Enhance Your Health With Shine Bokbunja N-zyme & Vinegar (YSP)

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Enhance Your Health With Shine Bokbunja N-zyme & Vinegar (YSP)
In just few blinks of an eye, here we are almost reaching the middle of the year. Still remember the resolutions you set early at new year? This year one of my resolutions is to be healthy and sometimes it's hard with the hectic schedule in life. Most of the time when I get back from work, all I want to do is sleep. Hence my relatively slower posting on my blog (sorry about that). You know I always thought, if I am tired after a long day of work, I can't imagine how tired my parents are since they been working for more than 30 years.

Mother's day just passed, how did you guys celebrate? Did anyone postpone their celebration? Well you know what? Someone once told me why should we only take a day to celebrate how wonderful our parents are? Instead of celebrating our parents for a day, we should do it everyday. 

Recently I got a chance to review Shine Bokbunja N-zyme & Vinegar. I know this is not a typical thing to write about, but I've been trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and if something is good for your body, why not try it out? Usually we hear of older people consuming vinegar or taking essences drinks, but whats up with actually boasting our body health with all these goodness while we are young? It's like playing a game, you gotta strengthen all of your characters before you continue with the next level of the game or else you will just be losing every round when you encounter a strong opponent. 

Bokbunja (복분자) is the Korean word for Wild Black Raspberry and is also the main ingredient of this N-zyme and Vinegar. 

Benefits of BOKBUNJA?
It contains essential nutrients like organic acids, plant sterols, vitamins such as ellagic acid, β-sitosterol, vitamin C, B-complex, Fupenzic acid and etc.

Functions of BOKBUNJA?
• To strengthen liver and kidney functions
• To achieve rejuvenation with reversal of gray hair, relief of frequent urination, improvement of eyesight and regain of the energetic and youthful men’s health

Sounds quite cheeky right the last function? Anyways I personally love the taste of wild black raspberry. I also like one of the benefit that it helps give the skin a better complexion and also help to improve eyesight (am praying for the day that I won't need to wear glasses).


Benefits Of Enzyme / N-zyme?
Our body needs catalysts that breakdown substances and eliminate unwanted chemicals or toxins in the body. It enables easier nutrient absorption and sustain energy.

Functions Of Enzyme / N-zyme
• Provides better digestion
• Helps to strengthen nutrient assimilation
• Enhance Energy

Directions For Usage: Serve twice a day. Dilute 2-4 tablespoons or 20ml (with the help of measuring cup given in the package) with cold or warm water.

Target Group: Those who have digestive problem (Like me, from my previous health post I bet most of you would know my history of digestive problems), lactose intolerance, meatatarian  and those who are easily get fatigue or have low energy.


Benefits Of Vinegar?
The Vitamin C content of vinegar is 10 times higher than an apple. It is rich in nutrients like aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other amino acids, as well as phosphorus, iron, zinc, and 10 other minerals.

Function of Vinegar?

  • Gook for complexion. Keeps the skin moisture, reduce melanin and wrinkles. 
  • Blood Glucose Control
  • Body Weight Control
  • Cardiovascular Protection

How Is It Made?

Shine Bokbunja product series is processed and fermented under controlled condition. For their vinegar it goes through 2-Stage fermentation which in turns help to intensifies flavour and aroma, enhances vinegar activity and increase polysacharride contents in the vinegar. It's made with natural fruit flavour, no flavouring, no colourant, no preservatives and it is 100% vegetarian. Which is suitable for group of all ages, including elderly, adults and children. Often times most patients have a strict diet and it's good that from a drink alone individuals can get the much needed daily nutrients.

Directions For Usage: Consume directly or dilute (1:3 ratio) with cold or warm water. Or place in salad with recommended 4 table spoons of serving.

Target Group: Those with poor skin quality, looking for weight control, diabetic patient, high blood pressure patient and patients who have arthritis and gout.

Overall I would say that Shine Bokbunja N-zyme and Vinegar is a good easy step for those who want to get the nutrients they need without popping any pills. Do know that Shine Bokbunja product series is used as supplementary food and mainly for body health enhancement, but not as a treatment. The packaging design is pretty and convenient (bottle), good for presents to either your friends or your family members. PLUS Parents day or father's day is coming up! Instead of getting flowers that is just for show, getting Shine Bokbunja N-zyme and Vinegar can give health benefits for the family. 

Shine Bokbunja
Ordering Tel: 1 800 88 3027
Products are located in pharmacies, chinese medical hall and online purchase at http://www.shineclub2u.com/
GET 10% WITH PROMO CODE (256443753)
Nzyme 375ml | RM 93.50
Vinegar 600ml | RM 72.50

Hope you all have a great week ahead!
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