Food: The Carpenter's Daughter (Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya)

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Food: The Carpenter's Daughter (Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya)
Ask anyone from USJ Neighborhood of a homey-place with amazing brownies and they will say The Carpenter's Daughter. Earlier at August was the restaurant's 4th anniversary and with that amazing milestone, they also introduce a new menu for the restaurant. With all my heart, I was ecstatic, this cafe keeps a lot of my memories as it was the place my friends bought my 22nd birthday cake and I celebrate countless friend's birthday there.

Most of us know that, The Carpenter's Daughter is a cafe bakery. They got a variety of selection from sour dough breads, buns, brownies and cakes which are all homemade and made fresh without any preservatives. The bakers daily bake their pastries and the process can be seen from kitchen to their placement at the front of the counter in the baskets.

Classic French Toast | RM 15.90

Made with organic Agave, baked apple cinnamon, butter, jam and homemade bread, this dish was a delight at first sight. The moment it arrive the aroma of baked apple cinnamon filled us up. I love how the french toast was cooked just right, firm yet fluffy. Perfect dish for breakfast or tea time.

Bread Platter | RM 20.90

Felt like I was in europe when this dish came. I heard of all types of platter dishes but bread platter was the first for me. It was served with 4 types of bread, which are tomato, 7-grain, cranberry and ciabatta. With the bread there were truffle butter, walnuts and a vine of delicious and seedless grapes on the side. Cranberry was my favourite and all of the bread paired beautifully with the truffle butter. Definitely a must have dish on a lazy weekend.

Roasted Garlic Shrimp Dip | RM 24.90

At first look this was heaven to me. I'm a huge fan of prawns and this was served with scallop, garlic, herbs, chilli and bread. It had that kick at first bite, don't worry it's not spicy. Don't forget to eat the bread with the dip along with the seafood.

Yogurt Parfait & Etc Platter | RM 23.90

This is the perfect dish for those who don't want a heavy meal. It's served with Muesli yougurt parfait, salad, mini roll with tuna, fresh orange juice and pastry of the day. If I'm not wrong the salad was served with Quinoa which was rather unique as the last time I had it was in Australia. It's healthy seed like grain. Really went well with the entire dish.

Classic Aglio Olio | RM 15.90  
Smoked Duck | Additional RM 7

Craving for some meaty goodness while watching out for your diet? The Carpenter's Daughter Smoked Duck Classic Aglio Olio, will be treasure on your tongue. You can either choose penne or spaghetti for your pasta and since it's aglio olio, it isn't a heavy dish nor is it decked with too much oil. With the pairing of the duck and the pasta, found that both complimented each other since the smoked duck alone was salty, it made the dish well seasoned. Plus the lemon brings a fresh and tangy flavour when squeeze on the dish.

Afternoon Tea for 2 | RM 42.90

I'm not really an afternoon tea time kind of girl but I found this set really pleasant dish for a catch up session with the girls. I forgotten to take pictures of the tea with this dish but the you can choose a wide range of premium tea and as for the food, pastry, cake, sandwiches, scones and macaroons were served. The pastries included lemon meringue and mini quiche pie, both of them were my favourite from the set.

From now I bet you can tell that The Carpenter's Daughter is a cafe with healthy dishes. I found out that they started the cafe with healthy dishes in mind for the community as there isn't much like this dishes around. And because of that, they do get quite a number of cancer patients as the food found in the cafe fits their diet. From the ambiance to the food, this cafe has an Italian homey vibe.  Also, the Carpenter's Daughter is expanding by obtaining half the store next door, I even heard that they will be serving until 12 midnight! Guess now I know where to go for my late night cravings.

The Carpenter's Daughter
No. 46G, Jalan USJ 10/1e, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Daily 8.30am-10pm
03 8081 1218

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