Beauty: MISSHA Store Available in Malaysia (Sunway Pyramid, PJ)

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Beauty: MISSHA Store Available in Malaysia (Sunway Pyramid, PJ)
You won't believe it!?! The long awaited Korean beauty brand Missha is finally available in Malaysia! Often raved about by Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers for Missha's Essence, Cream, Booster and Serum, finally we can get hold of these holy grail skincare range. Missha have been opened for a week and since I was in area, I went over to have a look. Seriously there are a lot of customers when I was there. Girls were testing out the brushes, essence and etc. 

When I first entered the store, I love how spacious it is. Missha is near by Juice Works, at a corner lot. Just make sure you go to LG1 near the ice skating ring, you can't miss it. I think I almost spent an hour in the store. I took my time to hunt down the stuff my Youtubers are using and even look out for some stuff I never seen before in other stores. I love how they sectioned out everything and had labels at the top. DID YOU KNOW THAT MISSHA HAVE A MEN SKINCARE LINE.

Sit back and relax, this is gonna be a long post. I'm about to head back to Missha today to get some of the stuff I listed out below. Shall start with unique things selling in Missha. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the accessories area of Missha, there were so many useful things I needed there in my life. 5 Layer Cotton* Sheet is highly raved about by one of my favourite youtube. She says she loves how soft it is and since it was 5 layers cotton sheet, she didn't have to use a lot of cotton sheet to remove her make up or apply any toner. Next up that I saw super cool is Missha Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff. I totally shocked when I notice water inside. I asked the sales girl and she told me that it's a very soft tool to wash the face with. The sales girl told me when Missha first open in Sunway Pyramid, an aunty that came and bought 5 pieces of that item. 

Next up from left to right are Folding Eyebrow Knife (RM15), Mask Brush (RM20), Professional Rounding Angle Foundation Brush (RM68), Professional Oval Make Up Brush (RM55). The mask brush would totally come in handy when putting on mask that are from a jar or container. The other two brushes are often purchased. The angle foundation brush gives a good coverage finish and as for the oval make up brush, it helps to give a natural finish. The bristles are so soft. For those that are wondering, the brushes are halal. The sales girl told me so. 

Only use one direction when using the Oval Make Up Brush

More of the stuff where I thought was unique was, you can find all sorts of things in Missha. Like hair removal cream, slimming cream, vibrating puff for foundation application and even a electrical cleansing brush. I think they are the only "street" korean store (street korean stores are brands that are found at the streets of korea, ie innisfree, face shop, etude house, tony moly, missha and etc) that actually sells the electrical cleansing brush.

Missha have an incredible range of products for their nail category. They even have nail art stickers FOR RM 12! There is about 6 different type from princess, outer space, sports and random shapes. Love the colours from Missha Nail collection. There was 3 nude light chocolate colour that are trending on instagram. Also Missha even have a GEL NAIL LAMP for RM250. Those who do their manicure often knows that the lamp helps to dry your polish faster and giving it a more smoother finish.

The rest below are other stuff I think you should check out. Check out how beautiful some of the packaging are. Feel like its fit for royalty. Also the lip essence was quite cool but haven't heard much reviews of it yet. Am still thinking if I should go all out for the TIME REVOLUTION ESSENCE or try Missha Skin Booster.

Went a little crazy with their lipcolours. Check out the names of the colours, aren't they just the cutest? Wink bunny ought to be my favourite one from these that I chose. FYI their lip collection is massive! This is just a sample of the bunch.

That's about it. I went to Missha on my own and just check out all of the products on my own. The sales girl was really nice and they kept introducing new products to me. Any Missha products you all are looking forward to? Anyways I gotta go now. Need to catch a nap before heading off for a full day of events. Shall show you all my MISSHA Haul soon!

MISSHA Malaysia
LG 1.39 Sunway Pyramid Mall

Have a great weekend!
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