Japanese Hair Treatment with Global Milbon Smooth | Number76 Bangsar

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Japanese Hair Treatment with Global Milbon Smooth | Number76 Bangsar
Ever run your fingers through your hair and found it stuck? Especially if you had dyed or bleach your hair, I bet you will understand what I mean. I recently tried out Number76 fast and brilliant Japanese Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment. I had my hair pampering session at Number76 Bangsar outlet (do make sure to call for appointment to avoid disappointment). I waited a week to get a slot there btw.

Usually my hair is unbelievably dried and dull, all thanks to the 3 bleaches I had done back during my college days before I even dyed my hair at Number76. Anyways, because of those bleaches, I have to get hair treatment at least twice a year and most of the time the hair treatment takes forever around 1 hour or more. So imagine my surprise when Suky my hairstylist told me that Global Milbon Smooth Hair treatment takes 15-20 minutes only.

Plus my hair was ultra smooth and soft after the treatment. I'm not paid to write about this, was just happy to try out this treatment. All pictures were taken with my phone btw. There are 3 steps in Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment, Smooth, Moisture and Repair.

For the first step, the product used has a soft fresh and floral scent. My hairstylist told me this product is first used to wash hair with the proteins found inside to keep the hair smooth. Second step is Moisture where my hair was soaked in water with my second fruity product and then rinsed. Third is Repair with hair mask that has a sweet rose scent. After all three steps of the Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment, I got my hot towel scalp massaged. I never knew how much I love hot scalp massaged until I went to Number76. It's super refreshing and relaxing.

You can totally see how smooth my hair is after the treatment. I even asked Suky if she can do a casual curl for me as I had to run some errands after the hair pampering session. 
Totally love the outcome of the curls and how natural it looks. 
Btw I filmed a video of my diet plan, it will be out soon!

FYI for more information of Number76, click here. In a nut shell, know that Number76 is holds the title of the best serviced hair salon in Malaysia. From the incredible hair dyes they had done to how they always put customer first in everything. THEY EVEN SERVE FREE COFFEE, TEA AND APPLE CIDER. Tell me which other hair salon does that?

Currently they are having 20% off for any hair treatment for the entire month in August (the counter girl told me so). Go check it out. Do call for Suky, Ivan or Yoishi if you are there!
Number76 Bangsar
No. 50, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
03-2283 1776/2776
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