I Decided To Freeze My Fat With CoolSculpting at Clique Clinic (Pt 1)

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I Decided To Freeze My Fat With CoolSculpting at Clique Clinic (Pt 1)
Yes, you read correctly. Hey guys, hope you’re doing well. Have you ever wanted to modify a specific part of your body? Like no matter what you do, with dieting or exercising, somehow, that stubborn part just won’t budge. For me, my main stubborn fats are my lower part of my tummy (abdomen) and my arms.

A few weeks ago, I had a change to visit Clique Clinic, which introduced me to CoolSculpting. Do know that this is NOT a weight loss program. What CoolSculpting is, like the title of my blog, is to freeze unwanted targeted fat away. So I made my way to Petaling Jaya where Clique Clinic is and met with The Body Contouring Specialist, Josh Chua.
During my consultation, he explained to me the benefit and side effects of CoolSculpting. He also warned me how there are some centres in Malaysia that offer the copycats of CoolSculpting that is not licensed or using the real machines from the CoolSculpting Brand. Copycat/fake machines will potentially cause serious harm to a person, like frostbite and burn that can be a long-term side effect. So, look for the certified Zeltiq CoolSculpting clinics if you are considering this treatment.
So let me break it down for you, from what I understand. CoolSculpting is a machine that is used to target a specific spot of your body. During the treatment, there would be a gel pad and applicator placed on the desired area. The applicator uses vacuum and delivers controlled cooling (-11c for CoolAdvantage applicators). After 35 minutes of a session, there would be a massage. During this process, he told me that there would be mild pain from the pinching, soreness and cold. He also told me that there might be bruising an d swollenness after the session. He also mentioned that it would take 1-3 months for the results to show.
Here is how the applicator looks like| I will blog about the process with results in my next post!

To be honest, I have actually been wanting so badly to fix up certain areas of my body, but I don’t believe in going under the knife or injections. So when I heard about this, I was thrilled because it was non-invasive!
After the consultation, they need to access my body to see if I was qualified to go through with the CoolSculpting procedure. Remember how I said that this isn’t a weight loss program? Well, you need to make sure that you have pinchable fat. So if you have a beer belly that you can’t pinch, do know that this procedure might not be the right one for you. So do know you can target under your chin, bra fat, back fat, abdomen, flank, banana roll (underneath the buttock), thigh, upper arms and etc.
There was a special room for me to get changed into for assessment

I was super impressed with their photobooth where they took before shoots of my body

They even had a template (with CoolSculpting snowflake logo in the middle) on the ground to position my feet so that they could grab a 360 shot

After the pictures, they would see which applicator could target the desired areas and also draw markers on my body to know which part to place the applicator on. Of course they also had to check if my fat were pinchable.

After 15minutes of marking me, here was the result.

Do know that I will release a post blogpost with more details of the procedure and also the results. Hope this post didn’t scare you too much. If you have any questions about CoolSculpting, do comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible J

Clique Clinic
4, Jalan 19/36, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7960 1211 | care@cliqueclinic.com
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Have a great day ahead!

Renting A Kimono In Kyoto, Japan | Yumeyakata

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Renting A Kimono In Kyoto, Japan | Yumeyakata
It was late August when my friends (MacamYes) and I were at Japan for a video shoot. We had to rent a Kimono and I didn't realise how hot  Japan was during the summer until that day. Most of us want to experience the culture of a new country we visit, for Japan what more than to experience wearing a Kimono / Yukata for a day?

With MacamYes

Just wanted to share my experience here of renting a Kimono in Kyoto Japan because when I was searching for about this online, no one actually talked about the process of it. I got to find out about Kimono / Yukata rental at Yumeyakata on Klook when I was purchasing my Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and cooking class activities for Japan.

So if you're planning to rent a kimono, make sure you allocate minimum an hour for yourself at the kimono rental place. It took us a while to get to Yumeyakata at Kyoto because I took the wrong route there from Osaka but do know that the store is 3 minutes walk from Gojo Station. Yumeyakata Kimono rental is one of the biggest and cheapest store you find in Kyoto. Do know that it will be very crowded, so its best to head there as early as possible, especially when you want to have the best choices for your kimono.

Step 1: Reservation 
Make sure that you reserve before you drop by to the store. You would need to state the day and time of visit to the store, your shoe size and height.

TIP: Do know that you might have limited selection if you are taller or bigger in body size than the average. I too had to choose from limited selection when I was there.

Step 2: Choosing a kimono (20 - 30 Minutes)
Once you have checked in at the reception, you get to do the fun part now, choosing your kimono. Do know that Yumeyakata have multiple floors. If I'm not wrong, its at the highest floor when you are mixing and matching your obi belt with kimono. One step into the the room of choosing my kimono and I felt like I was at Kamdar Store (A Malaysian clothe wholeseller brand).

Step 3: Dressing (20 Minutes)
Okay I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS. Haha. I'm quite shy and self conscious. So I wish, I prepared myself mentally for this. After you have chose your kimono, the staff will bring you to another floor where you will enter into a hall. This hall is where you will get changed by one of an elderly lady. Do know that you are changing in front of a giant mirror and there isn't any partition. You just strip down to your underwear and let the ladies dress you. They will be a bit rough as they need to make sure that your kimono is tighten up so that it would not fall apart when you are out and about.

Did you know that they will place a cardboard at your tummy? So expect to not be having any flexible moment for your upper body. ALSO I don't recommend pregnant women to wear kimonos because its super tight at your upper body.

Step 4: Hairstyling / Make up (20 Minutes)
So Yumeyakata has this extra option if you need hairstyling or make up. Thank goodness I had Jaycee, she helped with my hair and I did my own make up.

Step 5: Choose your bag and keep your belongings
We had a selection of bags to choose from, we also got our shoes and socks at this section. If possible, try not to bring so much stuff on that day. If I'm not wrong, all of us rented a locker at the place to place our bags inside.

Step 6: Enjoy your day and Return the Kimono by 7:30pm
GUYS! Kyoto is a big place and the kimonos weren't easy to walk in. Just make sure that you allocate time to come back from whereever you were. My last spot I was at was at Yasaka Pagoda and to walk back to the store is almost 20-25 minutes. We tried to take the bus but there was a long queue, so we opt for a cab in to make sure that we got back to Yumeyakata in time to avoid paying the late penalty.

Despite the heat and uncomfortable sandals, it was a great experience wearing the kimono. I got to take nice pictures while exploring Kyoto and it was just one of those things you just gotta try.
Jaycee, Li Yin and Mei Ai with Brain offering his samurai umbrella

Mei Ai looking like a temple guardian with the samurai sword umbrella
 Check out the reflection! Suddenly a group of tourist came up to us to take our photos. lol
 The following shots below were taken by Kelvin Goh and Ernest Ng

Get RM 12.40 credit on Klook when you sign up with this link
Right now Klook is selling this Kimono Rental for RM 105 per person.

Kyoto, Shimogyo, Manju, Teramachi 128
Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, Diners Card
Nearest Station: Gojo Station (Karasuma line), Kiyomizu-Gojo Station (Keihan line)
3-minute walk from Exit 1 of Gojo Station, 8-minute walk from Exit 3 of Kiyomizu-Gojo Station
075-354-8515 | Yumeyakata Website
Disclaimer: This is not sponsored and pictures were taken in August 2016. 

For more read up on JAPAN, do press here.
Happy travelling!

Where I stayed in Namba, Osaka, Japan | Hotel Relief

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Where I stayed in Namba, Osaka, Japan | Hotel Relief
Every day now for this past month, everyone has been sharing their pictures of their Japan trip and whats even better is because it's sakura season now. It's been 2 years since I last been to Japan, the last was during Autumn 2016. I took so many pictures but because of work, I never got a chance to post them. So here you have it, just thought of sharing where I stayed in Namba with you guys.

From Namba station, it was about 10-15 minutes walk to Hotel Relief. It's not too far and the building is super visible, you can't miss it. It's above of Family Mart and there would be a huge 'HOTEL RELIEF' sign at the building. My family booked for a Twin Room, Non Smoking with Breakfast for about 3 days 2 nights. For 4 people at Twin Room, Non Smoking with Breakfast is around RM550/per night since I last checked online.

So when you reach the building, you would need to take the life to the lobby and you will get a welcome drink while they check you in. When we open our room, first there is a shoe shelf, clothing cabinet,  Mini kitchenette, washroom (Toilet bowl and Bathtub/shower was separate) and a bunch of toiletries in a mirror box.

There is a door separating the bedding and the rest. In the bedroom, we have 2 twin bed, flat screen tv, dressing table and a heater. The bedroom was tiny! The bed took up most of the space and to walk from on end to another, we had to walk on our beds. We got our room with the view of facing another building. The other building was so close that I felt if I jump, I could reach to the other building. 

Do remember to bring a universal adapter. 
Since I'm from Malaysia, my family brought it along with an extension plug. Kiasu right? Haha. To be fair, we needed to charge our phone, camera, internet router and powerbank.

Outside of our room was a semi outdoor lounge. It was autumn when I went, so it was nice to just sit outside and enjoy fresh air. It's also a place for those that needs to smoke, they have standing ashtray at the area too. 

The best part of this hotel was definitely the breakfast. I realise that Japanese people really love western food, corn soup and pancakes. Gosh their pancakes are so fluffy and soft! Eating it everyday was a treat. Seriously so good. Apparently this hotel is famous for their FRENCH PANCAKES, just google the hotel and you will see a lot of pancake pictures.

Really love the spread of the food. Was surprise that they had yogurt and fresh fruits like peach and banana. Plus their interior is very homey and fresh. Remember I took these pictures in 2016. So if they had change, remember my disclaimer.
Another feature that the hotel is famous for is Public Bath found at the top floor of the hotel. Do know that certain hours is for certain genders to use. Here is the schedule I got off the hotel's website:
Male: 6 AM - 8 AM | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM | 10:30 PM - 1 AM
Female: 8:30 AM - 10 AM | 3 PM - 5 PM | 8 PM - 10 PM
I didn't get a chance to go for it as we were always out of the hotel during the day and tired during the night from all of the walking. Plus, I'm shy to try this. Reminds me of my last public bath in Korea. I am still getting nightmares from that. haha.

Hope this helps who ever who is looking for a comfortable stay for friends and family.

Hotel Relief
3-17-15, Nambanaka, Naniwa Osaka Osaka-fu 556-0011
Twin Room, Non Smoking with Breakfast for 4 people| RM 550

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored and pictures were taken in October 2016. I stayed here for my trip to Kyoto and Nara.
For more read up on JAPAN, do press here.

Happy Traveling!
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