How I Lost 6.4KG in 3 Months?!

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How I Lost 6.4KG in 3 Months?!
I bet I got your attention with this picture. It’s been a challenging journey for me. To those that had been following my social media updates, I bet most of you have seen my random home-cooked food or body size updates. From 17th April – 17th July 2017, I have been on ageLOC TR90 weight-lost program. Finally, here is my write up of my TR90 journey. PSA : It’s gonna be a long post, so grab some snacks and get comfy. 

I’m gonna get personal here (If there is any nasty comments, I will delete them). I was bullied a lot in school from the teachers that called me fat to the guy who told me that I was bigger than any pregnant woman he had seen. Thinking back, just makes me laugh because how could I have been bigger than a 9 month pregnant woman? Anyways, even though that bully didn’t make sense, at 13 years old, hearing that was painful. Now that I’m in my mid 20s, it’s more for my health that I am looking to change. I won’t hide the fact that I love food and I wasn’t active in sports. I love staying in the indoors, watching my shows. As I grew older I did try on various diets, from other supplement pills, detox tea (which was the worst experience in my life) and the typical no carb diet (which did lead me to lose 10kg in a year!). So there you have it, my background story. 

First off, I need to let you guys know that I was approached by Nu Skin to try out their ageLOC TR90 program. Like it’s name, TR90, it is a 90-Days program where I will be following their program guide. 

What is ageLOC TR90
It is a weight management program that is customised to each individual by Nu Skin. Different people have different needs, I do know that there are those who want to gain weight and follow ageLOC TR90. As for my case, I am losing weight with ageLOC TR90 program. 

Do know that there is nothing extreme like starving or exercising for 3 hours a day on this program. Nu Skin ageLOC TR90 program is very statistical with providing the information of your body with body fats percentage, visceral fats, BMI, skeletal muscle % and etc. What I love about this program is that instead of losing fats, they encourage you to gain muscles, in order to live a healthy balance lifestyle and not bounce back to your original state. 

In a nut shell, ageLOC TR90 aims to build lean muscles, burn fat, increase metabolism and control cravings. 

First Visit To Nu Skin 

On 14th April 2017 was my first visit to Nu Skin Malaysia Distributor Centre which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I got to meet with my consultant Leon and he informed me of the program details. I also got to do a photoshoot, to all those who start on their ageLOC TR90 would also get a chance to experience this. 


Weighting and Measurements 
After the photoshoot, Leon and a female consultant did my measurements and weight me with their OMRON Karada Scale. The scale calculates the body fat, weight, visceral fats, muscle mass and more according to your height, age and weight. I stand on the scale, held the bar up right and freeze while the machine did its calculations. 

So here are my statistics, age 25, height 162cm, Weight 86.9kg, BMI 33.1, Body Fat Percentage 38%, Visceral Fat Level 13 and Skeletal Muscle Percentage 23.7%. I did all my measurements on my right side, upper arm 32cm, waist 88.4cm, abdomen 95.5cm, hip 106.5cm, thigh 52.2cm and calf 41.8cm. 

Throughout this program, your consultant will be in touch with you at least once in 2 weeks to follow up with your measurements and weight progress. 

What you will receive from ageLOC TR90: 

1. Jumpstart Drink 
This drink is for you to intake for the first 15 Days. It’s like to prep your tummy for this program. I love the fact that this came in pomegranate taste. 

2. Supplements 
There are two supplements that will help to increase the body’s metabolism and energy level. It is to be taken 15 minutes before meal time (2 pills from each bottle). 

After you had your meal, you are to take a pack of the lifepak supplement (4 pills). 

3. Trimshake (One meal replacement) 
There are two flavours to choose from, Vanilla or Chocolate. I chose the chocolate flavour. You would have to choose between lunch or dinner to replace your meal with this Trimshake. I chose my dinner as dinner is usually when I tend to over think what to eat and end up eating more than I should. 

3-3-3-3 Eating Plan 
I love how the eating plan is a balance of everything. You would have to follow your palm to know the portion of your food category. Carbohydrate (Carbs) is the bare minimum as you can see from storing foods. There are two types of protein, meat and non-meat which you can only have a fist size of it. As for fruits and vegetables, you can have a generous serving of it. 

Weight Lost Journal 

Here is my 3 months of compilation of the food I had, routines I took and also some pictures of me. I won’t be posting them all as there are too many. But I do hope that you can see my progress over time. 

April - I started this journey on the 17th April 2017, which is also the first day of my work. So you can only imagine how I had coped with both a new environment and lifestyle. I won’t lie, it was hard and there were times that I wanted to give up because it was just easier to not care about what you put in your body and what was available around you. As I mentioned above, exercising daily was hard too as I was getting used to my new work environment. Let’s just say that April was a tough month. 
Ps. I placed my fist there for you to know the size of my food portion. 

To be honest, I did think that I did a good job at that time for my first 17 days in April but now that I am writing this, I can’t believe that I ate so much. Leon had told me that my lunch portion is too much and that my breakfast portion is too little. He pushed me to make a change for May and advice me to do more exercises. In April I used the treadmill machine for at least an hour 3 times a week. 

May – I had just started my training period in my workplace and it was tiring to absorb all the new knowledge. At the mid of May, I started to prep my meals for work as it would be easier. Also it was harder than expected because my family don’t eat in much and we always eat out for our meals. I did what I knew and it was not bad. 

As you can see I started to follow a pattern where I would normally cook soup with tuna or chicken. I will have carrots, mushroom, onions and tomatoes in my soup. If you do get tuna, do get the water based ones as that is the healthiest. I also do grab grilled chicken or tuna salad at times. Of course I am human and I did cheat this month because, there was a time where I just wanted to hangout with my friends and have a good time. You know how sometimes when you had a bad day and need an immediate pick me up? 
I started to swim this month besides using the treadmill 

As I mentioned, I was still coping with work and this new lifestyle. I didn’t take much pictures of myself but I could feel a change that my face was clearing up from pimples. My weight at the end of May was 83.5kg (-3.4kg since April)! 

June – I went to Thailand for almost two weeks at the end of June. I had finished my work training and was working. I joined a gym and started to use weights to tone my muscles instead of just running. I also learned that corn is a good substitute for rice or any other carbs. I also bought myself a fitness band to help track my steps, sleeping routine and heartbeat. 

My weight didn’t change much but I do notice that my body got smaller. I could fit into my old pants and skirts from my university time. My face also got sharper. 

July – It’s the last month of the diet and my birthday month! I had came back from Thailand and some of my friends did surprise me for my birthday which was a bit tough for me. But neverless, I did my best during this period. 

The moment of truth came and after 90 days of ageLOC TR90 program, I had lost 6.4kg in total! 

Am truly thankful for this opportunity. If I can do, I bet you all can do too. Feel free to comment or email me for any questions about this program. If you would like to know more or speak to a consultant about ageLOC TR90 do call (603-2170 7888) or visit their website (HERE). 

You can also contact my friend Jenny HERE

For more information: Nu Skin Malaysia | ageLOC TR90 Program | ageLOC TR90 Set Chocolate | TrimShake Chocolate | Jumpstart | CTP | CPLEX | LifePak |

Stay beautiful inside out everyone! 

Where I Stayed In Krabi | Sugar Marina Resort - Cliff Hanger Aonang

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Where I Stayed In Krabi | Sugar Marina Resort - Cliff Hanger Aonang
Sugar Marina Resort - Cliff Hanger Aonang caught my attention when I was scrolling through the online hotel booking site to book for a place to stay for my Krabi trip. It was a bit pricey than I have budgeted for accommodation but I had no regrets after staying there.

I needed break from work and wanted to stay in at least 1 nice hotel while I was traveling in Thailand. Right after we touched down in Krabi Airport, we took a van to the hotel (Aonang) directly which cost 150 Baht.

It was a newly opened hotel with modern industrial design. The walls were grey, there were leather seats at the lobby with cliffhanger design. We were welcome with welcome drinks. We checked in fast and the staff were friendly. Do note that they would need your passport and credit card details upon check in.

After check in, we went straight to the room. According to my booking, I had booked for Deluxe Room (Cliff View) which has 1 king and 1 single bed. Tbh it felt more like a queen bed, maybe my body is too big to remember the difference of a queen and a king bed. The room was smaller than I had expected but the amenities were more than I expected. 

The room was equip with free wifi, flat-screen TV, refrigerator, water heater, bathrobes, rubber slipper, towel, swimming/beach towel, beach mat, hair dryer, safe, 5 plug points (Same as Malaysia), typical toiletries, iron and ironing board.

Mirror door without lock to the washroom
There was even a balcony with mountain view!

The hotel main feature is it's pool where there are rooms that are next to the pool. Guests that booked their room with pool access can literally jump in the pool from their room. 

There is also a gym here too! My friends and I actually did a work out during our 4 night stay here.

The hotel also have a restaurant/cafe. 

Seriously love the minimal design of the place.

Reservation Details
Guests: 3 people
Room Type: Deluxe Room (Cliff View)
Price: USD $249.33 which was RM 1056.04
Stay Date: Jun 16, 2017 - Jun 20, 2017 (4 nights)

Opposite of the hotel is a bus stop

Nearby locations from the hotel
1 minute walk to 7-11 Convenient Store 
2 minute walk to Family Mart
6 minute walk to McDonalds
15 minutes walk to Aonang Beach
25 minutes drive to Krabi Town Night Market
30 minute drive to Krabi Airport

Sugar Marina Resort - Cliff Hanger Aonang
873 Moo 2, Ao Nang Beach, Krabi 81180

Any of you stayed here before? If I missed out on anything or you would like to know more about Krabi, do leave me a comment. If you would like to read more about Krabi, click here.

Have a blessed day ahead!
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