Purple Hair With Number76

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Purple Hair With Number76
Early this month, I decided to do something different with my hair. It's been a while since I last redye and out of all the colours I did so far, I realise that I haven't tried out purple! So I actually went for it. As most of you know I stop bleaching my hair for quite a while now. My last bleach was for my blonde hair and I just wanted to give my hair a breather for it to grow.

So do know that this colour was dyed on my previous faded hair colour (view here). Was super happy when the purple was so vibrant. Another wonderful job by Number76 hairstylist Suky. Seriously if you ever want to get your dream hair, choose her and the results will come out beyond your expectations.

The day when I took these pictures I switched to a new camera of mine (am actually not loving the quality of the pictures) and do know that it was a very hot day (hence the sweat and hope it didn't gross you guys out). Anyways do know that when you dye your hair to an extreme colour, you have to protect it with the right shampoo! If you don't know which shampoo to use, do consult your hair stylist. In the end my hair faded to brownish purple. For more info, do go to Number76 and ask the hairstylist there or you can even drop me a comment and I'll try my best to reply them!

Number76 Bangsar
No. 50, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi , Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
03 2283 1776 / 2776
Daily 10am - 10pm

Located by the main road, across the road from a residential area. Same row as Imperial Dentist Specialist and HSBC bank, exactly next to Pos Malaysia post office.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Korean Beauty Haul Products + #AltheaTurns1

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Korean Beauty Haul Products + #AltheaTurns1
If you're a beauty and Korean junkie like me then you should know about Althea Korea! It's hard to believe that a year have gone by so quickly and today is none other than Althea's 1st Anniversary. 

In case you still haven't heard, Althea Korea is a platform that supplies Korean beauty products! So you don't have to go to Korea to get the latest beauty items when now you can get them at your doorstep with a click of a button! The best part is, the product prices is almost similar if not cheaper than the ones in Korea. Althea Korea is found in Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines and Indonesia!

Since it was Althea's birthday, I couldn't resist shopping plus the amount of "Daebak Deals" are just too alluring for me to handle. For their first birthday, they totally up their game with supplying a limited edition brighter pink box with balloon cartoons. Cute right?

And that's not all, a party is only complete with some decorations! Althea actually gave out items to pimp out your celebration with them. They included  a birthday party hat, decorations for the hat and a pink balloon!

From today 20th - 31st July 2016, Althea lined up amazing goodies for everyone! 
1. For the first 1,500 shoppers, they will receive Althea Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit.
2. Pick 3 Best Sellers for 100% REBATE! Get 100% rebate in the form of Reward Points when you pick 3 items from their special Best Seller list. #FreeStuffMustShare! Do note that rebate will be credited upon completion and shipment of your order.
3. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest
Always wanted a Macbook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits or beauty hampers from Althea? Well get out your Althea DIY Parky Kit and get creative to wish Althea happy birthday on Instagram with the hashtag #altheaturns1. You just might be one of the lucky winners! Contest period is from 20th July – 15th August 2016.

And now details of my haul! In total it was RM150 for all of these items!
Here are the details of the products I got: Innisfree Tinted Dual Brow, It's My Puff, Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff, Etude House Colour My Brows, Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer and Tony Moly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base
Happy Birthday, Althea! #AltheaTurns1

For new members you get RM30 + RM5 (CLICK HERE)

Happy Shopping!
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