After You Cafe | Must Visit Cafes In Bangkok

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After You Cafe | Must Visit Cafes In Bangkok
So, last week I did the unthinkable. I went to Krabi, Bangkok and back to Krabi again. The whole trip was 9 days in total. From island hopping to cafes hopping in the city, I did them all. So, I thought why not start a mini series on Must Visit Cafes In Bangkok. I'll start with the first cafe that I visited, which was After You Cafe.
My friend Sharlene was the mastermind behind the cafe hunt in Bangkok and gosh was I surprised at how beautifully decorated Bangkok cafes are. We took the BTS train (140 THB - whole day pass) and Uber (40 THB) to this cafe. FYI guys, Uber in Bangkok is super cheap. Remember to take advantage of it as you might encounter sneaky taxi men (Don't make the same mistake as I did, I was actually conned by a taxi driver. Will elaborate more of that story on another blogpost).
Back to the infamous After You Cafe which they are famous for their Kakigori (Ice Dessert) and Shibuya Honey Toast. Since I'm on a diet, I only ordered an Ice Mochaccino for a wake me up. Kishya and Sharlene got After You Cafe new Kakigori edition which is Mango Sticky Rice.
The cafe have a very homey vibe with the wood themed furniture, walls and shelves. I love how they used the barley dried up plant as decorations at the corner along with selling their cute stationary/merchandises. But mind you, it's a bit pricey as compare to typical food in Thailand. The Kakigori cost 265 THB and my Mochaccino cost me 135 THB. That's typical price of cafe food in Malaysia. At least their tax and service charge are already included from the prices shown on the menu.
There is nothing to shout about for my drink but their Kakigori is hands-down AMAZING. Visually it's stunning as it looks like something you would see from an anime, it just looks so cartoony with the cream looking like clouds dangling on the smooth ice. Usually most Kakigori I notice the Ice is dry and rough looking but this was just perfect.
Thanks to the girls I got to steal a few bites. haha. Surprisingly it wasn't as sweet as I expected. They actually have extra mango syrup and I think milk on the side if you need an extra sugar rush for your dessert. But by it's own without putting the extra add ons was perfect.

The best part was reaching to the end of the bowl as there was real mango cut out cubes and sticky rice. After all this Kakigori is called Mango sticky rice. It may look small at first but I think you would need at least 3 people to finish it as the serving is quite generous with a lot of mango cubes and sticky rice at the bottom.
By the way, I know that this is super random but everytime when you visit a cafe in Bangkok, make sure to visit their toilets. After going to four cafes in Bangkok within a day, I realise that all their toilets had a themed. From minimalist to black marble themed. Anyways check it out on your own to understand what I mean. One last thing before I forget, the staff there are incredibly helpful. I needed a place to charge my phone, instead of showing me where the power socket was, they loan me their powerbank. I felt so touched because who would wanna lend their powerbank to a total stranger?!
After You Cafe
323/3 ซอยสุขุมวิท 55 ถนนสุขุมวิท แขวงคลองตันเหนือ Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
11 AM - 12 AM
Happy cafe hunting!

Krabi Seven Island Hopping & Sunset Cruise Dinner

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Krabi Seven Island Hopping & Sunset Cruise Dinner
Who's here a fan of the beach? I just got back recently from Thailand. I've been soaking up the sun and enjoying the beaches in Krabi. GUYS, you gotta try out Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour if you are looking for a relaxing day out in the ocean and discovering various islands.
I tried out other island hopping tours before and by far, this Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour gotta be one of the most chilled and memorable trip I joined. My friends and I got this tour while checking out various tourist information booth near Krabi Ao Nang Beach. From the price of 2000 Baht, we manage to get 700 THB per person (excluding 400 THB for National Park Entrance fee + 10 THB for using the pier). Not sure if this is the cheapest you can bargain but hey, try your luck and let me know if you got a better price than me.
On the way to Poda Island
Before this tour, I had joined the Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour which was super rushed in my opinion. For this Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour, it included free hotel pick up and drop off, 7 islands, snorkeling, fruits, free water, BBQ dinner and night snorkeling with bio-luminescent plankton! The best part is that this 7 island sunset tour starts in the afternoon from 1pm-8.30pm. So you won't need to get up early and rush.
Poda Island
The most important thing when searching for an island tour is to ask how many people will be in the tour group. Safe to say there was less than 40 people for this tour. I have heard that there were other tours that had 70 people in the Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour. So comparison, less than 40 people is still alright. Our Krabi Seven Island Sunset Tour was with Mariam Tours and Travels. There are a lot of tour groups offering the same packages, so do choose wisely.
We were first picked up from our hotel at 12pm by a thai tuk tuk bus. They actually squeezed 15 of us on it. Needless to say the ride was scary as we had to held on to each, in order not to fall off. there wasn't any doors or seat belts, it's like sitting on an open lorry with any open opening at the end.
We later reached a hut where we had to pay for the national park fee, which is like the entrance fee to go on the islands. If you ever wonder why Thailand beaches are so clean, well it's because each of us had to pay 400 THB for it. After that we collected our snorkeling gear and head over to the pier. FYI don't lose your snorkeling gear, if you do, they will charge you 900 THB for each.
We had to pay an extra 10 THB for the pier usage
We were then ushered to a small boat to transfer us to the big boat which will be cruising us around the sea. If you got kids or older folks with you, do know that it might be a struggle as you would have to constantly switch from the big boat to the small boat when reaching an island as the big boat would not be able to park near the shore of the beach. But do know that there was an 80 year old aunty on board with us during the tour and she was super sporting regularly coming and going back up on the boat without any difficulties.
From the small boat to the big boat
The big boat had two levels and all of us stayed on the top level. I was at the bow of the boat most of the time as the view there was amazing but of course I got sun burnt from that. Irregardless, it was worth it. The 7 islands that we went to are Poda Island, Si Island, Tup Island, Tang Ming Island, Chicken Island, Mai Urai Island and Phra Nang Island.
On the big boat
Poda Island
We got to snorkel 3 times in total, if I'm not wrong, the first two was Si Island and Tang Ming Island. I'm not sure about the last one as it was night time when we snorkel to see the bio-luminescent plankton. Sadly we also didnt visit Chicken island. We had about 30 mins for each snorkeling stop and about 50 mins to chill at the islands.

Si Island
I got to jump off the sun deck twice!
Do know that even if you don't plan to snorkel, you will get wet because the islands don't have proper piers or dropping-off areas. So you will have to jump out of the small boat and into the water (which can be as high up to your knees). It was definitely leg day for me as every time I climbed onto the boat. lol. I guess I need more workout more.
Small boat
On the way to Tup Island, there was a bunch of jellyfish surrounding our small boat and a few of them washed up on Tup Island shore. 
Tup Island
Never knew how pink jellyfish are until that day.
Don't expect the guides to give you any information on geographical lessons of the island, if you're curious to know which island you're at, do ask them or they would not say anything. But do know that the Mariam Staffs are one of the most friendliest bunch and they were entertaining during the tour.

#4 Chicken Island

The BBQ food was a total let down for me. It was like some packed food that I could get from a store. I actually thought that it would be freshly BBQ by the beach. It tasted alright, it was halal (in case any of you Muslims out there would like to know) and I got to eat by the beach and watch the sunset. Which was nice and relaxing. 
Phra Nang Island
After dinner, we had night snorkeling to see the bio-luminescent planktons. It was magical for me as the entire area I was at lighted up. It's like seeing stars in the ocean. If only I had a water proof camera to show you what I saw.
We ended the night with a fire show by Mariam Staff which was entertaining as the guy moved to fast and after the show they sent us back to our hotels around 9PM.
Overall, it was a beautiful trip. I had a lot of insta-worthy pictures. Make sure to bring your camera for this tour! Also, do know that the water was murky when I was there as it rained the day before. So be sure to check the weather before you book your tours.

Krabi 7 Island Sunset Tour
700 THB + National Park Fee/Entrance Fee 400 THB + 10 THB PIER CHARGES = 1110 THB
12 PM-9 PM

Happy travelling!

By the way, all pictures here were taken with my XiaoMi 5 phone. My camera got too much fun with the sea water and is now recuperating. Anyone got any camera recommendation?
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