What You Missed At Influence Asia 2017

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What You Missed At Influence Asia 2017
Hey guys! Happy weekend. How you all doing? Most of you might heard that last night (Saturday) was Influence Asia 2017. It's an award event where influencers and content creater are celebrate. It was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. There were performances by Jessica Jung, Thelioncityboy, Tulus, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Defam and Project E.A.R. Prominent international influencers also made an appearance to present the awards were Carli Bybel, Shannon Harris, Itsjudytime, Sririta Jensen, Lily May Mac and Vice.

I actually wanted to vlog during the event but I brought the wrong sd card which was too slow for my compact camera. So instead I took some pictures. The pictures are placed chronological order. It was my first time to Influence Asia 2017 (all thanks to Ernest Ng and Dankhooproductions) so I didn't know what to except. I actually took some insta videos from the start of the event and then follow up with pictures on my camera. Hence I couldn't take everyone's picture and I have to admit I'm a bit bias to team Malaysia since I'm Malaysian. But hey, enjoy the pictures and my comments from the event.

Opening Speeches by Yello Digital Marketing
 Shannon Harris and Carli Bybel presenting the Beauty Influencer Award
Chanwon Won Malaysia Beauty Influencer Award (PC: Chanwon)
 Eunice Martin wins Malaysia Food Influencer Award  
 Itsjudytime Presenting the Parenting Influencer Award
Ploy Chidjun Won Thailand Parenting Influencer award. 
Her sons are adorable I tell you, they actually said thank you to the crowd for the award.
Yebin Won Korea Parenting Influencer Award
Defam Performance
Sririta Jensen Presenting Fashion Influencer Award
Emma Shazleen Won Malaysia Fashion Influencer Award
Joanna Soh Won Malaysia Heath & Fitness Influencer Award
Lily May Mac & MAS Airlines Presenting Lifestyle Influencer Award
Lily May Mac was the most cheerful presenter of the whole lot
Pimtha Won Thailand Lifestyle Influencer Award
Naomi Neo Won Singapore Lifestyle Influencer Award
Cupcake Aisyah Won Malaysia Lifestyle Influencer Award
Team Korea Influencer giving their support to their fellow friends on stage by asking the crowd to cheer loudly for them
Half way through out the award show, we were given helium baloons with snacks attached to it.
Luqman Podolski Won Malaysia Breakout Influencer Award
Dankhooproductions on the way to the stage accepting his Influencers' Choice Award
Influencers' Choice Award was only won by Malaysian. Super proud of them btw, since no other country got it. It went to the OG of youtubers, Jinnyboytv, Dankhooproductions and Dennis Yin.
This was a bit surprising but Yan Kay Kay Won Singapore Youtube Personality Award
Jinnyboy Won Malaysia Youtube Personality Award. It's his second award win btw.
Jessica Jung making her first appearance at the event
Jessica Jung presenting the Influencer Of The Year award
Didn't know my camera lens was so good that I can actually read the back of her card. lol
Eden Ang Won Singapore Influencer of The Year Award
Jinnyboytv Won Malaysia Influencer of The Year Award. It's their third win, if you're keeping count.
Banzz Won Korea Influencer  Influencer of The Year Award
Ssinim Won Korea Beauty Influencer Award and Korea Youtube Channel Award
Ssin was super cheeky when receiving her second award. 
She said, "my make is all gone right now, so I have to wear my sunglasses."
So much swag
Jinnyboytv Won Malaysia Youtube Channel Award. In total they won 4 awards! 
They dominated every category they were nominated for. Am super proud of their achievement, they totally deserved it with all of the hard work they put in each video. Also, Jin made a very touching speech where he thanked his mom and wife along with the other OG youtuber in Malaysia (Dankhooproductions, The Ming Thing and The Grim Film)
The crowd of the event
Performance by Noo Phuoc Thinh
Suddenly fan girls started to crowd where I was seated at. It was then I knew who was the final performer.

Never would I ever thought I could have watch Jessica Jung live. She was amazing!
Wish I could say the same of the host who snag a photo with Jessica while all of us awkwardly watch

Felt very motivated after the event to work harder. No knows maybe one day, I might be able to share the stage with them. A girl can always dream right? Anyways, nothing is impossible.

To view the full nominations, head over to Influence Asia 2017 website.

Have a great weekend!
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