Health: Seeking Eye Specialist Treatment From Universiti Malaya Hospital Malaysia

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Health: Seeking Eye Specialist Treatment From Universiti Malaya Hospital Malaysia
This is for my own record on my blog and for anyone else who needs help or advice when finding an eye specialist in Malaysia. So I've been feeling irritation from my left eye for about a week. On the first day, the pain was unbearable and I thought an eyelash fell on my eye. I tried finding it or any other object that could have been on my eye, yet I found nothing. So to be safe, I threw away my contacts on that day. I used new contacts and attended my events as usual, I still felt a bit irritated like something was on my eye but I brush it off as I could not find the source. Yesterday 19/11/2015 in the afternoon, I notice my eye was redder than usual, tried to find anything in it but found nothing. So I attended two events and at the end of the night, as I took off my contacts, I saw A WHITE DOT on the corner of my PUPIL

I was terrified. I panicked. I google all of my symptoms and most sites say that I could lose my vision due to this. I feared for the most and was scared that I would go blind on the left eye. But because of the heavy rained last night, I just ended up staying home. Talked to my friend, Angeline, who is studying general medicine and her dad is an eye specialist about my condition. Am really thankful for her and her swift replies even tho she was in Russia and it was 12.50am in Malaysia. I sent pictures of my eye with the white dot to her and she forwarded to her dad. Her dad said it was an eye infection and to see a doctor right away. My mom told me there is no point going now as the roads might be flooded due to the rain.

So we slept and woke up at 5am to see the doctors. My friend recommended that we go to University Hospital Emergency to see an on call eye specialist. That's what we did at 5.30am but the personnel at the emergency didn't see it serious, and told me to wait to see the general doctor at 7am.

While waiting, we decided to have breakfast as we both hungry. While eating at the hospital cafeteria, something HORRIBLE APPEARED NEXT TO ME. It was a HUGE RAT eating leftovers on the floor. Seriously after that I could't continue eating and I don't recommend anyone eating there until the place is deem clean again. Just had to tell you all this. I couldn't take a picture of it as I was just too shock that cleanliness can't even be found at the hospital. The picture of the cafeteria is taken at 10.30am after seeing the doctors.

Here is tips on what to do when you want to see an eye specialist in University Hospital:

1. Line up for a number
After that, we went to the general area for registration. Waited until 6.50am to get our number from the machine. FYI there will be a lot of people that will arrive at 6.10am. So be sure to be ready at 6.40am to line up. While waiting I texted my other friend who was studying medicine all of my symptoms, she said I could be having a corneal ulcer. I didn't think much of it as I didn't understand what that means.

2. Wait for your number and register yourself
Told the nurse what happened to me (symptoms). My nurse was a bit cheeky and she actually lectured me about wearing contacts when there is so many dangerous reasons not to. I just laughed and thank her for her service. Seriously will you stop driving a car because of hearing so many road accidents that happen? Aiyo my dear nurse, why are you so cute. Anyways, after that I passed them my Identification Card (IC) for registration. She will then ask you to wait for your name to be call at the payment counter.

3. Pay 
You will be require to pay RM 5 to see the general doctor and the staff will tell you your number along which room to enter to see the doctor.

4. Wait for the Doctor
We finished everything at 7.30am and was told the doctor will only arrive at 8am. So we waited. I was my doctor's first patient. She only came at 8.30am. Make sure your phone is fully charge or bring a book. It helps to kill time. Also I noticed this while waiting, a man walks around asking for money, don't give him. The nurses said he is a regular in the hospital asking money from everyone. My mom said, if he were to come to us, we would buy him food instead. lol.

5. Tell the doctor all of your symptoms
Don't miss out on any single detail. The doctor saw the white dot and immediately wrote me a letter to the eye specialist. I asked her how would they remove it, she answered, "They might use a needle". At that point, I was terrified and just prayed that I won't be blind. 

6. Register yourself at the eye specialist area
Get a number and tell all of your symptoms again to the nurses. She will then bring you to a corner to examine your vision. The nurse was surprise that nothing was wrong with my vision. Because of the white dot, I immediately got sent to a doctor. In between, she will ask you to make payment. If I'm not wrong, we paid RM 30.

7. Get thorough eye check up from the Doctor
I told her my symptoms, and she did multiple test on me. She even put eye drops that were YELLOW DYE on my eyes! Apparently it's to numb the eyes? So she used machines and it gently touch my eyes to check sensation and relax of my eyes. I noticed this doctor won't inform what she is about to do to her patient, I had to ask everything what she was doing as she didn't prepare me when she put yellow dye drop on my eye. But after I ask if she could tell me everything she is doing, so that I won't be scare, she did la. 
After all of the test, she concluded that I got CORNEAL ULCER. Corneal Ulcer is an open sore in the outer layer of the cornea. It is often caused by infection. She said I am lucky not to lose my vision as the ulcer was at the corner of my cornea and not the center like most cases. She said the cause is unsure as it could be my contacts, contact case or solution. So because of that for our next appointment, I gotta bring everything for the hospital to examine. She then brought me to what seem like a senior doctor to confirm the case. And the senior doctor said it's correct and told me if during the weekend I feel higher discomfort or lose of vision, I have to come to the hospital emergency. Doctors never seem to give me comforting words. haha. Well I am thankful at least now I know what is happening to my eye. The doctors said to prepare for scaring on my eyes, apparently it will leave a mark on my eyes forever when it heals. So yeah. So much to digest in a day. 

8. Make next appointment
Bring your hospital card to the nurse and told them your doctor want to see you again. Usually most doctor will do a follow up appointment to see your updated condition. 

9. Make payment and collect medicine
I got two eye drops. If i'm not wrong they are both antibiotics for my eyes. In total I think they cost RM 70.90 for less than 30ml each. So now I got to put eye drops for every 2 hours and the other for every 4 hours. Doctor said that I should get back to normal in 2 weeks. If not, then I think they will have to operate.
So there you have it, how I spent today morning. Was at the hospital from 5.30 am - 10.30 am, about 5 hours there and the total cost of seeing an eye specialist is RM 105.90. Really good and decent amount as compare to private hospital that might cost RM 2-3k.

You know I was really upset today because yet another weird diseases I obtain. Remember my last Lump from my stomach (weird cancer)? I asked a friend why am I always contracting weird diseases and he said, well it's so that you can bring awareness of them. I just laughed. You know after that lump post, I helped a to refer a friend to my doctor as she too had the same symptoms. 

Hope this helps anyone who needs to see an eye specialist. I hope you and I will get well soon. Do remember to take off your contacts if you're tired. I dose off with my contacts once for a 2 hour nap. Also wash your hands before you touch your contacts, Don't want any bacteria to be on it. Please don't laugh at me if any of you see me, I can't wear my contacts and maybe no eye make up. Don't know how will I look for the upcoming fashion shows, events and my cousin wedding. lol. Just want to say, do seek a professional help, this post is just a documented process of seeing an eye specialist or my corneal ulcer experience. 

Have a beautiful weekend
And stay healthy
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