Glow From Within With KOSE SEKKISEI Trial Kit

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Glow From Within With KOSE SEKKISEI Trial Kit
Ever feel like you wish you could achieve that natural glowing look? Not sure if you guys remembered but about two years ago, I wrote about KOSE SEKKISEI product. Back when I first started blogging. If you would like to read the post, click here. Anyways I got an opportunity to try out the products from KOSE again, this time it was a collaboration with Butterfly Project Malaysia for KOSÉ SEKKISEI trial kit (RM 99). KOSE is a renown Japanese skin care brand that is known for restoring translucence to women’s skin.

TBH, I have to say, if you are serious on achieving fair and clear skin, I would definitely recommend KOSE. I love their White Liquid Wash, every time after my morning cleansing routine, my skin would feel soft and refresh. It doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry but ready to combat any hot weather that I might be experiencing during the day. I'm getting a little ahead myself now, let me start from the beginning. 

The moment I got the package, I was in awe! The PACKAGE that arrived was HUMONGOUS. It was a giant box filled with balloons. I did a video on it, so do watch it before continuing on with this post.

The products that was given in KOSE SEKKISEI Trail Kit (RM 99) was SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 20ml, SEKKISEI Lotion 100ml, SEKKISEI Emulsion 70ml, SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask 10g and Bihadagoyomi mask 3pcs. The entire set is perfect for those who want to try out everything at once, plus the product size is convenient for traveling.

First thing you see from the KOSE SEKKISEI Trail Kit is the cute kimono style pouch. Once you open the pouch, there is an instruction card that comes along with the 5 products. Love how they do give proper instructions on which product comes first and even showing us ways on how to use it.

1) SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash | 20ml
At first look of the bottle, one would think how small the bottle is. But even after close to a month of using it, my bottle is still not half way through. All that is needed to wash your face is about 20cent size of liquid and it would be able to wash your entire face. As I mention from above I love how smooth my skin feel after a wash. The texture is white and non sticky. In the product, it's key ingredient is Rubus Suavissmums Extract, that helps to enhance skin dullness and soothes UV damage. 

For the full size bottle of SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml) it is priced at RM 131.40. 

2 ) SEKKISEI Lotion | 100ml
THIS is KOSE's bestseller, not only does it work like a toner or essence but it can also be a mask! Fun fact about this product is that it contains ingredients from over 100 types of oriental plants. It's colourless but do know that the smell might be a little strong at first application. It kinda smells like alcohol for me. After using this product my face feels refreshed. To use this, after cleansing, you can either dab it all around your face or use a cotton pad with the product all around your face or use it with Bihadagoyomi Mask.

The price of SEKKISEI Lotion is at 200ml | RM 180.20 and 360ml | RM275.60

3) Bihadagoyomi mask | 3 Pieces

So what is a Bihadagoyomi Mask? It's a mask in a form of a tablet pill. For this trial kit, there will be 3 pieces given. If you need a pick me up for your face to get the hydration it needs, place a Bihadagoyomi mask into the cap and pour SEKKISEI Lotion until the mask tablet puffs up. Place on face for 10 minutes and just relax.

Throwback Picture

So emulsion is the same function as a moisturiser. This product helps to hydrate your skin and is known to prevent freckles. The ingredients are Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica that can help provide a more translucent complexion. The emulsion texture is light and absorbs easily into the skin.

The price of SEKKISEI Emulsion is 140ml | RM 191.80.

5) SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask | 10g
This is an additional product that can change your entire skin care routine. It's use to help remove dullness, dead skin and blackhead. It's best to use this either once or twice a week after cleansing. TBH I didn't know that this mask for whitening would have a black colour texture. Black powder is used along with Chinese Quince Extract and a blend of oriental plant in the product to produce the whitening benefits. Just make sure when using this, you avoid your eyes, lips and hair (to avoid any pain). After using this mask, don't forget put lotion and emulsion.

This trial kit is great for those who wants to achieve fair and hydrating skin. I've used this product two years ago and it really did help clear up some of my pimples back then. Also love how gentle the products was as I used to have sensitive skin. Hope this helps those who are considering to get this product. Out of all 5 products, the liquid wash and lotion was my favourite products that helped my skin to be how it is today.


Have a great week!

Pure Beauty Intense Treatment Essence

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Pure Beauty Intense Treatment Essence
Yesterday was the launch of Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence at WOLO, Bukit Bintang. Been a huge fan of Watson and Pure Beauty product that when I first saw this product in their retail store, I kinda lost it. Was excited to see how this product would be like. I didn't really take much pictures of the event instead I took more of the product (Do let me know if you guys like this or rather see event pictures).

This Essence is the addition product to the Pure Beauty Family. Made in Korea. It contains 95.3% of Galatomyces (which is an enrich fermented yeast concentrate containing amino acid, vitamin and enzyme), known to help with brightening & firming skin. Another ingredient in the product is Bulgari Rose Water which as most of us know is the agent to help restore hydration and is good for anti aging. NOTE this product claims to be free of fragrance, paraben, lanolin and alcohol. 

At first look of the bottle it looks a lot like SKII/Misha Essence. When I first picked up the product, I realize how light it is, it's not glass for those who are worry of being a klutz. I  really love how the packaging is, silver transparent and simple. Very minimalistic.

I dabbed a few drops on my hand to try out the product and there was a faint fermented smell. In a few seconds, my skin absorbed the product. It left no sticky traces or any feeling of application of a product. Felt my skin a little softer as compare to my other hand which had no product on. The product is very light like water.

The instruction on the bottle said to dab the product onto a cotton pad then apply onto the face but what I usually do for essence is putting it on my palm and gently pad it onto my face. That way, the product wont be wasted on the cotton pad and that I will get every drop of it, if not on my face then at least on my palm.

In case, some of you don't know, Essence is an EXTRA skin care product which is a beauty must-do by most Koreans. Essence benefit are reducing fine lines, minimizing appearance of pores, providing more hydration to the skin, even out skin tone, smoother and softer skin. There was a skin analysis at the event and I am happy to say that my skin has minimal pore and pigment. But I need to work out on to even out my skin. Apparently there are some dead skin that I need to exfoliate off and I need more water on my face as it's oily-dry.

We have our three typical routine which is CLEANSE - TONE - MOISTURIZE. For those who would like to up your game, especially just protecting or treating your skin, I would recommend you to do so. So for those who like to go all out on skin care, here are my 7 step skin care routine that I am doing now EXFOLIATE (once a week) - CLEANSE - TONE - ESSENCE - SERUM - MOISTURIZE - SLEEPING MASK (once a week).

I would say that this product is a good steal for those who want better complexion. A lot of essence these days are priced above RM 200. This product can be obtain at any Watsons outlet nationwide.

Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence
RM 119 | 150 ML | Watson Outlets

Stay beautiful

Local Sprinting Ace Badrul Hisyam Becomes Puma Ambassador + Launch Of IGNITE Ultimate

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Local Sprinting Ace Badrul Hisyam Becomes Puma Ambassador + Launch Of IGNITE Ultimate
Yesterday was a proud fay for Badrul Hisyam Abdul Manap as Puma officially signed this local sprinting sensation as a part of the "Friends of Puma" family. During the event, Puma also had an official launch of IGNITE Ultimate, latest addition in the IGNITE running shoe family. IGNITE Ultimate is the same shoe that Usain Bolt use to train for the Olympics.

Badrul at the tender age of 19 made waves in the local track scene as he set his personal best record of 10:29 seconds in the 100m event at the recent ASEAN school game. He is currently preparing for the upcoming SUKMA 2016. In conjunction with the launch of IGNITE Ultimate, Badrul will be training with his new pair of IGNITE Ultimate.

The IGNITE Ultimate is the brainchild of PUMA's desire to continuously push for innovation in all products. With it's innovative IGNITE FOAM and unique PU blend, the IGNITE Ultimate offers comfort and energy with every run.

Men's Style

Female's Style

The Puma IGNITE Ultimate is available in Men's (Black & Blue) and Women's (Black Purple & Neon Orange) styles. The shoes are available at all PUMA retail outlets and are priced at RM 479.

Black | Blue | Black & Purple | Neon Orange | RM 479

Have a great day ahead!

How To Get The Cheapest Flight & Hotel

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How To Get The Cheapest Flight & Hotel
I grew up with the belief of making the most of any of my travel. Be it to a foreign land or just a road trip, I always want to make sure that I will fully enjoy my trip. Ever wonder how some people make traveling look so easy? With your friends' pictures posted on facebook or instagram, did you ever wonder how do they afford to always travel?

I did my fair share of traveling abroad and when ever I or my family plan for a trip, we always make sure we would be wise on our spending.What are you willing to splurge at and what are you willing to save on? Number 1 rule of any frequent traveler would be to SET A BUDGET for your travel. Be realistic when setting your budget. Make sure to do your fair share of RESEARCH on the place that you are going to. Check out on the food, language, places to visit, weather and etc. Today, we are spoiled with unlimited amount of resources, especially online with the various travel sites, travel blogs, travel videos and even travel apps.

I'll be honest with you, traveling isn't hard but it's the planning process that will drive you insane. I'm not a detailed person and I like to finish my tasks with the easiest method I can find. So what about traveling? These days we have everything on our phone and we can't live without it because it's like our lives are on it. What if I told you that you can view 20+ airlines at once and book the cheapest flight from it? What if I told you that you can do the same for hotels and book the cheapest hotel at your travel destination?

About a year ago I found out about Traveloka, a platform where you can find the cheapest flight/hotel stay to your travel destination. I used to access the site on my laptop but now I can use their app and easily access my booking via my mobile phone. I was checking out flights for Dubai the other day on Emirates airlines and found it difficult to go back and forth on getting the cheapest flight for the date I want.

Was so surprise to see Traveloka Mobile App have user friendly calendar with public holidays even stated on it

I could even sort and filter the type of flight I would want. From there I can choose the cheapest flight I wanted. 

Which makes it super easy for booking the flight in the end and having an easy access to view the final price. 

Comparing Traveloka app with AirAsia website, definitely Traveloka wins hands down on how user friendly it is. Also I noticed that Traveloka doesn't add any extra charges. Love how their prices are final at payment.

When booking for hotels, I was amaze with how I could find the hotel I want with stating the street I would like to live at. So do make sure you know the famous street in your travel destination. (Ie: Kuala Lumpur famous street is Bukit Bintang). 

 Information of the hotel is also found on the app. It's like viewing any hotel booking site but imagine all of this are found in the app. From the hotel pictures, distance of malls and available rooms, everything is stated. The app even informs what facilities the hotel has and also place TripAdvisor ratings there.

Just like booking flights, it's easy to book your hotel.

As compare to booking hotels on agoda with the same type search, I found it difficult as there wasn't much selection as compare to traveloka.

So, all in all to reduce your time planning and to save money for your travel, I would say that Traveloka is a very handy tool for it. Especially when you can use it on the go. Hope this help those who has been having a hard time finding cheap flights or hotels.

Also exclusive for you guys, I heard that Traveloka will be having an amazing FLIGHT DEAL this week! Do subscribe to Traveloka Newsletter HERE and don't miss out on the special book flight deal! 

Download the app on Google Play Store | App Store

Happy Traveling!

Getting Pearly White Teeth With KL City Dentists, Menara HSC

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Getting Pearly White Teeth With KL City Dentists, Menara HSC
We all want pearly white teeth. I can't imagine anyone who would boldly stand with confidence and both hands raised up high saying they would love mud-yellow cavity filled teeth. As a kid growing up, my family wasn't one that emphasize a lot on oral hygiene. Truth be told, I think most Asian family don't really see it as a necessity as well it's usually rather costly to get your teeth check or getting them fix.

You know how it's important that we should floss everyday?! But do you really know why? It's because after a meal, tiny bits and pieces tend to get stuck at the gaps of the teeth, that's called plaque. Plaque, colorless sticky form, then transform to tartar which is brown/yellow-ish. Which later causes various gum diseases. But what if it's a bit too late? This is where SCALING comes in hand. If you feel like you need an extra hand with removing plague, calculus and stains instantly. I won't lie it will hurt, but really your dentist can make your experience less torturous.

Before CNY, I got a chance to visit KL City Dentists Dental Clinic at Menara HSC, Kuala Lumpur. I wanted my teeth to be in the best condition during the festive season, so I booked an appointment with Dr Mong, which I have to say is by far the most handsome dentist I have ever had. KL City Dentists is a year old and is located at the 7th floor of Menara HSC along Jalan Ampang, KL.

While waiting my turn, the receptionist was friendly and told me to wait at the lounge. The area is beautifully decorated with cozy and modern interior design. I love the fact that you can get a view of the city. TBH this place ought to be the best designed dental clinic I have ever been to.

I was totally blown away the moment I stepped into the dental surgery room. At one glance I saw the entire KL and could hear Adele singing at the background, which made it feel less intimidating and more welcoming.

Mr Mong was polite and detailed. He first did a check up with my teeth and then explained to me in detailed what should I fix. He told me that I had to remove my wisdom tooth soon as the condition wasn't good and I should do it soon before I started to feel pain. However I wasn't ready for a teeth extraction. He understood and told me he will scale and polish my teeth. During the whole process, he kept checking if I was okay (WHICH A LOT OF DENTIST NEVER DO).

I didn't take any pictures during the process as I was scare to move. Anyways during the process, I got to wear a protective glasses which help to protect my eyes from the light. SOMETHING I HAVE TO HIGHLIGHT, when I was lying down and my teeth was being clean, there is a TV for me to watch and it was at the perfect angle when I was lying down. Seriously, this place got entertainment cover for the patients.

 Operating Hours

KL City Dentists also provide other services like :  comprehensive examination & consultation - oral screening, x-ray, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction, fissure sealants, diet analysis, fillings, root canal treatment, periodontal (gum) treatment, scaling, root planing,orthodontics, e-clingners (invisible braces), aesthetic, whitening, child dentistry, oral surgery, wisdom tooth extraction.

Parking rate at Menara HSC

Direction to KL City Dentists

Couldn't stop staring at my teeth after the procedures. Love how clean and healthy it looks. 

KL City Dentists
7-03, Level 7, Menara HSC, 187 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
03- 2181 5792 | www.klcitydentists.com

Stay healthy everyone and don't forget to smile
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