2016 Resolutions For Lazy People Like Me

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2016 Resolutions For Lazy People Like Me
It's been 10 days since new year, have you all started on your new year resolutions? I asked my friends around of their resolutions and most of them replied me with "why bother". Resolutions can be tricky and most of the time we set expectations or standards that are too high to reach. Sometimes, we just have to start with the basics as a baseline to help form the habit and achieve the target. I decided this year to not go overboard with my resolution and to keep it simple. 

I noticed that I gotten rather lazy these past two years. I haven't got the time to write down my resolution until this week because of being in Hong Kong at the end of 2015 and in Malacca for the New Year (Reason why I haven't been blogging). Hopefully I would be able to keep this resolution and complete them all. Here is my list of 2016 Resolutions for Lazy People Like Me...

Be Healthier
Where do I begin? Mcds, Instant noodles and Sleeping at 4am/5am needs to stop. Cook more - It's gonna be hard, but eating a proper meal goes a long way. Plus at least it helps to cultivate cooking skills. Exercise - gotta get that bum of the couch. Shall be exercising at least 30 minutes once a week. Walking the stairs or walking to the car does not count as the weekly exercise but at least go to the park/gym and make time to actually run. Join a marathon - Shall aim at 5k first. No point going all gungho and just chickening out a day before. Climb a mountain - This I have been aiming for quite a while. I'm not talking about Mount Everest but even Broga Hill is find. Doesn't have to be the tallest moutain, as long as it's a mountain, it's done. Plus it's a healthy free activity with friends. Sleep Early - This will be hard but I want to try to achieve 8 hours of sleep and hope to start my day early.

Be Discipline
I am a sloth and a hoarder. My living room is never tidy because of me and my stuff and I can stay hours on my mobile devices (Korean Drama and youtube is my weakness). Control entertainment time - Will be setting an hour of entertainment per day. This includes shows, drama and social media. Hopefully I can time myself for social media. Keep the house tidy - Something I have been doing each day is spending 30 minutes to tidy up the messy areas of the house. To make it less boring, I set a playlist of 7 songs (which each song is roughly around 4 minute) on my phone and play it when I begin. Save money - You will never know when you need it for a rainy day. Am doing the 57 week money challenge, it's where you start saving RM 1 on week 1 and increase each ringgit every week to 57 weeks. Instead of starting with RM 1, I start with RM 10 and just keep adding 10 ringgit every week. It's just adding a zero to the figure la. Of course do save more money, note this is only one technique I am using.

Be On Time
2015 have been a stressful year for me as there were a lot of times where I couldn't deliver promises on time or have double-book myself a couple of time. Have a schedule  - Get a 2016 planner and list down all of my appointments and projects. If it's possible, plan to finish all projects a day before deadline, to reduce stress and to quality check. Also, if possible reach 5 minutes before an appointment to avoid a bad impression. Planning a head is very important!

Be Happy
Even though this sounds easy but sometimes it can be challenging. There are a lot of definition on happiness, for me is when I am contented and pleased with my achievements. Learn to say NO - I'm learning to be selective on the things people ask me to do. Sometimes it can be hard, but do know your limit and capabilities. No point burning out at the end to make yourself and others disappointed. Remember Quality vs Quantity. Travel - Explore to a foreign country, visit a new country and experience their culture. I really want to travel to Vietnam or Philippines, hopefully this year I could. Learn a New Language - There are a couple of phrases I can speak of Korean but it would be amazing if I could have an entire conversation in Korean alone for 15 minutes long. 

Be Presentable
You know I'm the kind of girl that can walk out after combing my hair with my fingers and wearing a random t-shirt from the floor. Sorry if I scared you but if you do live in my neighborhood, you would know. Dress up more - Be it running errands, going to church or eating dinner with the family around the neighborhood, I will at least put an effort to making myself look decent with at least putting on a bit of foundation and drawing my eyebrows. Stick to a Skincare Regime - I get so lazy that I only wash my face with cleanser once a day. Shall use all of the products I already have at home to at least do the four step skincare regime ( cleanser, toner, serum & moisturizer)

It's doable! I can do it. So can you. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. We still have 356 days until 2017! So I guess there can be no excuses until then. haha. All the best and have a smashing year ahead! 
Picture Credits Above: Beautyjunkielondon.com
Took this picture in during my Hong Kong trip. It says, "Do the things you are thinking about".
Hopefully by the end of this year, we all won't be lazy anymore
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