Hair: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair

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Hair: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair
In all of my 23 years, I have bleached my hair a total of  times 6 in 2 occasions. Once when I wanted blue hair at 2012 which I did 2 bleaching and the other a recently in September 2015 for my blonde hair that required 4 times of bleaching. Why did I do it? Because I wanted colours that I saw on my favorite celeb/singers. We all remember TOP from Big Bang with his beautiful blue hair or just random ang mor actresses with beautiful blonde hair. Yes they were my inspiration, sounds so shallow right?

Anyways, I thought about it and if someone had told me about the side effects of bleaching in detail, I might actually reconsider doing it. I mean we hear the common term that "bleaching will kill your hair" but how? And I always thought, "I'm stronger than that and I can handle anything that comes my way!" Gosh was I just kidding myself in 2012, my bleach hair got so bad that I actually shaved off the back of my head so that new hair could grow. Anyways to all those who wants pastel hair or mermaid hair or even rainbow hair, read this list before bleaching your hair and then decide if you still want to do it. PS. I've been meaning to share this and all of this are based on my own experience with my hair.

10 Thing You Need To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair:

1. Make sure to research on the Saloon
At 2012, EVERYONE bought Groupon for everything. As did I and the worst thing was, I was a compulsive shopper. After my break up, I wanted to try something different like giving myself a make over. I didn't know what came over me, I bought the first hair deal I saw on Groupon, when to the saloon and asked their prices to add on bleaching. As I wanted blue hair. Stupidest decision I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE. I did not research the place or the see the complaints on their FB page and went along with them bleaching my hair. To cut the long story short, the saloon bleached my neck by accident, did not apologize and my hair turned green. Ever since then, I boycott that saloon and never bought another hair deal on Groupon again. 

Just make sure you do your research on the saloon you want to go to, make sure that the clients are usually happy with the outcome of their hair. Check their Facebook Page for comments of their experiences. Trust me all this is easy with the internet and I bet you won't want to go home with green hair at the end of the day. I end up dying my hair black and even shaving my hair off because of this terrible bleach experience.

2. It will hurt
Bleach is to remove colour, whiten or disinfect. In this case is to remove the colour of your hair, in order to get the desired colour. The chemicals use in this process is strong, your scalp and your nose will not just hurt. But it will hurt a lot. It felt like torture, as if my head and nose was on fire. And usually to achieve the colour you want, you have to bleach your hair 2-4 rounds in the process.

3. Your hair will be frizzy and dry
Sure your hair will look amazing with the new colour but after a while, you will notice your hair losing it's moisture and just looking like hay.

4. Combing your hair will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do
I hated combing my hair after I bleached my hair. Not because I was lazy but because I had so many knots in my hair and it always ends up tangled together. Combing my hair and making sure every strand is untangle will usually take me 30-40minutes a day. Sometimes I will just skip the process which build up a giant knot at the back of my head and I got so frustrated, I just decided to shave it off to avoid solving the problem.

5. Your shower time will increase
Why? Well, now you will have to first, make sure your hair is untangle before you get it wet or else you will just get more knots. Then you wash with your special "purple" shampoo, condition your entire hair, and maybe put hair mask on to provide more moisture. Now, I do hair mask at home weekly because my hair can't survive a week without it. I also do use heat protector before using my hair dryer and apply hair serum before I leave the house.

Hair Journey of 2012-2015

6. You need extra help from the experts
Even with conditioning, hair mask and any other product you may use at home, you still need treatment from the saloon. At least once a month or once in 2 months. If you go beyond 3 months without any treatment, I can assure you, your hair will look as dead as a dried up leave.

7. Your hair will break/fall without warning
There was once I was just running my fingers through my hair and without warning, a bunch of my hair fall off. hahahaha. I cried. And this happens everyday since that first stupid bleach with that horrid saloon. I am still so tempted to blog about that saloon, fyi I didn't have a blog then. 

8. Oily scalp will be a thing you experience
After the bleaching process and putting your scalp on that excruciating pain, your scalp will never be the same again. It will get oily and it will cause number 9.

9. Dandruff will be a common sight 
Because your scalp is oily and it builds up will cause dandruff. This by far have to be the worst turn off for me. So far, my dandruff is getting less, I think it's from the scalp treatment I started. Before this year I never even knew you could do treatment on your scalp. lol

10. You will get notice
All bleached hair will go back to blonde in the end. Ever since I bleached my hair blonde, at every event I will get notice and people will remember me. Not to sound boastful, but seriously how often do you spot a blonde in a room while in Malaysia? So if you want to leave an impact or be memorable, bright colour hairs always got the advantage.

I'm just ending this post on a good note and that there are pros and cons to everything. If you don't mind going through all 9 horrid consequences for the last point, then go for it and get your dream hair colour! Just know that, in the end, your hair will never return to the same again. You can eventually shave your hair like me. I did some weird hair tattoo style. Haha. Those were the days. I doubt I will cut my hair anytime soon as currently the saloon I go to has amazing hair treatments and are taming my wild hair. However, now the process to wash, dry or to make it presentable takes a longer time to settle as compare to my original black hair.

Also since bleaching hair does a lot of damage to your hair, don't you think it's wiser to let a professional do it as compare to you trying it with your friends in your toilet? Just don't regret your decision. I got a lot of friends that did their diy bleaching and their hair totally died on them. Its just hairball whenever I see them. 

Pictures on this post was from a throwback after hair-styling at Number76 for an event

If you have any questions about bleaching or dying your hair, just comment below and I will try my best to answer you.

Hope you all get your #hairgoals
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