CNY Menu At KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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CNY Menu At KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Chinese New Year is coming! Are you all ready? Thinking of where to go to this festive season for a memorable lou sang with family or friends? KIP Hotel, which opened at October 2015, would be serving CNY set menu during this prosperous season. Located at Sri Utara along Jalan Kuching KL, you will be able to enjoy your reunion dinner with style.

This business class hotel even has an infinity swimming pool outside of the restaurant, where you can take lovely pictures of the sunset before your meal. There are two CNY set menu offered by KIP Hotel which was prepared by Chef Simon. That night, I got to try Set B. The price for Set A is RM 988 Nett and Set B is priced at RM 1188 Nett.

It's tradition to start the Chinese reunion meal with Yee Sang. Hence the first dish of this CNY Set Menu was Salmon with Sliced Abalone Slices Yee Sang . It was beautifully prepared and really the double raw ingredients was amazing combined. Both the salmon and abalone were fresh.

Next up was the Hot and Cold Combination Platter which has marinated octopus, stuffed fried bean curd, prawns along with vegetables in a yam bowl, dumplings/siu mai and candies decorated on the platter. I was actually a bit shocked to see candies placed on the platter. It definitely made it visually appealing and I guess it's an effort to help kids eat the food with the candy reward on the side. The green siu mai/dumpling was my favourite out of the four appetizers, love how the sauce covering it was eggy.

Third dish on the menu was Sharks Fin with Dried Scallop Soup. To those sensitive of eating shark's fin, fret not, because interestingly this dish actually doesn't have real shark's fin in it but something similar. Not quite sure what it was. The other ingredients found in the dish are scallops, crab meat and etc.  

Our fourth dish is none other than chicken! Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Mandarin Orange Sauce. I'm always a fan of lemon chicken, so this was rather similar with the sweet texture. It was an interesting twist using mandarin orange and it turned out complimenting the chicken. Do make sure you eat this right away as the sauce was rather thick and might make your chicken soggy. I felt that it was a little too much sauce for the chicken. This would be perfect with white rice but sadly the rice will only appear at the 8th dish.

For the fifth dish, it was Steamed Silver Cod Fillet Hong Kong Style. BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST FISH I HAVE EVER ATE IN MY LIFE. At one look, I thought to myself it was a very boring decorated dish but once I had my first bite, I couldn't contain my excitement. It was so soft, fresh and beautifully seasoned. Definitely the best dish of the set.

As for the sixth dish, Kam Heong Ming Prawn was served. It was a little spicy, but gosh the prawns was as fresh as the fish. At a swipe with my chopsticks, the shell glide off and at the first bite, the prawns was juicy.  

For the seventh dish, Hong Siew Chinese Cabbage with Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and Fattchoy was served. As you can tell, there were a lot of ingredients from this dish alone and it had to be one of the unique vegetable dish I ever had with a variety of other ingredients. If they had abalone in this, then it would have been perfect. I mixed this with my rice as it's a great combination together.

One more dish to dessert, the eighth dish, Fried Rice with Scallops and Pine Nuts. Was glad that this wasn't the sticky rice as fried rice was perfect as a close of the savory dishes. It was flavorful and light.

And lastly dessert, Snow Fungus & Red Dates In Syrup and Sesame Lotus Balls. The cold soup matched well with the warm sesame balls. Love the peanuts in the balls. Perfect for a sweet ending.

The above food review was CNY Set Menu B priced at RM 1188 Nett for a table of 10 pax. Also, KIP Hotel will be giving out a complimentary eleventh table upon purchase of ten tables. This CNY Set Dinner Promotion will be available from 16th January 2016 - 7th February 2016.

KIP Hotel
No. 77, Jalan Seri Utara 1, Sri Utara Off Jalan Ipoh, 68100 Kuala Lumpur
03 6256 0888 | 011 2800 3116 | enquiry@kiphotel.com.my

Happy food hunting!
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