Creative Living with REO Suite

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Creative Living with REO Suite
It was a beautiful weekend. My friend and I was free and decided to check out a place that has been appearing a lot on social media and the blogs. It's not a cafe or a hang out spot, instead it was a property sharing session for REO Suite.

Sounds different right? Well I guess we are never too early to start looking for a place of our own. The showroom for REO Suite is located at One City Mall, MCT Tower. So it wasn't a far distance for us to travel and we got no plans, so we thought why not learn a bit more about property?

The moment we step into the REO Suite show unit, we were totally blown away from the beautiful interior designs and how beautifully they manage to place everything important into a small space. The REO Suite is RM 296k for 370 squarefeet. Somehow it feels like a modern New York Loft. Which I bet is every 20s dream to live in if they are on their own.

The place is located at One City development and it's in between of two highways. Which makes it super convenient to be placed at. I love how the place has wide glass panels that gives you a view of the entire area below. Plus, natural lighting is always good, don't you just feel happy being in a room with natural lighting as compare to your florescent lighting?

REO Suite is made by MCT Consortium. My friend and I felt like we went to heaven when we saw how beautiful their show unit office is. It somehow reminded me of Google fun eco interior concept.

Reo Suite Show Gallery
Daily | 10am - 8 pm
Level 13A, MCT Tower, One City, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Have a great day ahead!

Day To Night Plus Size Looks ft 1MK Mall

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Day To Night Plus Size Looks ft 1MK Mall
As we are about to head out to start our day, I can say with full confidence that most of us are often stress thinking about what to wear. Either with a casual brunch out with friends, work, heading to the gym and even a date night, somehow or another you might feel like you have limited choices of clothing when in actual fact your wardrobe is packed with clothes. 

Recently I teamed up with 1 Mont Kiara Mall to showcase 3 looks from Day, Work Out and Night look. Two of the brands that mix and match my outfits are Protocol and USA PRO from Sports Direct. Protocol is a ladies fashion store that has outfits from casual, work and dinner attire.

Starting from the Day Look. This outfit that I chose can we wore for either work, strolling around the mall, brunch events and the list goes on. It feels very cheerful with the floral patterns on the white top and the peacock handbag is absolutely gorgeous. Love the embroidery details on them that help make the bag look one of a kind. Also since there is a lot of patterns on the clothes, best to stay neutral for shoes and hence I chose my favourite nude heels to complete the look.

TIP: So if you are feeling like you want to dress it smart casual, what I did was take my sleeveless top and turn it into a vest/jacket for my entire outfit.

Both from Protocol | Floral Top: RM 262 | Handbag : RM 125

Off to Workout Look. After work or just a casual day, it's time for exercise. Usually most of us tend to work out in the evening right? You know how there is that saying that goes if you look good then you would feel good too? I took a bright sports bra and pattern tights. Love the pink combination as it matches well with my sneakers. 

TIP: Usually if you are lost on what to wear for any occasion, always know that it's a plus if you match your outfit with either your shoes or bag.

Both from USA PRO | Pink Sports Bra | Pattern Print Tights

Lastly we have the Night Look. Either you have a dinner function or night event or even a fancy date night, feel like this would be the right choice. I themed this outfit Blue and Gold. Chose a sleeveless with see through mesh dress with dainty gold accessories along with an animal print clutch and black heels.

TIP: If your dress have patterns or some distinct details, best to leave it minimal for accessories.

ALL ITEMS ARE FROM PROTOCOL | Dress: RM 202.50 | Necklace: RM 30 | Bracelet: RM 21 | Bag: RM 90

Hope that this gave you guys some inspiration when you are thinking of pairing your outfits. Also 1 Mont Kiara Mall is having a "NEW YOU promotion period where you can win prizes by voting for your favourite blogger. It starts from 25th March - 31st May 2016!" Find out more on 1MK Facebook !

1 Mont Kiara Mall
1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6203 7688
Facebook | Instagram | Website 
All the best fashionistas and have a fabulous day ahead!

Bring Your Mom Out For A Free Movie Date

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Bring Your Mom Out For A Free Movie Date
Think of that one person who loves you without wanting anything in return. As the years passed, we are all so accustom to the habit of thinking what do we benefit when doing something for others. But if you think about it, from the moment we are born, a mother is there ensuring that we have all of our needs met.

From making sure that we are feed, walking up late nights when we are crying, picking us up when we fall, buying our favourite snacks, always ensuring the family eats first before caring of her own meal and I bet there are more. All of us have different experiences but the thing we all have in common would be our moms would put us first in her mind. Even though it may not be the way we want it to be or maybe our moms give us tough love, in the end all she wants is for us to have the best.


Since she wants the best for us, why not we too give her the best we can? For those who are still thinking on what to do for this Mother's Day, why not bring her out for a movie date? In collaboration with 1 Utama Shopping Centre, and TGV Cinemas we will be giving away 10 pairs of "Mother's Day" premierE movie tickets and 10 sets of premiums for you and your mom.

Movie Premier Date: 3rd May 2016 (Tuesday) 9PM

How to win a pair of movie tickets & set of premium?
1. Comment below this blogpost, "I want to bring my mom out for mother's day!"
2. Email me your details (Name, Phone Number, IC and the name you used in the comment box)
Email: jessytheklchic@gmail.com


Giveaway Period: 20th - 24th April 2016

Special Thanks Again to 1 Utama & TGV Cinemas
1 Utama: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
TGV Cinemas: Facebook

All the best and bless your mother this Mother's day!

Thank You Vulcan Post & 1 Million Views

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Thank You Vulcan Post & 1 Million Views
You know in a blink of an eye and it's already April 2016. I still remember my first blogpost I wrote a couple of weeks after my 21st birthday and fast forward to now I'll be turning 24 soon. Through out the 3 years of my journey writing about experiences I faced and etc, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for the support. Thank you for even taking time to read some of the random stuff that made me happy or emotional wreck rants that I wrote.

I really can't believe it but I actually HIT A MILLION VIEWS since July 2013. To be fair, I actually reach a million views sometime in late January 2016 but didn't had the time to actually write about it. What help reached a million views could also be the contribution to Vulcan Post featuring me in one of their article. Am really thankful to them. I think even MSN Asia had the same article on their website.

Anyways, I just like to give you all an update on my life. If you noticed, I havent been blogging much in 2016. There has been a lot of changes for me. One fact would be I've started working full time in Macam Yes Studios (The Team Behind DanKhooProduction). I've even gotten the chance to direct and produce my very own video.

Am really thankful for the opportunities given and also the guidance I have been receiving. So brands and agencies, if you ever need a video, feel free to contact me via email (jessicayong@macamyes.net). So shameless promoting my new company but you know what? I'm really happy at where I am. 

Don't worry, I won't abandon my blog. There will be more giveaways, how-to posts and anything else that you guys are curious about. Just feel free to leave me a comment on what you would like to know and I will try my best to answer them. Again I just want to say thank you to everyone. Without you, I wouldn't have a chance to expand jessytheklchic and even work with brands. Until now it feels like I'm living in a dream.

To those that wish to start blogging, my tip for you is, don't do it for fame or to get free stuff but do it because you like it. The amount of emails and fb messages I get from strangers can be hilarious, from asking about blogging tips to sharing with me their experiences at the places I wrote about. Shall leave all those for another blogpost. 
Hope that you all will have a pleasant week and again thank you.

Perfecto Popcorn Date with Batman V Superman

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Perfecto Popcorn Date with Batman V Superman
When was the last time you truly enjoyed your movie at the cinema? Try to remember that one time where you felt everything was perfect. Well for me, what counts as a perfect movie session is when I have my friends, comfy seats and food! Of course we all know that popcorn is the best snack to have when you watch a movie. It just makes everything better. I'm the kind of movie goer that would already start munching on my popcorn even during the ads and trailers shown before the movie. I guess I'm just get excited for the movie that I need to start munching. 

Well a couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to watch the highly anticipated movie of the year, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's all possible thanks to PERFECTO Popcorn. Perfecto Popcorn comes in 3 amazing flavours - Chocolate In Love, Ultimate Caramel and The French Vanilla! To make it better, they are full of flavours and fully coated too compared to the others which I found to be quite disappointing as they are not nicely coated. PERFECTO is from Mamee Double-Decker's snack by the way, they are also the brand that produces amazing ranges of potato chips that features fresh garnishing and authentic recipes.
I got the chance to enjoy the movie at LUXE, TGV Cinema with Bowie and Samantha. We were all spoiled with popcorn as we feast our eyes on the epic battle of batman and superman. Truth be told, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVED THE MOVIE. It was everything I expected, except for Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Don't get me wrong, he is hands down an amazing actor but if you follow the comics, Lex ain't that animated or dramatic. Felt like Jesse would have made an excellent joker instead. I know a lot of hate has been going around for this movie, but wow it blew my mind. From the minor details of conversation to revealing all of the new characters for future movie installation to the little detail of robin/batman sprayed suit (this is still under speculation on whose suit it belongs to) with caption of "jokes is on you", I can't wait to see what's next for the Justice League movie. 

FYI, most of DC Movies are dark, from their cartoon movie to their blockbuster ones, it's usually all shot in explaining a lot of scenes and building the characters to the audiences. But if I can just take away one thing, it would be Lois Lane. Somehow she never fails but to ruin something and always need saving from Superman. All she needs to do is just stay still. Sorry if that was a spoiler but I do hope that you would go check it out for yourself. Just make sure to watch the previous Superman & Batman movies or else you would be bored and lost during Batman V Superman.

Out of the 3 PERFECTO Popcorn flavours, Ultimate Caramel was my favourite. What's your favorite? Let me know! To grab one of these amazing bundle of joy, head to any hypermarket nationwide.

Small Pack | 85g | RM 4.50
Big Pack | 160g | RM 7.50

5 Cafes To Visit In Damansara Uptown

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5 Cafes To Visit In Damansara Uptown
One of the Saturday in March, I got a catch to visit 5 cafes in a day! Can you believe it? The five cafes I visited were Epicuro, Tea & Tattle, Frisson Coffee Bar, The Good Batch and Battery Acid Club. All this was possible thanks to KetchUp organizing a blogger speed run cafe event in Damansara Uptown.

What is KetchUp? KetchUp is a platform that helps connect cafe owners and the customers. We started out our Saturday morning cafe hopping journey from 11am to 4pm. By the end of the day, I was absolutely flat tired but it truly an interesting event. The previous food adventure I participated in was going to 14 restaurants in a day (click here for the post), so this was still manageable for me.


It was our first cafe visit of the day. I loved Epicuro Subang Jaya outlet, so the Damansara Uptown one was a familiar sight to me. The cafe was cozy to chill at with families enjoying their morning weekend breakfast and they also have amazing waffles. Was actually quite surprise on how soft and crunchy the waffles was. Plus the salted caramel ice cream on the top was a perfect match to the waffle.

20 Jalan SS21/35, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7733 3110
Facebook Page


This was a rather unique cafe, first off one step into the cafe and you would feel an instant joy. I think it has to be my first time seeing a cafe decorated in yellow. Felt very cheery and homey because I actually like the colour yellow, even my bedroom is in yellow. Another interesting fact of this cafe is that they have 140 variety of tea on their menu and an extensive western cuisine. At that moment we enjoyed our rose tea with a slice of cheesecake. Definitely felt very relaxing and soothing there.

Sweet Memories

Filled with Green Jasmine Tea, White peony tea and black tea scented with Rosebuds and asmanthus.

New York Cheese Cake

Tea & Tattle
12, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
03-7732 6080
Facebook Page


THIS PLACE was sardine packed and definitely the reason was because of their amazing food. Their Waffle Burger is a MUST TRY. Just be in mind that it's stuffed with beef bacon & patty goodness.

Wessy Waffle Burger
Packed with beef bacon, cheese,peanut butter, waffles, succulent beef patty and salad at the side.

Frisson Coffee Bar
71-G, Jalan SS21/1A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7732 9969
Facebook Page


Looked forward to this cafe the most as it was the most hyped of cafe in Damansara Uptown. It was equally as busy on a Saturday afternoon. The cafe have a variety of food from serving Portobella Road, Hangover Mess, Norwegian and etc. Love their decorations on their wall and wall art outside of their cafe.

Hangover Mess

The Good Batch
53, SS21/1A. Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Facebook Page


One step in and you could feel the minimalistic vibe. From the cube wall designs to the neon bright tube lights at the counter, everything just looks and feels so clean and simple. In the cafe there is a store, Objektobjectstore, were you can purchase local designer products from watches to even clothing. Their food includes Egg Benedict, Miso Espresso Baked Chicken, Berries Granola, Hawaii Grilled Cheense Panini and etc.

Miso Espresso Baked Chicken

Battery Acid Club
21, Jalan SS 21/34, Damansara Utama
03-7733 9682

Had an enjoyable Saturday trying out the various cafe and meeting new friends. For more infomation of KetchUp go to their Website or Facebook Page.

Happy Food Hunting Guys!
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