The size of the drinks were really small and I guess we were paying for the place more than our drinks. But it was a good experience.


At that night, there were a lot of group of young people along with families visiting the cafe. Would definitely say that this cafe is a place to visit with friends or family but only recommended to visit once in your life. Good place to just experience the hype and to join everyone else taking pictures. There wasn't a table that night that did not take pictures, even the table next to us took about 10-15 pictures of themselves being in the cafe along with what they ordered.

Now in November 2015, they do serve food which are mainly western dishes from smoked duck, pasta, pumpkin soup, lamb and etc. I would say their food is priced around RM 15-RM 35 (per pax). Also the crowd depends on the time you arrive, if it's night time, there won't be much of a crowd. But if you do go in the afternoon, expect to wait for a while

Any of you visited the place? What do you think? Do you think I'm going over board? Would love to hear your experiences. haha

Hello Kitty Gourmet Café
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03 5612 7703

Happy food hunting!
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