FUNA - The Ultimate Family Locator App

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FUNA - The Ultimate Family Locator App
Raise your hand if you have concern parents. The ones that always need to know your location, who you are with at that moment and why you are with them. Well that is my parents. I don't hate it but there are times that I forget to inform them and I would get a dozen of calls. There are times when I couldn't pick up my calls because I was busy or didn't realise the phone ringing and it would cause my parents to be worry. Imagine if you can inform all of your love ones your location instantly with a click of a button?
FUNA Family Locator is a mobile application that is available for downloads for both Android & IOS. Some may feel that this app could be invading your privacy but do know that this app gives you full control on who you would like to show your location too. Lets say you got a love one traveling abroad and you feel worry and constant communication could be hard because of your hectic schedule? Well then think about how convenient this is to be updated of your love one location when you just need an update?
Aside from going abroad, maybe it's just changing states for a business trip or you have to go away for college and your parents just want to know your whereabouts. Definitely save the hassle of them calling every 10 minutes just to know if you are save or reach your destination. When you arrive safely at the location you're suppose to be at, you can choose to check in to show the group of people you included in the app. For this app, I had my mom and dad on it as they are constantly worried for my safety with the rise of crime rates in the city.
The best part of this app is that there is a Location Alert Settings. Let's say you are about to have a meeting with your friends at a certain location. When you turn on the location alert to 1km, your friends would be notify of your arrive when you are within the distance of 1 km by the app notification. It beats calling or texting to ask your friends are they on the way or how far more are they to reach the destination..
Let's say you met with an accident on the road and (this happened to me before) didn't know how to inform your love ones the location of the street or which highway section you are at? There is a SOS Button found on the app. Which once activated, it will inform all of your chosen contact listed in the app your current location. Aside from accidents, maybe it could be other emergency situations. It really saves time instead of calling or texting one person at a time.
Anyways try it for yourself and let me know what you think of it.
FUNA Family Locator

Stay safe everyone!

Think Malaysians Perceive Their Health As Good? Think Again

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Think Malaysians Perceive Their Health As Good? Think Again
If someone were to ask you how healthy do you think you really are? Maybe some might say alright, fair or maybe even below average? Have you ever set weight goals during New Year's Eve as a resolution but never seem to fulfill it? Guess what, you are not alone.

AIA Group recently reviewed their AIA 2016 Healthy Ling Index Survey which surveyed over 10,000 adults across 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region and within the survey there were 751 Malaysians that participated. When asked if Malaysians were satisfied with their health status, Malaysia scored 68 points out of 100 in the AIA 2016 Healthy Living Index, lower than the regional average of 73 points.

To be honest, I was surprise when I saw the results. The index survey focused on 2 main parts of Healthy Living which are people's satisfaction towards their health and their behaviours to stay healthy. The survey found that 70% Malaysian adults felt that their health was not as good as it was five years ago. What's even more scary is that 61% are actually adults below 30! Heck even I would say the same, 5 years ago I was 19 and I remember life as a student was great.

Those that was surveyed recognized that healthy living consist of a mixture of physical elements (getting sufficient sleep and eating healthy) and mental aspects (having a positive mindset and reduce stress in our daily lives). However, one of the key point of healthy living was left out in many countries, which is exercise. Weird ain't it?
From left to right: Mr Thomas Isaac (Director of Intuit Research), Ms Indra Balaratnam (Consultant Dietitian), Ms Jacqueline Wong (HOD Learning and Development of Fitness First Asia) & Dr Myralini, Medical Director and Head of Care Management, AIA Health Services Sdn Bhd

AIA Bhd's chief marketing officer, Thomas Wong who was present at the event, said the survey was first launched in 2011 to gauge how people in Asia Pacific feel about their health, as well as their behaviours and habits. A roundtable discussion was later held to discuss about the findings with the panel speakers above. Which I think it's a fantastic way to help us Malaysians realise how we should be taking our health seriously. It's always from these surveys with the staggering results that gives us a wake up call to do something. Will reveal the 4 main causes of unhealthy living habits from the survey and the tips given from the panel of health expert.

1. Unhealthy Eating Habits 
The survey revealed that 6 out of 10 Malaysians want to lose an average of 8.5kgs. Of the respondents, 55% were either pre-obese or obese based on their body mass index readings. One of the main reason for obesity is poor eating habits. I know it's hard to have a well balance meal especially in our beloved country which has a wide variety of food.

2. Lack of Exercise
The lack of exercise. We can all agree on this! From the survey, it's found that 69% of Malaysians said they exercise regularly BUT ONLY spend an average of 2.6 hours a week exercising and well below the recommended time by most experts which is 3.5 hours a week. Most of us find exercising hard and negative which causes us not to start. We even might lack motivation at times and end up watching TV or even worse, snacking away.

3. Addicted Screen Time
Who here says they will go on Facebook for 5 minutes before bed but soon realize an hour has passed? Sounds familiar? It's scary and how easily engrossed we can get into the realm of the internet. We won't even have realized that time had passed us by so quickly, and the next thing we know, it is already the next morning! Reported from the survey, Malaysian participants spend an average 4.1 hours each day on the Internet for non-work related pursuits which is the one of the highest hour spent in the region. Also, 68% of  Malaysian participants claimed they are addicted to online activities, much higher than the regional average of 57%. Though, is that surprising news?

Tip: Set an an alarm for a fixed time to be online and stick with the time given. Sometimes we can lose track when we are watching our favorite drama, playing our favorite online games or even just updating ourselves with other people's life. A simple alarm could always keep us on the right track to leading a healthier lifestyle.

2. Lack of Sleep
We willingly forgo out sleep due to our habits of being glued to our devices throughout the night or maybe even working late to complete an assignment or work presentation. From the survey, Malaysians are not getting adequate sleep. While a 7.5-hour sleep a night is desired, they only get 6.3 hours, the lowest among the 15 countries surveyed.
Tip: Plan the day ahead with everything that is needed to be done. OFF your wifi connection before going to sleep. That way you won't be disturb from social media notifications.

Tip: Find a group or some friends that share exercise as an interest. When in a group, it's easier to stay in progress, as your peers would often keep our progress in check or invite each other to join a marathon or hike up a mountain. You also don't have to start big, like don't think that you have to join a gym to start exercising. All you have to do first is have that motivation and start small. Like take the stairs up instead of the lift, do some house chores like ironing or even washing the dishes. It is the small step that will slowly build up our habit to move around and about.

86% of those surveyed said they tend to eat when distracted with their screens, 81% admitted to eating unhealthy snacks and 73% had their dinners late. Attempts to eat healthier are recommended with the basics of drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. There is also a pre-conception from Malaysians that healthy food is more expensive (81%); does not taste very good (64%) and is harder to prepare (58%).
Tip: Healthy food is not always expensive. Instead of taking that fried chicken or big bowl of rice, you can choose noodle soup or mixed rice with less carbohydrate. Cooking at home or packing food helps too. To those that say fast food is affordable and convenient, remember, we are what we eat. It's about choice. Choose to eat or exercise all of the calories away.
AIA hopes to encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices in view of results from the survey. Health by far is the most previous thing you own in life and the quality of health is determined by your actions.

What are your choices? The experts recommend us to take small steps, like set smaller, achievable goals and change one step at a time, it does make a difference! Very importantly, we need to sustain these healthy behaviors, then only can we stay healthy!
Have a great day ahead everyone!

Korean Fish Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert at Aboong Malaysia (SS15, Subang)

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Korean Fish Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert at Aboong Malaysia (SS15, Subang)
Like any typical weekend it's a great time to hunt for a new hangout place around the area. It was a scorching hot afternoon and instantly I just needed something cold to help ease with the current Malaysian Weather. Been seeing a lot of the Korean fish waffle with frozen yogurt posting on Instagram and thought to give it a try since it was just around the neighborhood and it was definitely worth the treat.

If I'm not wrong Aboong Malaysia cafe has been open since December 2015 and it's the only store that serves Korean cake in a shape of a fish (bungeoppangs) and turning them into soft-waffle with frozen yoghurt. 

First choose the size of your fish-cone-bun (regular size is RM10 and they were out of stock for large size when I was there). Then pick a base filling of red bean, custard or Nutella (Additional charge of RM1). Currently they are having two types of frozen yogurt, original and milky cheese. Tried them both and would go with the original hands down. They also have a red velvet fish-cone-bun available when I was there.

Do know that it takes a while for the Aboong to be made. The staff first have to make the base with the fillings, then they would let the waffle cool down in order to put the frozen yogurt and then decorate the Aboong.  

One of Aboong staff decorating the Aboong

I ordered the original frozen yogurt with Nutella filling. 

In Korean dramas the fish buns are shown and love that how Malaysia also have this! Once you get your Aboong, I suggest that you eat it right away because with our weather, the frozen yogurt would quickly melt and everything would be a hot messed. 

Love the uniqueness of this dessert and if it was a bit cheaper, I would be visiting this shop often. Definitely a must try item with friends, family or just a treat for yourself.

Nutella Yogurt and Red Velvet

Also when you purchase an Aboong, you can get RM 3 OFF when you purchase a drink

I got myself a Grapefruit Honey Drink

Aboong Ice Cream Malaysia

49, Jalan 15/8a, Subang Jaya, Selangor. 

Have a great week ahead!

Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

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Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream
Raise your hand if you are a fan of matte lipsticks?! Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are trending all around the world and to get one of the product is like finding an earring in a desert. Trust me I tried. Not once but twice on her site and failed. Since then I've been finding alternative, dupes you can call it. AND GUESS WHAT?!! I FOUND IT. Girls let me introduce you to THE BEST MATTE LIP CREAM YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. Until now I can't believe that I got it and it was less than RM20! 

Before you all jump to any conclusions, this is not a sponsored post. Truly genuinely I love this product and I even went to 4 malls and 24 outlets to hunt down for these products. I still can't believe that it's by Silkygirl because the quality and colours are on point.

I think Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream came out at the end of April 2016. I just got mine a couple of days ago (15th May 2016) in Guardian, Subang Parade. I litterally went every other pharmacy store and they were sold out. This range comes in 5 shades: Retro, Glamour, Rebel, Vintage and Vixen. Immediately I fell in love with Retro and Vintage, it's so rare to find that shade of nude in the market.

Don't judge me but I took my swatches and Guardian and the staff even helped me. I bet they never seen anyone so happy getting lip creams. I practically went nuts when I saw that they have stock in the store and told the staff how rare the products are. At one swipe I love how the colour matches the colour of the packaging and display. Just one swipe and the colour shows. Pretty damn pigmented if you ask me.

The applicator is a doe-foot and easy to use. I didn't have a problem applying it on my lips and the packaging is simple. The original price of this is RM 21.90 but currently they are having a promotional price at Guardian for only RM 18.90. Forgotten how much it was at Watsons, anyways you can't find any stock at Watsons as most of their stores are out of stock.

I wore it for an event and needless to say, it surprised me. It's dries up super fast, it does not transfer the colour ANYWHERE. Which if you want to make out while looking good, this is the perfect lip Cream. The only time that the colour came out was when I had my food and they were kinda oily. Face it, any make up product would come out once in contact with oil. So it's super long wearing in my opinion.

 End up buying 3 of Retro (for friends) and 1 Vintage

Picture taken at after wearing for 6 hours without reapplication

The only down side to this lip cream is that it can get a tad bit dry. So do moisture your lips with lip balm before applying the lip cream. Plus this isn't as dry as other Matte Lipstick that actually made my lips peal. Another thing is that, it's a bit hard to remove this. I took about 9 wipes of wet wipes to remove the swatches off and there were still some colour left on my arm. haha. But when I remove it from my lips after wearing it for 12 hours, it was easily removed. Just make sure you use an oil base removal to remove the lip cream.

RM 21.90
Good luck getting them!

Parisian Chic Beauty with L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer Collection

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Parisian Chic Beauty with L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer Collection
The french brand we all know and love, L'Oreal Paris revealed a new brand identity for it's products now known as L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer. With the debut of L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer, Malaysians can expect to see new products with innovative formula to never-before-seen textures to create their desired make up looks.

Whenever we put on our makeup, it's also another form of expressing our personality with the colours we choose and we can see from these 3 aspect, L'architecture Du Teint (Face Architect), L'art Du Regard (Eye Artistry) and La Obsession De La Couleur (Lip Colour Obsession). Sounds like a handful of french words right? At least now you know the different face, eye and lip section of the makeup in French. At the debut event, we also got a chance to watch Malaysian Makeup Artist Geraldine Loy at work as she creates her Parisian Chic look with L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer Line of Products.

Models with the Parisian Chic Look

In total there are 7 new products from L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer Collection.
Fasle Lash Superstar Mascara (RM 58.90), Superstar Liner Impact Felt Liner (RM 35.90), True Match Genius Two Way Cake (RM 59.90), Lucent Magique Cushion Blush (RM 49.90), CC Balm Genius (RM 23.90), Glam Shine Balm (RM 23.90) and Colour Riche La Palette Nude (RM 89.90).

Am really excited for Colour Riche La Palette Nude as it has 10 shades to choose from and it varies from shimmery, matte and sheen texture. Shall do a review if I do get it from the store. Below are the other pictures taken at the event.

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer
Website | Facebook Page

Stay Beautiful!

Innisfree Green Tea Kit x Line Friends

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Innisfree Green Tea Kit x Line Friends
That day has come where INNISFREE and Line Friends actually did a collaboration back in April in conjunction for Earth Day. The internet exploded and everyone on my facebook was practically sharing this new limited edition collection of Innisfree and Line Friends. And yes, I too lost my cool when I first saw it on Innisfree Facebook Page on April Fool's Day.

The thing about this product is, you can buy it at Innisfree stores but it was actually A FREE GIFT, if you spend RM300 & above. haha. Needless to say, lots of Innisfree stores ran out of the Innisfree X Line Friends products. So if you have it, it's like a rare collection now. Keep it close to you!

Lucky enough I also got a kit of my own thanks to Innisfree and Hashtag City. This kit is call Eco-Friendship Green Tea Kit. ALL OF THE PRODUCTS have different Line characters on the products and the best part is, I have never seen them pose in that manner. It was so cute that I actually spent 15 minutes just admiring the packaging. The yellow bag they gave also have Brown Line character on it and the back of the bag also showed the behind of the Brown, super adorable and unexpected. Was just so happy to have them.

This Eco-Friendship Green Tea Kit comes with Green Tea Seed Serum (30ml), Green Tea Balancing Skin (50ml), Green Tea Balancing Lotion (50ml) and Green Tea Balancing Cream (30ml).

The Innisfree Green Tea ingredient is from Jeju Island in South Korea and in conjunction with Innisfree Journey of The Green Tea Seed Serum Event, Innisfree would want to send two lucky inni-friends TO JEJU ISLAND!

From now until 31st May 2016, take a photo of The Green Tea Seed Serum at any signature landmark in Malaysia, upload it onto www.myinnisfree.com and share it on your Facebook or Instagram account with hashtags #innisfree and #journeyofseedserum. 

The best photo will win a trip for two to Jeju Island! Do keep a lookout for more updates on innisfree promotions on innisfree’s Facebook (innisfreeMYS) and Instagram (innisfree_malaysia).

Innisfree Malaysia
Sunway Pyramid G1.70 | Paradigm Mall Lot UG-11 | Pavilion KL Lot 4.02.02
#innisfree    #innisfreemy    #journeyofseedserum

Have a great weekend ahead!
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